It's official.

By Lauren - Gold Coast Mum
We’re now Queenslanders!

I’ve been super busy lately, as most people are – juggling kids, work and a bunch of other exciting projects (oh and I had a night out drinking wine and dancing to some fab 90s and 00s tunes with my middle sis, and hubby and I took our brood on a 2500km+ road trip to Sydney, Wollongong, South Coast and back)!

Got to love the good ol' self-timer pic. Lol. Stopped in at the Big Banana, Coffs Harbour on our way home. Road trippin back to the Gold Coast after a whirlwind week, and more than 2500km in the car!

In the excitement of it all, I think I forgot to tell you that I’m officially now a Queenslanderrrrr!
I know, I know. I feels like I’m part of the furniture here on the Gold Coast. We absolutely adore it here.

Hubby and I recently sold the apartment in Sydney that we bought together in our early 20s , and spent many great years (that included hosting a celebration for an entire indoor cricket team who were all holding overflowing glasses of creaming soda and vodka on our brand spankin’ new carpet after winning the State Titles one year. Picture me following them around spot cleaning any spillages).

It was the end of an era that also provided a wonderful trip down memory lane. Especially when we emptied the storage area and stumbled across love letters we had written to each other as loved-up 18-year-olds, and my beloved folders (and folders and folders and folders) full of magazine cut outs and autographs from 90s’ girl group Girlfriend, trophies from sports, singing, talent shows, eisteddfods and more (FYI, my hubby was a champion ballroom dancer as a child! Hello Strictly Ballroom! Before he turned into a rugby, golf, cricket, and everything else overachiever).
The kids have been having a great time playing with our keepsakes.

We’ve now bought and settled into our family home on the Gold Coast – complete with pool and dishwasher (this was our MAIN must-have). 
We’re super excited and now I’m stalking all things landscaping/ renovations/ home design/d├ęcor so we can give it our personal touch.

Being from NSW, my hubby is a proud Blues support when it comes State of Origin time. 
But it’s kind of amusing considering that 3 of our 4 children were actually born here in Qld, we’ve lived here for 5 years and are now officially home owners here (well, home-payer-offerers ;-)so really hubby might have to tone it down come State of Origin time.
Though, I’m proud to say, we’re fully behind the Gold Coast Titans and the Gold Coast SUNS!

We were all set to attend the Titans Vs Broncos game last weekend but unfortunately, at around 5pm, Miss 5 decided to have a little bit of a boogie ON TOP OF the brick letterbox, and then promptly lose her footing, fall to the ground and fracture her arm.

We shelved the footy plan and instead, hubby stayed home with our 3 youngest while I spent a few hours at the hospital with Miss 5 as we did x-rays and had a plaster cast applied.


She’s fine and on the mend. 

Proudly rocking her plastered arm and looking forward to showing her schoolmates next week.

These school holidays we've also enjoyed play dates with friends old and new (be sure to checkout the Gold Coast Mum Facebook group and Meet Up group Gold Coast Parents).

Enjoying a play date with my 4 cherubs at the Rosser Gardens - Botanical Gardens in Benowa.

It has been a pleasure helping mums on the Gold Coast connect with other mothers.

A lovely friend also gave me tickets to take Miss 5 to the Children's Ballet performance at The Arts Centre Gold Coast. It was very special and lovely to have one on one time with my eldest (this was before the arm injury)!

Gold Coast Mum Lauren at the ballet with eldest daughter

So, how does the QLD V NSW issue or sporting rivalry go in your household/with family/friends?

Have you experienced any broken bones these school holidays?


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  1. My husband was born in NSW, but has spent most of his life in QLD, as a result he says he feels like a traitor but could never support NSW teams!

    So far no broken bones in our household (only stitches), but as a nurse I can tell you I've still dealt with a few in the last few days.


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