New year, new you? Is a Government job right for you?

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For many people, now is the time of year when they may take a step back and reassess their career or life path.

Working in the public service sector can be a rewarding career, not just because of the opportunity to potentially make a difference but it also tends to attract relatively high incomes and good work conditions.

While today’s economic climate makes it difficult to call any job ‘secure’, government employees have the peace of mind that if they are made redundant they will receive their entitlements and assistance in obtaining a new position.

While it has its perks, some people struggle with the processes and procedures involved in working for such a regulated organisation.

What are some pros and cons of a government job? Are you searching for some tips on how to land a public service role?

Get Some Advice
The best way to determine whether a government job is right for you is to talk with someone who has experience in public service. Government is a big employer, so chances are someone in your circle of friends works in the public sector.
If not, you can always reach out to a specialist human resources and recruitment agency like the Chandler Macleod Group for their advice on government jobs and whether it’d be a good move for you.

The Benefits
From administration to healthcare, infrastructure to policy, there are so many departments, roles and potential career paths in the government sector.
One of the biggest perks is the ability to be seconded to perform higher duties, work on projects or in another team while still maintaining your permanent original role.
Most government departments will help you to obtain qualifications and experience along a defined career path developed with your manager and where possible, vacancies will be filled from an internal pool of applicants first.

There are also generally quite generous leave entitlements, flexibility options and salaries.

The Drawbacks
Transitioning into a public service role from the private sector can be challenging – there are generally very rigid rules and procedures in place. Adherence to policy is often monitored closely. Some people find this style of working to be frustrating, no matter how regimented their previous position was.
Changes of government can also dramatically impact your work priorities and there tends to be quite high levels of public scrutiny in major (and minor) projects.
These cons aren’t necessarily going to be deal breakers for most people, but you do need to be prepared to put up with a certain level of ‘red tape’ in your work environment.  

How to Get a Government Job
The public sector can be notoriously difficult to break into. The application process and selection criteria tends to be in depth and rigorous. There’re also invariably far more suitable applicants vying for the roles than there are vacant positions.
Register with a recruitment agency to give yourself the best chance when searching for a government job. Recruitment agencies often have a number of government contracts on their books, particularly for contract and temporary roles. They’ll be able to help match you to a role that suits you career aspirations and your skills.  

Whether you are considering a move into local, state or federal government, the public service sector has so many options available. It’s an ‘industry’ that is perfect for any stage of your career from starting out right through to executive level positions.

If it’s something you’d like to pursue, start speaking to potential recruitment partners today.

Do you/have you worked in the public sector? What advice would you give to someone looking to start a public service career?  

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