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By Lauren - Gold Coast Mum

Since moving to the Gold Coast - from Sydney - four years ago, my husband and I have managed to make some lovely friends in the area.

Though there are definitely times we miss our social network back in NSW - old school friends, besties who *may have* helped hold our hair back as we drove the porcelain bus or piled us into cabs when we were young and carefree, the good friends made during our careers, and all our lovely sporting club friends (my husband played golf, rugby union, cricket, Oz tag, basketball, soccer and more) - we feel really lucky to have a nice group of friends in our area.

A few of my new Gold Coast friends were met through mother's groups with my daughter when we first moved here, work, and mother's groups I attended when Mr 3 was born (look up your local Child Health Clinic as they have parenting groups where the mother's groups are formed, as well as other social activities and play groups you may like to participate in).

Once we had our twincesses, who are now 17 months, we also met/made friends with various other families with multiples and other friends through the Gold Coast Multiple Birth Association.

With my twincesses at the Gold Coast Multiple Birth Association Christmas party
(while my husband was off chasing after our then-4yo & then-2yo).

The other interesting way I have made quite a few nice friends here on the Gold Coast, is via the various Facebook mother's group pages.

Some might liken it to online dating - you connect with someone, you exchange background/details, may or may not meet up in a public place, and then decide whether you could actually be friends with this person. Then you're like 'hey I like you, let's be friends', or not. Which is totally fine.

There are a few Facebook mother's groups set up for the different areas of the Gold Coast.
There are also a few set up for different interests/parenting styles - for example babywearing, breastfeeding, young mums, older mums, natural parenting, attachment parenting and so on.

The groups, and their dedicated admins/creators, take the time to encourage discussion and to arrange play dates (and some even arrange nights out for ladies to meet up CHILD-FREE, have dinner and a dance).

These private groups are great for mothers to exchange advice in the middle of the night, and also for women to build up friendships with other likeminded mums who may live nearby or have children the same age, before 'taking the plunge' and meeting in real life for play dates.

It was through one of these Facebook groups I became friends with a mother who had children exactly the same age as mine, and we quickly established that not only did we live in the same suburb but our children attended the SAME preschool - and were friends in the same class - yet we had never met as our pick up/drop off times were always different.

So we arranged a few play dates and have since gone on to become good friends, attending each others' kids' birthday parties, dinners and get-togethers, as well as catch ups now doing the school run.

Though I may seem bubbly and talkative to some, there are times when I can be shy (and sometimes when I'm shy I can ramble on too!).

I wonder if my willingness to be open to new friendships, and ability to happily chat with/connect with new people - eg at the park - is something that has grown on me since having children 2, 3 and 4.
(Also, the fact we have twins is always a conversation starter for people and I'm always happy to answer their questions :-)

Perhaps I'm leading by example and showing to my children that it's nice to be nice, and it's nice to meet new people, have a conversation and possibly become friends.

If I'm in a situation where I see someone who is perhaps looking like they're feeling left out, I'll usually do my best to include them as well.
My way of thinking is, 'we're not in high school anymore, we're all mothers trying to do the best we can, and having one more friend to share the highs and lows with can't hurt'.

I'm not actively out there looking for new friends (I have many whom I haven't been able to arrange catch ups with for a while but still think of often), but friends have come along at perfect times and it's something you should be open to.

Some may find meeting other mums via Facebook to be weird, but hey, you've got nothing to lose.
You never know when or how your next bestie might come along.

What are your thoughts on making mum friends via Facebook/ mother's groups?

If you are looking to connect with other mums in the area, feel free to join this group:

Also, feel free to message me on Facebook or post on my wall and I can share links with you for the various other mother's groups.

Or, if you have a mother's group or Facebook group, feel free to share the link below in the comments or on Facebook.


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