Hidden danger in baby onesie – mum warns parents to keep an eye out for sharps

By Lauren – Gold Coast Mum

A Gold Coast mum has issued an important reminder to check clothing before allowing your baby or child to wear it after discovering a sharp object attached to a onesie she was about to dress her baby in.

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“Purchased this for [daughter’s name] over the weekend, washed it. Then when running my hands over the outfit before dressing her, I found this sticking through, trapped in the foot. It's a piece of the security tag that the sales rep forgot to remove,” the mother said.

“It's a scary thought! Could do some serious damage to a Bub! It pricked me but no biggie, just so glad I didn't miss it.”

“Such an important reminder to always check everything you buy before putting it on.”

The item of clothing was purchased from a store on the Gold Coast.

The mum sent the photo to the store’s head office and received a sincere apology as well as assurance that they’ll be looking into the matter further.

“[I] won't be taking it further but definitely worth sharing the word to make people aware of the importance of checking these things,” the mum told Gold Coast Mum.

Have you had anything similar happen?

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