5 Careers For Stay At Home Mums

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Choosing to become a stay at home mum is not an easy decision for any parent. There is household income to consider, less ‘grown-up’ time, and the scary thought of putting your career on hold. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore though, as there are an abundance of career choices out there for those working from home – below is just a taste. 

1. Childcare
If you’re a mum, then you obviously love kids, so why not turn that passion into a reality? Qualifications in Early Child Education and Care are readily available from universities right through to flexible study option providers such as Careers Australia. This will open up a variety of opportunities to start your own home-run childcare business, whether it’s long day care, or after school hours’ care.
2. Designer
If you’re a mum with a killer creative flair, then design is an ideal industry if you want to work from home. Graphic design is great for freelancing as it can all be done via email and your home computer. Interior design consulting is another avenue that can be pursued from the comfort of your own house, as all contact can happen over the phone or online. If you’re particularly crafty, you could even make and sell your own homewares.

3. Virtual Assistant
Virtual or online assistants are growing in popularity, particularly as more and more people become tech savvy—all you need is an internet connection, a computer, a phone and some administration skills. The industry opportunities are also broad for this type of work, as you can contract your services out. This could include diary management for a travelling businesswoman or man; word processing; social media management; or even data entry.

The keyboard shelf is a handy lunch holder when I'm a busy bee working from home.

4. Programmer
If you’re a bit of a computer nerd, or your job was in IT when you were still in the workforce full-time, then this doesn’t have to stop just because you’ve relocated. Almost every company these days needs IT employees, and people who are willing to work on short-term contracts are often in hot demand. Also, the great thing about this type of work is that it’s completely flexible, so you can even wait until the kids are in bed.

5. Event Planner
If you’re incredibly organised, know your way around a room, and always throw a great party, then this could be the career move for you. Birthdays, intimate gatherings, kids’ parties or weddings are all on the agenda for the events personnel, so you really have your pick what is in demand in your region, and what you think you’ll do best at. Also, clients will come to you, so working from home is not a problem for this type of job.

Don’t let choosing to be a stay at home mum be the ‘be all and end all’ of your career life.

As you can see above, you are only limited by your imagination and determination. And if you do find something you love, then you are winning all round, as you get a career and your kids.

I feel very fortunate to have - this year - combined contract work as well as work from home jobs and projects as a writer, editor, content writer, social media manager and more. I've also earned extra cash as an Independent Scentsy Consultant - sharing the products I love with others.

I love being able to enjoy time with the kids during the day, play dates and trips to the park and then do most of my work from home at night.

Working from home has allowed me the opportunity to spend quality time with my children.

Do you have a work from home job or career?
What study have you done/ are you considering to boost your future career prospects?

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