3 Kids’ Room Makeovers

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Just like life, children are constantly changing. It’s fascinating to watch them reach major developmental milestones and to witness their personalities emerge.

While this is one of the wonders of parenthood, it can also present a number of challenges.

There’s the revolving closet of bigger clothes, shoes and accessories – as well as new, more age-appropriate toys and books.

As our children age, so do their tastes in colours, toys, characters and styles.
So how do you keep up with your child’s ever-expanding closet, toy chest and interests?

Here are three kids’ room makeover ideas that could help you tackle this challenge.

1. New Life Stage, New Theme
When you were expecting your baby, you probably prepared a nursery, complete with cute pictures of baby animals or other infant themes.

While you can get by with these designs for two to three years, by the time your child is about four or five, they’re no longer appropriate.

By the time your bub embarks on the next major phase of their life: starting kindergarten and school, they’ll need somewhere to do their drawing, practise writing and eventually complete homework.

They’ll also need a place to store their school bag and they probably won’t need as much room for toys and floor-based activities. 

You don’t need to go crazy and you will most likely get by with a simple junior desk, sturdy bookcase, some new décor and bedding, and possibly a fresh coat of paint. One of the cheapest and fastest ways to create a whole new look in your child’s room is by using vinyl wall decals.

These are removable stickers and you can virtually create any theme you want with them.

We have cute butterflies in our twincesses' room, and these Paris-themed stickers in Miss 5's room.
Hubby and I can’t wait to let Mr 3 choose what he would like when we set up his new room when we move house soon.

2. Upsize Your Storage
Babies and toddlers accrue a staggering amount of clothes and toys.
Friends, family and even neighbours may offer you second-hand clothes and toys and – before you know it – you’ve got a mountain of stuff and nowhere to put it.

Because little ones grow so quickly, it SERIOUSLY may seem like you are constantly sorting, rotating and storing different sized clothes. (Story of my life anyway ;-)

You’ve probably also managed to accumulate the contents of a small toy store, most of which ends up being scattered throughout your entire home.
To keep on top of these things, you’re going to need some purpose-built storage furniture as well as somewhere in your home to position them.

If space is the key challenge, consider outsourcing the problem.
Renting space at a self-storage facility such as Fort Knox might be the perfect solution; click here for an example of the different sized spaces you can hire. This extra room will help you sort and organise clothes, toys, books and other items. Simply swap boxes over when necessary. 

3. Upgrade and Rearrange Furniture
When your children are babies, it doesn’t really matter how you store their clothes and items (as longs as furniture is safely secured and any small/dangerous items are out of reach).

Once they’re fully mobile, it’s the perfect time to encourage little ones to become a little more independent. This means setting up their room with small furniture so they can reach their clothes, toys and books.

You will also need to upgrade their bed from a cot to either a toddler/junior bed or a single or king single bed. Once your bubba is out of nappies, you won’t need a change table anymore either. (Hooray – after 5 years of nappies across 4 children!)
So, undoubtedly, a complete furniture and room reshuffle is in order.

 This can be one of the most effective ways to makeover a room, giving it a completely different look and feel as well as changing the way it functions and fits your child.

If your child has outgrown their bedroom and it’s time for a change, there areso many ways you can transform and tailor their private space to better suit their age, desires and needs.
I've also become a Pinterest addict and Instagram stalker to find inspiration for my little ones' bedrooms.

What tips do you have? How do you stay on top of the clothes/toys/stuff that babies/toddlers/children accrue?



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