We’re moving!

By Lauren - Gold Coast Mum

It’s been a busy few months.

We’ve been juggling our young family, work, wedding preparations and a beautiful wedding.
(My fab sister recently married her partner of 15 years who also happens to be my hubby’s best friend since kindy. Hubby was Best Man, I was Matron of Honour, Miss 5 was flower girl and Mr 3 was page boy).

Hubby and I have also been in the process of selling the NSW apartment that we bought, and lived in, when we were first home buyers aged in our early twenties.

As well as liaising with agents, Strata, tenants and conveyancers to get the property ready for sale, we’ve also been searching for a family home here on the Gold Coast.

The process has been an interesting one. 

I’ve been monitoring the market – and could probably tell you when/where/how much many of the houses in various areas have sold for as well as what I liked/didn’t like about each as I have been attending open homes to get a feel for what we may get for our dollar.

At the start of our house search, we were rushed into signing a contract for a property we really liked, even though we weren’t entirely ready, (with the agent even returning to our home at 11pm to counter-sign the contract after the vendors made some amendments to the contract).

The agent also rejected our suggestion that our solicitors should look over the contract first before we signed, saying we could easily get out of the contract need be. (Rookie error on our part).

Unfortunately for that overenthusiastic agent, that sale didn’t pan out, and we’ve since seen a couple of other gems. 

Another property we were keen on sold at auction for $25,000 less than we were willing to pay prior to auction and another went under contract suddenly even though we had been assured by the agent that we’d be kept in the loop after he forgot to turn up to an appointment to show us through a house for a second look, when he knew we were keen to make our offer.

There have been so many factors to take into account such as school catchment zones, facilities, transport links and the mortgage side of things, for example whether to stay with our current bank or shop around to suss out other home loan options.

Having only purchased one property before, in a straight-forward sale, this whole process of building and pest inspections has also been an eye-opener, especially if you’re going for properties that are selling by auction. 

Because, by now, we would have forked out around $2000 on building and pest inspections for 4 properties that we may not have even ‘won’ during the auction process!

Two things are certain; we want a pool and a second bathroom!
And, most of all… a DISHWASHER!

We spend far too much time at the kitchen sink playing catch up with our mountains of dishes - to be expected with a family of 6.

We can’t wait to move into our first ‘family home’ in the very near future.
It will seriously be life changing! 
(Though it would be lovely if there was a moving fairy who could take care of all the actual packing/moving/unpacking side of things. And, in an effort to declutter, I’d be open to taking just our clothes and valuables and starting again from scratch ;-)

Hubby and I have also decided to make sure we’re covered with income protection (one of the many areas that the lawyers at Firths specialise in) and we’re also getting our Wills updated.

This article sponsored by Firths but all opinions are my own.

What are your experiences when it comes to buying/selling/moving?
Do you have any tips?





  1. My experiences have been pretty good. I'm on my third property (all owner-occupied). I made a little on my first apartment, but not as much as I'd hoped on my second... but of course the poor seller's market meant I snapped up my current apartment for a good price.

    I'd recommend getting to know an area before deciding where to live. I've been pretty confident with my choices. Thankfully post seachange I don't have to worry about some elements as much (particularly public transport. Not a necessity in Hervey Bay!).

  2. Great to see you have a found a property!
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  3. I loathe all of it - buying, selling, moving - it's all traumatic!!!

  4. Gosh we built our house in 2006 and I hate the thought of having to move, we want more space but do have 2 bathrooms and a pool so I shouldn't complain right? xxx

  5. It can be so much work involved when purchasing a house. I'm glad we bought our family home before we had kids. Couldn't imagine packing with them in tow. Good luck with it all and yay for a new home!

  6. I highly doubt we'll be moving any time soon. We'll probably add a few kids and then end up having to move due to space restrictions. #teamIBOT

  7. Buying can be such a headche.
    We've only bought once, and the tenant removed to move out! It was shocking!


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