Can't believe it happened! Reaching the next stage in life...

Notice something? See Princess Anna there (above left)?
Well... as well as our shared love of chocolate, singing & building snowmen, we also have something else in common.

(Hang on while I just go back & sing that fav line of mine: 'I wanna stuff some chocolate in my faaaaace'! 
OK, phew, thanks for letting me get that out.)

OK, so while Princess Anna's streak of white hair was caused by her sister Elsa's powers, the new 'silver' strand that has recently appeared on MY head is my FIRST grey hair!

Instead of being all 'Don't let them in, don't let them see', I've decided to come clean with this huge revelation.
Even though I have many pals who've been rocking greys since their twenties, it's not something I saw coming. At 32, the grey has caught me by surprise.

Surprise you say? Yes, I'm surprised it took SO LONG for the greys to make their appearance.
It's been a busy/hectic/crazy/stressful/amazing/wonderful couple of months juggling newborn twins, a then-1year-old & then-3-year-old (who have since turned 2 and 4). 

I would've thought those greys would've been sprouting all over my head months ago for sure.
So the one grey I've located I can handle.

Although I will admit that when I saw the unmistakeable sparkle whilst I was reviewing my appearance in the car mirror while doing my make-up - a shriek (& 'what the holy mother of god is that?!) may have been heard by passers by.

It's an interesting stage of life. A sign of what's to come.
I'm thankful for all the years I've managed to rock my natural brunette locks & will take this new stage in my stride as I'm thankful to be happy & healthy & to have a happy & healthy husband and children.

Besides, Miss 4 will love my new Cruella de Vil look! 

Oh well, 'the greys will never bother me anyway'.

When did you find your first grey hair? What was your reaction?


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  1. I definitely think your one grey streak is totally earned! You are one crazy busy, amazing lady!

    I love those images of woman who have embraced grey. I think it's beautiful.

    I'm a red so dunno if I'll go grey or the locks will just fade or maybe go white. No greys yet but definitely plenty of crows feet wrinkles appearing!

    1. Ha ha thanks Vicki! Totally earned! Just like my tiger stripes ;-) x

  2. I'm at that horrible salt and pepper stage, so I dye my hair. But once it's totally silver (NOT grey), it's a Prue or True silver bob or pixie cut for me!

  3. I have no idea if I have any grey hairs because I have highlights which as far as I can tell have covered any that I might have. I'm sure if I don't have any that it won't be long though, although both my Mum & Dad made it close to 40 before they started getting theirs so who knows!

  4. A grey hair? You lucky thing. What I wouldn't give to have a grey hair. Come to think of it what I wouldn't give to have hair! Embrace the change - it's a wonderful ride

  5. Ha ha that is funny, but you know what I'm sure I have HEAPS but because my hair is blonde-ish and dyed I will probably never find any - talking about cheating - I love your hair it always looks so healthy! Thanks for linking xx


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