Review: Milk and Love maternity and breastfeeding dress

By Lauren - Gold Coast MumDuring the years I was breastfeeding my little ones, I was limited to wearing skirts and tops to allow easy access and comfort for breastfeeding.

I attended countless weddings, engagements, 30ths and other special events wearing skirts and tops and was super excited on the rare occasions I donned a frock.

One wedding I did wear a frock and bub needed a feed so I took myself to the dressing room of the golf club and unzipped myself, removed top and sat there breastfeeding wearing basically just a maternity bra as my dress was resting around my waist.

Thankfully, lucky mothers of today need not have this problem. You can wear fancy dresses AND breastfeed in comfort.

I recently had the pleasure of trialing a gorgeous Milk and Love frock.

I wore it for the duration of a baby expo I helped organise (and also did social media, PR and publicity for - gaining us some great media coverage and a spot on the local Sunday night news).
I also had the pleasure of emceeing the event and was the announcer for the Milk and Love fashion parade.

The models showcased the versatility of the range - perfect for both pregnant and/or breastfeeding mums.

One of the many things I loved about Milk and Love is that it's a family affair.

Milk and Love was created by Corryn, a Queensland Mum of 2.

Corryn told me the story of how when she was first pregnant she bought a bright yellow, hugely expensive top but then discovered that every time she wore it she would turn bright red because it was, unfortunately, made of polyester.
I’m sure those of you that are pregnant can relate!

She went on to breastfeed her firstborn for many many months and was incredibly frustrated that she couldn’t find beautiful clothes with easy breastfeeding access made with natural fabrics… and so, Milk and Love was born.

Milk and Love’s mission is to make you feel like a goddess throughout motherhood, and with their range of gorgeous maternity and breastfeeding clothes made with all natural fabrics, they are doing just that! The dresses feature a range of bright colours and versatile neutrals. Most of these dresses are designed for both pregnancy AND breastfeeding so you can wear them for longer.

They are all made with high quality natural fabrics such as bamboo and feature flattering styles for your bump and post partum figure. 
Our range is all hand picked to make sure it is stylish, functional AND made ethically. We only work with suppliers that have strong environmental and socially responsible operating polices. After experiencing problems with synthetic materials myself, I am committed to only stocking natural fabrics," Corryn says.

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