5 tips for an eco-friendly bedroom

Gold Coast Mum presents this article in partnership with MiniJumbuk premium wool bedding products. 

If you’re considering taking an eco-friendly ethos to the bedroom, there’s good news on a number of fronts.

The basis of being eco-friendly is using sustainable and recycled products that are often produced from natural fibres. That means it’s good for your health and easy on your hip pocket. So you can also literally rest easy knowing you’re being kind to yourself and the environment.

Here are five ways to go eco in the boudoir:

Natural fibres
The kindest thing you can do for the environment is use products made from natural and renewable resources, whether that’s sustainably grown timber bed frames or wool quilts and down filled pillows. Natural fibres also tend to have great anti-allergen and insulation properties, meaning you’re far more likely to have a good night’s sleep amongst them. For example, wool bedding is known to draw moisture away from your skin, keeping you cool in winter and warm in winter, thereby reducing your heating and cooling costs. You can check out places such as the MiniJumbuk website for some great ideas and deals on woollen bedding.

Bedrooms tend to be enclaves for wooden furniture, be it your bedframe or bedside tables. These days most wood used for furniture is sustainably produced, meaning it comes from forests grown specifically for the purpose of production that are not old growth or feature rare trees. If you’re in doubt, a quick internet search will highlight the furniture companies who place importance on sustainable production.

Using sustainable flooring such as wood really cuts down your environmental footprint, and often it’s better for your health. Synthetic carpets are a haven for dust and dust mites, so if you do like something soft underfoot in the bedroom, try to go for natural fibre carpets such as wool, or natural fibre rugs.

If you really want to embrace your inner eco-warrior, consider using recycled products, such as furniture and bedframes. You can create a truly classy bedroom utilising antique bedside tables and a dresser, or up-style some vintage items from the op-shop and give them a new lease on life. Not only are you doing the environment a massive favour, you’ll be saving yourself a packet too, and the hunt for the perfect pieces to match your vision is always a blast.

Our twincesses ‘sleep like a baby’ in their recycled (& safety approved) cots

Fresh air
Most of our environmental impact is made through the consumption of energy, so consider this as you kick back in bed. Do you really, really need that air-con or heater on while you sleep? Instead, use the assets of your natural fibre bedding and add a little extra air via fans or through open windows. If you need heat, then revisit that old water bottle instead of turning on an electric blanket.

It only takes a few little investments and a small mindshift to bring eco-friendliness into all areas of your life and, with just a couple of minor alterations, you can even do it while you sleep.

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