Love letters on Valentine's Day and a pen GIVEAWAY

By Lauren - Gold Coast Mum

Last year I found some love notes my husband and I had written to each other in the early months of our relationship.

We celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this year, and have been together 17 years this April!
Man I feel old!
Next year we will have been together for HALF OF OUR LIVES!
That's insane!
(It isn't always rainbows and butterflies though. We've had trials and tribulations like most couples.)

Letters like this one I received, along with a plastic rose, for our 5-MONTH anniversary always deliver those indescribable feelings - the butterflies in your stomach and fond, fond memories.
(The night he gave it this to me we were both aged 18, smooching in the back of his car after he drove me home from picking me up from the train station after work).

As phone usage (and text messaging and Facebook messaging) has evolved, most of our communication is electronic these days.
'Don't forget assembly'.
'Please bring home bread'.

And that's why for special occasions such as Valentine's Day, our anniversaries and birthdays, it's always nice to receive a hand-written note, card or letter. Nothing beats the personal touch, and good-old handwriting, wouldn't you agree?

It's kind of sad when you think about the fact that while we have shoe boxes full of letters to each other that really tell the story of the early days of our relationship, and how our friendship and love blossomed, teens of today will have to save or print out Facebook conversations, cute photo captions/comments, text messages or Snapchat screengrabs if they want to have something to look back on in years to come (although I do wish we had more photos taken back in the early days, which certainly isn't an issue in 2017!).

We love looking back through our conversations every now and then. It really brings us together, especially if we're busy and stressed out with the day-to-day work and family juggle.

Even though our Valentine's Day celebrations are pretty low key (this year we enjoyed a special date night last weekend to attend hubby's workmate's 40th birthday extravaganza), we exchange cards as it's still important to take the time to write out those words of love, admiration, appreciation, or whatever it is you feel/share.

Our 6yo and 5yo have been making cards for us and the relatives they see regularly.
And, Mr 5 had us in hysterics last night when he spent an hour drawing pictures and writing his name on each one to hand out at school today for Valentine's Day.
He said his plan was to stand in the play ground and yell: 'Come and get your Valentine's card.'

Mr 5 used pens and textas to draw pictures for his friends for Valentine's Day.

Where does he learn this stuff?! ;-D
(For the record he got shy, or told not to hand them out by the teachers, so has held onto a few of them).

So, in the spirit of LOVE LETTERS and WRITING, I'm so excited to have three Pilot Frixion 3-in-1 Wood pens to giveaway, valued at $31.50 each.

Please comment here or on the relevant image/post on Facebook or Instagram with a brief comment about how you're celebrating Valentine's Day.
Please see terms and conditions below.

Terms and conditions:
Three winners will be selected to receive one Pilot Frixion 3-in-1 Wood pen valued at $31.50.
Maximum of three (3) entries per person via commenting on this blog post, commenting on the relevant Gold Coast Mum Facebook post or relevant Gold Coast Mum Instagram post, with a comment about how you are spending Valentine’s Day.
Competition closes 8pm (QLD time) Monday 20th February, 2017.
This promotion is a game of skill, and chance plays no part in determining the winners. Each entry will be judged on creativity and originality.
The prizes will be posted to the winners by an external company. Entry is open to residents of Australia only.
Incomplete entries will be deemed invalid.
Winners will be announced on Tuesday 21st February. Gold Coast Mum will also attempt to contact winners via the medium in which they entered.
Winners will need to private message or email Gold Coast Mum within 48 hours to claim prize.
Gold Coast Mum accepts no responsibility for any late, lost or misdirected entries including delays in the posting of comments due to technical disruptions, network congestion or for any other reason. Gold Coast Mum accepts no responsibility for prizes lost or damaged in transit.
Gold Coast Mum’s decision is final and the Gold Coast Mum will not enter into correspondence regarding the Competition result or winning entries.


  1. This Valentine day our kids baked a chocolate cake for us & also made fruit salad ( most of the fruit was cut in the shape of hearts ). Kids also gifted us valentine day cards and made our day as special it could be. They offered us to watch a family movie of our choice on the projector & promised us not to bother us by asking unnecessary questions.

    Then in dinner kids baked heart shaped pizzas for everyone . We were totally spoiled by kids this valentine's day.

  2. For Valentine's Day this year, I was lucky to enjoy dinner at home with my three kiddies. Hubby and I run our own business and he was taking some clients out for dinner who were in town for a conference. I even got my car detailed so he could pick them up (a special treat for a mum of three young kids to no longer have food squashed in the carpet of the back seat - at least for a few days anyway!!). Even though we didn't get to spend dinner together on the night, we made up for it with a lunch date on the Thursday which was just lovely.


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