Disney - magical fun for the whole family

Oh how I do love all things Disney!
See this pic below. Oh yes, that's my younger sis and I, aged 8 and 9, with Donald Duck at LA's Disneyland.


Disneyland LA - 1991
And here's me pictured with both of my younger sisters at Disneyland Paris and Disney World Florida a couple of years later. We were very fortunate to be living overseas around this time - so it was quite convenient to enjoy an amazing holiday to each of these spectacular locations.

Disneyworld Florida - 1998
Disneyland Paris - 1997

Now, if you can cast your eyes off my gorgeous teen fashion sense (halter neck tops and Calvin Klein hotpants/ Adidas shorts - whoot whoo or my middle sister's Michael Jackson get-up), you may not be surprised to know that in my days as a wannabe pop star, my plan was to move overseas to become one of the Disney princesses so I could perform live on stage every day.

It didn't work out for me, however I do have a friend who I recently found out performed as a Disney Princess for a couple of years! How cool is that!

Anyway, as you can tell, I'm a Disney lover. SO...I'm totally excited to be sharing a Disney experience with my children in a few weeks!

Sssssh, don't tell them, but under the Christmas tree this year, Miss 4 and Mr 2 will be receiving tickets to the Brisbane performance of Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales

Miss 4 and Mr 2 will be beside themselves when we see Snow White, Cinderella and Belle in January.

They will be so excited. And I too will be just as excited to see the joy on their faces when they get to experience the pure magic of a live Disney performance.

Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales. This enchanting journey features more than 25 Disney characters in an unforgettable theatrical experience for all families.
©Disney. All Rights Reserved.

From Feld Entertainment®, the producers of Disney On Ice, this authentically-woven tale of “happily-ever-after” will take us on a wacky, fun-filled journey with Mickey, Minnie and all of our favourite Disney friends.

Recently, I was lucky enough to get the chance to visit Snow White at her castle. Here's what she had to say: 

Princess Snow White, it’s so great to get to talk to you. Thank you for inviting me to the castle.
“Well, thank you for visiting.  It’s always so much fun to have friends here.”

I was wondering, now that you and the Prince are married, is this where you live?
“Yes.  After he woke me from my sleep, the Prince brought me here.  Isn’t it pretty?  And everyone is so nice.  They love to sing and dance as much as I do."

I was going to ask you about your hobbies. Besides singing and dancing, what else do you like to do?
“Let’s see… Well, I love to garden and bake.  My friends the Dwarfs are always so happy when I bring them special treats.”

What is your favourite thing to bake for them?
“Oh, that’s easy – gooseberry pies!  Even Grumpy smiles when I bring a gooseberry pie to the cottage.”

How are the Seven Dwarfs?
“They’re wonderful!  They’re very busy in their diamond mine, but they’re much better now about keeping the cottage neat and tidy.  Doc told me that he makes sure they do their chores.”

Do you get to see them often?
“Yes, why just yesterday we had a picnic in the meadow.  And we played a very fun game of hide and go seek.  Bashful is very good at hiding, you know.”

I imagine he is.  Do you also spend holidays with the Dwarfs?
“Oh, yes.  The winter holidays are our favourites.  We decorate the cottage and the castle with pretty evergreens and dried berries.  And we all get together for a great big dinner and exchange presents.”

Oh, what will you be getting the Dwarfs this year?
“Can you keep a secret?”

Of course.
“Well, I’ve knitted them each a new hat and mittens to keep them toasty warm.  It gets so cold in the forest, and I wouldn’t want them to get the sniffles.”

One more question, Princess Snow White, do you have any words of wisdom for little girls who admire you?
“Oh, goodness… well, I always try to be kind and gentle to everyone, especially my animal friends.  And if someone is feeling a little sad, I listen and make sure to give them lots of warm hugs.”

Well, thank you, Princess. It has been a pleasure speaking with you.
“Thank you!  I had so much fun.  Please do visit us again soon.”

To spend more time with Snow White step into a world of wonder where wishing is only the beginning and dreams really do come true in Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales.

For tour dates and further information on Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales, visit www.disneylive.com.au 

Brisbane - Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales                             
January 17 at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Ticketek on 132 849 www.ticketek.com.au/disneylive

Cairns - Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales
January 21 at the Cairns Convention Centre
TicketLink on 1300 855 835 http://www.ticketlink.com.au

Townsville - Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales
January 24 and 25 at the Townsville Entertainment & Convention Centre
TECC on (07) 4771 4000 http://www.tecc.net.au

* Disclaimer: Gold Coast Mum will be receiving tickets to attend the performance. All opinions are my own as always.

Have you ever been to Disneyland? What are your favourite Disney memories? Who's your favourite Disney character?

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