A controversial gift of love

A controversial gift of love

By Lauren - Gold Coast Mum

Two years ago Lauren Fisher's baby boy Elijah Rainbow - then aged only seven months - drowned after falling to his death from a bridge over Logan River in Brisbane. 

Elijah's father, David Fisher - Lauren's partner of almost two decades and father of their four young daughters - was reportedly charged with murder.

The tragedy made headlines at the time and it really struck a chord with me as my baby son was around the same age. 
My heart ached for Lauren and her daughters as they experienced such unimaginable pain and sadness.

Lauren, who leads a nomadic life describing herself now as a "single mama travelling Australia with my four daughters" is also a prolific blogger who has a beautiful way with words (despite whether you agree with what she does/says).

A former evangelical Christian who has transitioned to unchurching, Lauren is adored by her followers on social media for her passion for living in the moment.
..." embracing life as it is, finding beauty in the ordinary and creating wonderful adventures for our family. We are radical unschoolers, gentle parents and free-range thinkers," she states on her blog.

While Lauren attracted plenty of praise and criticism after the passing of her precious baby son due to her willingness to be so open in her writing, her latest venture is sure to set tongues wagging once again.

Lauren has announced she's pregnant
She's acting as a surrogate for a male couple whom she met online.

"I’m delighted to share publicly that I’m pregnant again — but the baby isn’t mine. I’m growing a child for close friends of mine who can’t naturally conceive and birth their own child."

Lauren says she met Ágúst and Ben online. "We clicked immediately, and time and our shared experiences have confirmed that we are a good match for this endeavour."

"In the last couple of years, I’ve been growing in love for the gay community, and I knew having a baby with a gay couple would be a way I could make a meaningful difference in their lives. I contacted Ágúst and Ben through a surrogacy website, and from my first tentative email, we’ve developed a solid and fun friendship."


Lauren says her girls are delighted to be part of this pregnancy.
"I had to gain my daughters’ blessing before I could leave them for two weeks last year to travel to Ben and Ágúst in Iceland, see the fathers’ home, meet their families and basically scope out their lives."

Lauren writes that her four daughters "know that the baby isn’t ours and are looking forward to travelling to Europe before the birth."

"I’m not doing this for money, I’m doing it — quite literally — for love."

"Unlike with commercial surrogacy, I’m not being paid for the pregnancy in any way, although the fathers did offer. Without any contracts, payments or legalities, this isn’t a surrogacy — it’s a love affair!"

"The fathers will pay for the home-birth midwife’s services, and I’m covering all our travel costs and living expenses.
I really want to make an extraordinary difference in the world. I don’t have many amazing skills, but I do possess a generous spirit and the superpower of excellent child-production, so I’m using these to transform the lives of a couple by presenting them with a child. My gift is an intimate, personal offering — carefully considered and intentionally packaged with love."

To view Lauren's announcement in full, visit:

What a brave woman! Best wishes to her!
Here's what some of the critics have said:

What are your thoughts? Could you/would you be a surrogate? 

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Travelling on the new Gold Coast G: Link

Travelling on the new Gold Coast G: Link

Yesterday Miss 4 & I, along with the twincesses (now 8-months), decided to try out the new Gold Coast Light Rail - officially called the G:Link.

Hubby & I decided against taking the whole family to join in on the fun on Sunday when it was free travel for all - due to the large crowds.

So yesterday (Monday) as part of our weekly 'girls' day' when Miss 4, the twincesses & I do a fun activity, we headed to Broadbeach to enjoy a tram adventure.

I parked in front of the shops opposite the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre.

After paying $3 for parking there, Miss 4 held hands with me (as I also pushed the double pram with my other hand) across the road to the Broadbeach North G: Link stop.

A tram was approaching so I quickly tried to purchase a ticket at the machine but unfortunately it wasn't recognising my credit card or eftpos card. So that tram came & went.

I made a few more attempts then let others in front of me to try to pay when a second tram approached just a few minutes later.
(This was all while keeping a firm grip on Miss 4 as I was nervous being next to the tram line in case she decided to wriggle away.)

When I had finally given up on paying by card I managed to find some cash after rummaging around in the depths of my handbag.

But then.....The machine would not accept my $5 note or $1 or $2 coins to pay the $5.20 single adult fair (for zone 14). Despite many attempts, it kept spitting my coins back.
A repairman was working on the only other ticket machine on the platform & offered me a $1 coin of his to try. But no luck unfortunately.

So when the next tram arrived, the repairman suggested I just jump on board and explain the situation if anyone was to ask.
I took his advice as I only had a limited time for our tram ride & to then get back to the car before my parking ticket expired.

Miss 4 & I boarded the tram, with the twincesses in the pram, with ease & got comfy as we looked out of the window & around the shiny new tram.

Our trip into Surfers Paradise was super quick & comfortable.

We hopped off at the Cavill Ave stop & crossed over to the other side of the track for our return journey.

Thankfully the ticket machine there accepted my cash to pay for a ticket.

Miss 4 was fascinated by the rails in the road & loved the seats on the platform.

After a speedy return trip to Broadbeach North, we made it back to the car with one minute to spare before the parking ticket expired. Phewww!

Overall, the journey was smooth, fast & enjoyable & I would definitely recommend it to tourists (& locals) wanting to town hop. (Though probably best to be prepared with the G: Link travel card so you can swipe & hop on the tram straight away rather than trying to fiddle around with coins/cash/cards at a machine.)
I hope it will be a huge success on the Gold Coast.

Navigating the roads, tram line & boarding & exiting the tram with my double pram (Strider Plus) was simple - though the tram doors didn't automatically open for me to board - I had to walk in front of pram to press a button on the tram door for the doors to open.

I look forward to our possible next adventure when we might take the whole family on the tram to experience more of the route - perhaps over the bridge to stop off at Southport Broadwater Parklands.

Have you travelled on the G? Will you use it?

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