Miranda Kerr attended whose christening?!

In case you've been trying to put two & two together, regarding Miranda Kerr's attendance at a certain Christening this weekend, I thought I'd make something very clear.

As reported by the Daily Mail Online, Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr attended a Christening over the weekend, ANNND, as I mentioned via Facebook, we also had Mr 2 & our 6-month-old Twincesses baptised.


Well... I can confirm that most of my family members as well as my husband's father & sister attended the baptism of Mr 2 & our Twincesses, held at the same Gold Coast church where Miss 4 was baptised around her 1st birthday. It was just a low key family affair & as we're no relation to Miranda, nor have I ever met her, she wasn't in attendance, lol.

We had a lovely morning & our 4 under 4 certainly managed to entertain the crowd & put a smile on everyone's faces. (Getting out of the house was quite an ordeal & instead of Miss 4's hair being in a beautiful braid, it ended up flowing freely. But hey, we got there. High fives to us.)

Mr 2 was a hoot & our Twincesses were little angels. Miss 4 also made us all giggle with her ability to hum the Frozen soundtrack during most of the service.
My sister & her partner of 14 years (who also happens to be one of hubby's best mates since kindy) were named as God Parents.

My fantastic Mum & Nanna sourced the beautiful outfits for our Twincesses & we were grateful that hubby's Dad & sister were able to attend from interstate & spend a few days with us.

Were your children Christened/Baptised?

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