Kids’ storybook illustrates how babies are made

By Lauren – Gold Coast Mum

When you were a child did you read ‘Where Did I Come From’ with your parents? Or did you read it with friends or on your own? 
How old were you when you were told about the birds and the bees?
How young is too young? 

Some parents have expressed their astonishment at controversial book ‘Mommy Laid An Egg’ being stocked at a day care centre, after a woman shared her surprise, on social media today, that her step-sister’s 3-year-old picked it out at the child care facility she attends.

"This fits in here."

Featuring offbeat illustrations - including sex positions - and short and simple text, the book has raised eyebrows, with many saying it could be considered as inappropriate for toddlers and young children.

How would you feel about THIS book being stocked at your child’s DAYCARE centre?

"Mummies and Daddies fit together".

"Here are some ways".

The book, by Babette Cole, apparently offers a hilarious twist on one of the most difficult discussions in a child's development.

“Mom explains that you can make babies out of gingerbread, grow them from seeds, or squeeze them out of tubes, while Dad says you can find babies under rocks. Amused by their parents' silly answers, the children decide to set the adults straight. In a series of zany diagrams, the children show the adults exactly where babies come from.”


 What are your thoughts? Is this book too explicit for day care centres to stock?


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