GIVEAWAY - True Detective

GIVEAWAY - True Detective

"Alright, alright, alright"... ladies and gentlemen, have I got something to share with you...
(as you may be able to tell, it may have something to do with spunkaroo Matthew McConaughey).
With four little ones to run around after, my husband and I’s days of watching a variety of TV shows LIVE are long gone.  
These days we rely on the ability to record shows and watch back when the kids are asleep so we can pause, play, and rewind as we please.

So it was with great pleasure that we were recently provided with the hit US TV show True Detective on Blue-Ray Disc to watch at our own leisure.
With such a star-studded cast (the show stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson), I couldn’t pass on this opportunity to let you know about True Detective.
And, if you haven’t already landed yourself a copy, there is one up for grabs for one lucky Gold Coast Mum reader thanks to Warner Bros!
Perfect for a Christmas gift or to hold onto and enjoy yourself!

So what is True Detective?
It’s a US TV show that has taken the US by storm!
The Emmy-nominated first series starred Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as lead detectives Rust Cohle (McConaughey) and Martin ‘Marty’ Hart (Harrelson).

After being assigned a macabre murder by a killer with disturbing occult leanings, Rust Cohle (McConaughey) and Martin ‘Marty’ Hart (Harrelson), partners in Louisiana’s Criminal Investigation Division, become entangled.
Their lives collide and entwine in unexpected, sometimes catastrophic, ways.

Other cast members include Michelle Monaghan as Maggie Hart, Michael Potts as Detective Maynard Gilbough and Tory Kittles as Detective Thomas Papania.

The Blu-Ray Disc also includes various features including behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and crew, as well as unseen footage, and exclusive interviews with McConaughey and Harrelson as well as the series creator Nic Pizzolatto and director Cary Joji Fukunaga.

And just when you think this addictive show couldn’t get any better, production is reportedly underway for Season 2 starring:
Colin Farrell
Vince Vaughn
Taylor Kitsch
Rachel McAdams (Helllooooo ‘The Notebook’!)

Holy Moly! It’s a must-watch!
I’m hooked. What about you? Have you seen True Detective/ what TV shows are your favs?
For your chance to WIN a copy of Warner Bros' True Detective Blu-Ray, visit
and comment on the True Detective post and/or comment below this blog post.

One winner will be randomly selected from the Facebook post and comments below. The giveaway has no affiliation with Facebook.
Thanks to Warner Bros for great giveaway!


Top 11 tips to make Christmas magical for your family

Top 11 tips to make Christmas magical for your family

Guest post from: My Travels with My Mum

“Mum, is Santa real?”

It’s the time of year when the seed of doubt about Santa Claus is planted by (or for) older siblings and/or older kids in the school playground.

How do you deal with it? Do you just accept it had to happen one day, or do you try to keep the magic alive just that bit longer?

I’ve always liked Christmas, it may be crass, it may be commercial but it is also the only truly magical time of year in a child’s life.
Birthdays come and go with presents expected no if, but or maybe.
But Christmas... it’s all up in the air – the children don’t know whether they’re on the naughty or nice list!

When my children were little I didn’t have much money and was a single mum, so keeping the magic of Christmas was all the more important for me. Life is tough enough for kids without losing this sparkle too early.

In hindsight I may have gone a little overboard at times but it’s hard not to get carried away when you see just how excited the children are.

So here are my top 11 ways of keeping the magic of Christmas alive:

1. Write letters to Santa
Arrange an afternoon where the kids write letters to Santa.
Get them to think hard about what they have done to be good or even naughty, what they're grateful for or what made them happy that year.  I always tried to emphasise this part in the letters, rather than them just writing a list of wants. 
After they write a decent letter, or dictate a decent letter (I had the younger ones dictate to the older ones - helps with handwriting and empathy/listening skills) they then write their wish list.

When they were younger they either drew their wish list or cut and paste pictures from catalogues onto a piece of paper.

2.  Receive a letter from Santa
My kids loved receiving a letter from Santa in the mail.  I created a personalized letter from Santa by making sure certain things were mentioned: "I saw you helped your little sister fix her broken doll " or  "I saw you were nice to your big sister by not getting her in trouble for breaking your doll" (how did Santa know, Mummy didn’t know!?).  
Another great thing the kids love is a certificate that lets the child know they are on the Nice List.

3. Visit a Santa
Visit the Santa. You can explain the shopping centre Santa is one of Santa's helpers or let them believe he is the real Santa Claus.
They joy of a child sitting on Santa’s lap whispering secrets and being in awe is something special.

It’s the time to look at beautiful decorations in the stores and start feeling Christmassy.
Get a photo with Santa every year, it doesn’t have to be an expensive Shopping Centre Santa photographer, it could be a community Santa, a preschool or school Santa visit, they are everywhere. Just get a photo.

Even now that they have grown, my children and I love looking back at our Santa photos from each year. It’s a time capsule, a set photo on a set date every year and a chance to see how they’ve grown (and make jokes about funny outfits/trends/haircuts).

4. Christmas tree
Decorating the Christmas tree can be a delight. We always picked a weekend closest to the 12th day before Christmas (my house was small so 12 days before and 12 days after became my rule - enough to be festive but not too long so I lose my lounge room space).

The tree decorating day (in fact we decorated everything that day) became our first festive family fun day.
We put the Christmas music on as loud as we wanted, sang along, ate dips and chips, drank soft drink (all things we didn’t normally do). The kids chose the theme or colours on the tree. (I have three lots of decorations - red, silver/gold and aqua - all bought in the post-Christmas sales, so our tree can be different every year). It was a great, fun start to Christmas!


5. The Sneaky present

I started a tradition when my children where around 4 years old.
Every year my children had to ask Santa for one small present that no one in the world knew about.  They told no one of the special present, not even me. They had to whisper it in Santa’s ear when they were sitting on his lap. They had to explain it carefully to Santa so he understood and remembered as he sees so many other children each day. 

While my children were whispering their secret to Santa I would explain to photographer or Santa’s helper what was happening. She would get the information from Santa when we left and pass me a note when we stopped to wave at Santa later. The delight of the Secret Present appearing every year was magical.

6.  The gift of a forbidden present

In the months leading up to Christmas, every time the children would mention a certain toy (in my house it was a doll, like Barbie) I would say “No way! No more dolls, no more Barbies!”
I would complain they already have too many, don’t play with them enough and tell them there was absolutely no way they would get more dolls so don’t bother asking.
Then of course on Christmas morning a Barbie would be in the Santa sack. It would get responses like “Ha ha Mum, Santa likes us better than you do!”

It doesn’t have to be a big present just something that makes sense to reject then gift.

7. Santa’s own wrapping paper

Thank goodness Santa and his helpers in the North Pole used different wrapping paper so that Santa’s presents didn’t get mixed up with the family presents under the tree.
Santa would, no doubt, have a few rolls of special wrapping paper just for gifts from him (and would make sure no one would see any traces of it before or after Christmas).
I always pointed out the pretty paper or how it didn’t match our tree, or the pattern, just to reinforce the notion it wasn’t the same as the family’s.

8. The sounds of a visit
My children's eyes widening when they heard the sound of sleigh bells the night before Christmas are something I will always treasure.
I used an elaborate rig of fishing line that MacGyver would have been proud of to jingle those bells. I would wake them (I know! Who wakes children Christmas Eve!) to tell them I heard Santa nearby and pull this fishing line gently to shake the sleigh bells. They loved it.

9. Santa’s footprints
I would always reinforce the merrymaking with silly little things so the children could feel Santa's presence.
Sometimes, if Santa had dropped off the presents so well without leaving any other evidence, I would offer a helping hand so the kids knew he had been.

I made baking soda or talcum powder footprints in the garden and lounge room (no snow in Australia at Christmas).
I went to a charity shop to buy the largest men’s shoe they had, then either sprinkled powder around it to outline the shoe, or squirted a light misting of water over the soles of the shoe then pressed the shoe down into a tray of baking soda then pressed on the carpet. I made footprints coming in then going out.

I once got carried away and decided footprints on the roof would be a good idea.
It was 10pm, no one was in the house except for the kids, I was on the roof of a two storey house and of course… the ladder fell.
If I yelled out, the kids would have heard me. So I was trying to get the attention of a next door neighbour by whispering as he was unloading his car. Only to eventually get his attention by throwing handfuls of leaves from my gutter. It was the funniest thing you have ever seen. It took 15 minutes for him to notice me.
And after all that effort, the footprints had disappeared by the morning anyway.

10. Feeding the Reindeer
A favourite Christmas tradition in our house is to leave milk and a mince pie or homemade biscuits out for Santa. In the morning the milk and most of the mice pie, except for a pile of crumbs would be gone.

The kids would always leave carrots and lettuce and a bucket of water out for the reindeer. In the morning there would be ripped up lettuce and bits of chewed up carrots everywhere outside and even inside.

I would be so cranky at Santa and his naughty reindeers, the kids would be giggling and laughing as I grumble and clean up the mess that his reindeers made.


11. The mystery present
Do you have kids who shake or sneak looks at their presents under the tree before Christmas? 

Mine were like that; I saw sticky tape on a present restuck down when the kids were aged about 7 and 8. So I took all the real presents out from under the tree and wrapped empty cereal boxes and shoe boxes and put them under the tree.

In a few of the display boxes, I put sticks and rocks so they rattled when the kids shook them.

I explained I saw the opened presents so I returned them and bought other things, and that if the new ones were opened, there would be no presents. They kept shaking and rattling the presents asking “Mum, what did you buy us?” all the time. I would say “sticks and stones” and they would laugh. They never sneakily opened the presents but it’s still a family joke about sticks and stones.


The more you put into a child Christmas experience the more memories it will make and the more your children will be able to see the magic. They more they know you have nothing to do with the idea, the more they will think it’s the magic of Christmas!

Traditions like mine, is where the fun starts. I know I enjoy watching my kids now passing such traditions on to their kids and keeping the magic alive!

What are your Christmas traditions? How do you keep the magic alive?

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Top 5 child-friendly Gold Coast suburbs

Top 5 child-friendly Gold Coast suburbs

By Gold Coast Mum
Gold Coast Mum has written this article in partnership with BOQ
Only minutes from the heart of Surfers Paradise, but far enough away to escape the hustle and bustle, is Ashmore/Benowa.
These are great suburbs for the young family.
Ashmore/Benowa is loved by many for its proximity to the beach, M1 and Southport Broadwater Parklands (the popular rock pools, patrolled swimming area and various play parks and jumping pillow).

In Ashmore, there’s also a skate park, BMX track and PCYC with various activities and events on offer.
Girral Park and Tranquillity Park in Ashmore are worth checking out while in Benowa, the grounds for Surfers Paradise AFL and cricket clubs has a fenced play park and is just up the road from the Benowa Tavern – a family friendly pub with a fenced outdoor play park and a fairy/face painter present on Friday and Saturday nights to help entertain the kids.

The Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens - Rosser Park, Benowa (off Ashmore Rd) is a must see for locals and tourists. I’ve visited this gorgeous location countless times for various play dates/ Mother’s Groups, birthdays and baby showers. There’s a play park and toilets (very important), walking tracks, a dog walking area, and plenty of places to spot large lizards, eels, ducks and other wildlife.

The schools in this area also come highly recommended: Ashmore State School, St Kevin’s, Benowa High School, Trinity Lutheran College, Aquinas, Guardian Angels, Emmanuel College.

Royal Pines Resort and Golf Club – a great place for visitors to stay/ to take for lunch/dinner at one of the numerous restaurants.
Nearby is the Emerald Lakes community with its many kilometres of parklands and walking tracks, and the Emerald Lakes Golf Course.
Carrara Markets and the Gold Coast Suns’ home stadium Metricon Stadium (which as well as AFL matches, has held concerts including the Foo Fighters and other large-scale events) is also nearby.
Living near the beach is a real treat!


Robina is another popular suburb for families. It is home to the spectacular Robina Town Centre, perfect for those wanting designer threads or something from the well-known department stores, and the stadium where the Gold Coast Titans play their home matches.

There’s a medical precinct – Robina Hospital, car yards, schools, pubs, play centres, various parks, and walking tracks and dog walking areas.
Popular schools in the catchment include Robina State School and Varsity College – and various private schools are also nearby – Hillcrest Christian College, The King’s School, and Somerset College.

It’s a quick journey east to Miami Beach (maybe 8 minute drive) and is also just a hop, skip and a jump to Pacific Fair shopping centre (pictured below) which often holds stage shows and craft workshops for kids.
The Gold Coast Council provides plenty of events – free and low cost – for families as well as the Active and Healthy Program.

Burleigh is hugely popular – loved for its gorgeous beaches, amazing views of the Surfers Paradise skyline and cruisy/chilled vibe.

Along the stretch of land parallel to the beach are numerous parks and picnic and BBQ areas which are well maintained by the local council.

Fitness groups/personal trainers and mum and bub fitness groups (Stroller Group/ Stroller Club) all operate along the gorgeous stretch from North Burleigh to Burleigh Beach and up the headland.

It’s a great place to take the kids for fish and chips by the beach, or to enjoy the sunset (with the noisy bats playing as the soundtrack).

There are schools, surf clubs, boutique shops/cafes/restaurants, various community groups/events and markets, and so much to check out year-round!

With a quiet village feel, Mudgeeraba, just off of the M1, is also a great place to raise a family.

Despite its country roots (the annual Mudgeeraba Show is a great local event), it is only minutes from Robina Town Centre and a 20-minute journey to the beach.

The suburb has everything you could hope for – parks, football fields, netball courts, running clubs, gyms, mum and bub fitness groups, shopping centres, renowned bakeries, swimming pool, churches and schools. It’s worth checking out!

Pacific Pines
Pacific Pines continues to attract families looking to take advantage of the value for money when it comes to home and land.

The spacious homes, access to facilities including shops and schools, as well as the quick access to the M1 (great for anyone commuting to Brisbane or to the southern Gold Coast) are huge drawcards.

Studio Village Community Centre offers a variety of great events and resources for families including play groups and parenting sessions.
Pacific Pines is also only a couple of minutes’ drive to the renowned theme parks so many locals purchase annual passes to take the family numerous times throughout the year.

We live in central Gold Coast and have these passes as they offer great value for money. We can take the kids to Wet N Wild to enjoy a great morning of play in the kids’ area and then head home after lunch so the kids (who are well worn out by this point) can have their naps at home (or can be transferred from the car to bed).

Of course I could continue raving about the other fab suburbs to live on the Gold Coast – Paradise Point, Runaway Bay, Broadbeach Waters, Currumbin, Coolangatta and more! So many to check out and enjoy!

If you’re looking to move to the Gold Coast, feel free to get in touch, or post any queries on the Gold Coast Mum Facebook page:

If you're looking to buy a new home, check out
BOQ for their current home loan rates/ information on Australia-wide banking.

Revitalise your home without breaking the bank

Revitalise your home without breaking the bank

Despite owning countless hand bags and pairs of shoes, I tend to wear the same few over and over again until they need replacing. And when it comes to furniture and home décor, I also stick with what I know.

Hubby and I went all out and splurged on our furniture and décor when we purchased our first home.

But nine years later, the 'well-loved' beige lounge, chaise and ottoman leave the place feeling a little dull. So we decided it was time for an update.  A chance to refresh and revitalise.

Gold Coast Mum has written this article in partnership with Super A-Mart

I went to my local Super A-Mart store (if you’re on the Gold Coast, I went to the Bundall store).
Orders can also be made via:

I was impressed by the selection of homewares on offer and spent a good couple of hours in the store trying out the various colour schemes/ pillows/ ornaments and décor that might help bring my home back to life.

What did I use to help give my home some pizazz?

Here I’ve used two Cordoba Zig Zag throws ($39.95 each) to cover up our 9-year-old lounge that, when we bought it, was our pride and joy (God forbid anyone spilt even a drop on it).
These days it’s a vomit/snot/water catcher, is a sometime trampoline and has certainly seen better days.
So, friends, please give us ample notice when you’re visiting so we can throw these gorgeous throws over the lounge before you arrive (as I fear Miss 4 & Mr 2 may damage them if we don’t use them on a sometime basis).

What a perfect opportunity to inject some colour. There were so many to choose from – I particularly liked the pineapple prints and bird prints.
A couple of colourful cushions can transform a room and its colour scheme - much better than major work such as a paint job.

These bright pillows (2 x Rainbow cushions – ‘zest’ $19.95ea, 1x Rainbow cushion – ‘orange’ $19.95 and 2x Riot cushions – emerald $15ea) replace our much loved, but sadly faded and almost destroyed pillows that my husband and I purchased whilst visiting Thailand BC (before children).


Cube book case
The easy-(for hubby)to-assemble Kubix 9 Cube Storage Unit ($49.95) provides a great opportunity to re-home some of our precious bits and pieces that have been hidden away in our glass cabinet.
Placed away from the toddler toy areas, this book shelf used here to show off ornaments and store books, should be safe from little hands. Will see how long it lasts in the lounge room before we may have to relocate it to the bedroom safe haven.

Plate stand
I received this gorgeous red/orange dish as an engagement present from a dear friend eight years ago and had used it as a dining table centrepiece for the years BC (before children).
More recently it has been stored safely in a glass cabinet (but horizontally so its impact was lost), but I am glad to have it out on display to be enjoyed once again thanks to the Black Medium Simple Plate Stand/Easel ($15.95).

Yellow photo frame
This Havana frame ($24.95) sure does ‘pop’. It matches in with the yellow cushions and gives an edgy, modern feel. (And I certainly love the photo of my twincesses that was taken exactly a year ago – when they were one week old!)

Pot plants/succulents
We’re in luck. These faux plants WILL NOT die if we’re away on holiday (the kids have also been known to be a tad too generous when it comes to watering any special plants we have).
These Sedum Pot Succulents ($19.95ea) sure do give a nice feel to the lounge and dining areas (and may have let hubby off the hook when it comes to flower purchases for a while).  


Yellow circular placemat
Also helping to keep with the yellow trend – matching the photo frame and cushions – is the Cancun placemat ($6.95ea) in yellow. For such a small inclusion, it has a big impact in my home.

Now I just need to keep the dining table clutter free so the full benefits can be enjoyed.

So there you have it. Just a few items that can leave you feeling like you have given your home a makeover.

Now…  onto decluttering and rearranging wardrobes/toys and updating our storage solutions… Oh, and did I mention I also want to give my office space an overhaul and put the kids in bunks, and….and… and…

DO YOU have any home décor tips/advice?
What areas of your home would you like to bring back to life/update/revitalise? How?

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Gold Coast Mum's big Big Brother INTRUDER reveal

Gold Coast Mum's big Big Brother INTRUDER reveal

OK, time to fess up...
Who else watches Big Brother Australia?

Hubby and I do (despite each year saying we probably won't/shouldn't).
This year we have been entertained by the housemates (Jason/Lawson/Kat/Priya/Skye etc) and the dramas that have unfolded.
Most recently, we have enjoyed watching the ever-entertaining Penny (who has entered the Big Brother house as an intruder)!
(How funny were her facial expressions during her encounter with a snake!?)

So... I have something to reveal...

Here I am pictured with Penny who is CURRENTLY IN the Big Brother house.

Have I entered the house??!

How/when was this pic taken you ask?



OK, well I'll come clean and admit that this photo was taken in 2009 when, while working as a News Editor for a glossy magazine, I attended the filming of So You Think You Can Dance Australia in which Penny was a fabulous contestant (but unfortunately had to pull out of the show due to an injury).

Not only is Penny an amazing dancer, she also has a personality that shines.

What are your thoughts on Big Brother 2014?

I'm loving Sonia and her gorgeous frocks - aaaaannnd watching her gorgeous growing baby bump!

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Gambling addiction – continuing to hurt Australian families. Stay & support or start afresh?

Gambling addiction – continuing to hurt Australian families. Stay & support or start afresh?

Story as told to Lauren – Gold Coast Mum

One of the many reasons I started my blog was, not only to connect, create a community and to share my own stories and experiences, but also to do what I do best – help every day people (as well as extraordinary people) to tell their story.

I was recently contacted by someone who, whilst too embarrassed to be so honest with family and friends, was interested in sharing this piece of writing with the hope of it helping others in the same position know that they are not alone.
Gambling addiction is destructive. It can break up families and cause a lot of heartache.


My husband isn’t a bad man.
If fact, he’s wonderful. The light of my life. Someone I am thankful for most days.
He’s a great father, a wonderful husband/best friend/lover and a hard worker. He is caring and makes me laugh.
But he also has a serious gambling problem.

Most people wouldn’t even know he is addicted to gambling via online sports betting agencies and at the TAB. He’s deeply ashamed and embarrassed.
And so am I.

To my friends and family, I’m a successful career woman and a devoted wife and mother.
But I have a big secret. I spend most days worrying about my family’s future.

When someone catches me nagging my husband about something trivial, it’s not necessarily that I’m just a nagging wife.
It’s because I’m angry/upset/frustrated that once again our child has to miss out on an extracurricular activity or that the money we were saving for a long-awaited family holiday has yet again disappeared from our account.
I can’t help but be resentful.
There have been occasions when friends or family have probably thought that I’m some nagging mega-bitch.
But truth is, I had just found out that the money sitting in our account waiting for the mortgage to come out had disappeared yet again, or I had answered a call from a credit card company chasing my husband to make an overdue payment on yet another personal credit card obtained without my knowledge.

Gambling has HUGE ramifications.
It’s something that has always been hanging around in the background since we first started our relationship. But our love, happiness and good times outweighed the only bad point – gambling. So I ignored it.

However, these days, more and more I find myself thinking about how silly I was to be blinded by the love I have for this man to commit to marriage, and now children, knowing what I knew then.

Financially, I would have been much better off if I stayed single all these years, pocketing my tidy income instead of seeing it disappear before my eyes with nothing to show for it.

My husband hates that he causes this much hurt to our family. He truly wishes he could stop. If we could afford it, he would go away to a rehab facility for months on end and come back a new man. But obviously that’s out of the question.
He has been seeing a counsellor who has been helping to piece together the reasons behind his addiction. There’s a family history of it and various other contributing factors.

I have tried to be strong. I have tried to be supportive.
But I am over it. The same cycle continues to repeat itself.
The pattern is the same: Husband will have a bad patch, will lose all our money/rack up credit card debts, I’ll become suspicious and confront him, he breaks down and swears to never to it again, I’ll be angry/understanding/supportive/resentful.
We’ll forget about it for a week (while ignoring our problematic financial situation), I’ll ask him how he’s doing. He’ll say fine.
Then a few weeks later I’ll notice he’s acting out of character and will ask him again. He’ll confess, break down and the cycle will repeat itself.

I’ve tried taking control of the finances, but in between ferrying kids to and from school/work, I don’t have time to keep tabs of the bank account. And it doesn’t matter anyway as my husband tends to just use new personal credit cards.

Gambling really does control our lives. While I AM thankful and appreciative for everything we DO have... we can’t go on holiday, we can’t buy things we need/would like, we can’t buy generous gifts for loved ones or attend events/get-togethers with friends/family.
We have had to buy secondhand furniture despite husband spending thousands of dollars in a single day or week that could have been spent filling our whole home with new furniture.

I hope that together, we can get through this, with the help of the ongoing counselling and support (I just hope we don’t lose everything again in the meantime).


Are you in a similar situation? Do you know anyone with a gambling problem? How do you offer support? Do you have any words of advice for anonymous?

Feel free to comment below or email goldcoastmum [at] live [dot] com

If you, or anyone you know, has a gambling problem, please contact:

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Sun Safety Tips For Kids

Sun Safety Tips For Kids

By Gold Coast Mum - in partnership with Turner Freeman Gold Coast

Gone are the days of sitting by the pool/ on the beach lathering ourselves in baby oil to get burnt to a crisp that perfect tan.
These days, most parents are much more aware of the dangers of sun damage and are leading by example and are covering up when out in the sun.

With Australia, and particularly Queensland, recognised as the skin cancer capital of the world, the chances of knowing someone who will at some stage need medical treatment as a direct result from sun damage is high. And it is not only the sun lovers who put themselves at risk.

People who work outdoors to make a living are increasingly finding themselves in financial difficulties after being diagnosed with skin cancer.

In these cases, their medical condition can be directly attributed to their work and they may be entitled to some compensation. If you or a loved one finds yourself in this situation, legal professionals, such as Turner Freeman Gold Coast may be able to provide advice on accessing superannuation benefits such as Income Protection, Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) or Terminal Illness Cover.

Of course, the best cure is prevention, and when it comes to skin cancer, it is best to start sun damage awareness at an early age. 


My little ones usually stick to the old ‘no hat no play’ rule that I had to abide by when I was at school. And, thanks to some cool dude sunglasses picked up at the local markets, Miss 4 and Mr 2 also like wearing sunnies to protect their eyes.


Here are some tips to make sure your kids are sun aware.

Advise, Instruct and Nag
Normally, no one likes a nag, but when it comes to the very young you can’t overstate the importance of sun safety awareness.
Have conversations with your children from an early age about the dangers of getting sunburnt, and don’t hide the more serious aspects of the disease. 
But to ensure you don’t scare them off going outside all together, temper the more nasty side with the health benefits of sun exposure as long as the proper safety precautions are taken. 

Slip, Slop, Slap
The incredibly successful sun cancer awareness campaign to ‘slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat’ is as relevant today as it was when it first came out in 1980.
In 2007 the slogan was updated to add the words ‘seek’ and ‘slide’, referring to seeking shade and sliding on wrap-around sun-safe sunglasses. Make sure your children follow these ‘rules’ before they go out and play.

Avoid Play in the Middle of the Day
If you are going to take your kids to the beach or park to play, take them earlier in the day or later in the afternoon. The sun is at its hottest with the strongest UV rays between the hours of 10am and 4pm, and should be avoided during this period.

Be Sun Prepared Before You Go
Don’t leave it too late to slap on the sunscreen.
Some parents believe they are doing the right thing by applying the cream when they get to the beach and immediately letting the little one out into the sun. It usually takes 10 to 15 minutes for the sunscreen to take effect, so if you apply it immediately before play there is a large time gap for the sun to do its damage before the protection kicks in.
Either apply the screen before you leave home, or keep the children in the shade for 15 minutes after application, or until you are sure the sunscreen is doing its job.
Getting a daily dose of the sun is good for us but, like everything else, you can have too much of a good thing. Instil in your children from an early age the importance of being sun aware and, hopefully, they can grow into adults with healthy skin and an awareness they can in turn pass on to their own children.

What are your rules when it comes to sun safety?

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