Winner - Peppa Pig giveaway

Winner - Peppa Pig giveaway

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Are your children turning into fatties?

Are your children turning into fatties?

By Lauren  – Gold Coast Mum

Stop! Yes you taking your children through the drive-through of your local take-away restaurant.

Have you thought about the affect this is having on your offspring and the message it is sending them?
Yes, we’re all very busy and sometimes a cheap and easy take-away meal is much more convenient when we’re travelling between swimming/dancing/other extracurricular activities than buying, preparing and cooking a nutritious meal full of fresh ingredients…

I too am guilty of taking Maccas detours, to get a beloved coffee frappe that helps get me through some days (hey I don’t drink tea or coffee, so whatever helps ;-)

But… according to a paper published in medical journal The Lancet, Australians are gaining weight FASTER than any other nation and childhood obesity is now affecting one in four Aussie kids.

The results of the global study into obesity rates show almost a quarter of the Australian children and 63 per cent of the adult population is overweight.

Australia's obesity levels are now on par with the United States.

Gold Coast based nutritionist, speaker and author Sam Beau Patrick says the usual suspects: computer games, sugar, processed foods, take aways are all contributing factors but that parents need to step up.

“Australia has a major health issue on its hand,” Ms Beau-Patrick says.
“Aside from gaining weight at a faster rate than any other nation, Australian children are overweight. In fact, over weight in epic proportions. ONE IN FOUR AUSTRALIAN CHILDREN ARE OVERWEIGHT OR OBESE.”

“I think Australian parents need to understand that we are their main source of education and influence. While eating take away once a week is okay, relying on it for lunches, more than once a week for a nightly meal and certainly pulling in for some take away after school is sending the wrong message,” Ms Beau-Patrick says.

“If we don’t role model great eating, daily activity and positive approach to living, kids really flounder and have no guidance.”

Sam Beau Patrick likes to cook with her children - "it's the best gift we can give our kids".
What do parents need to do?
Ms Beau-Patrick says parents need to start shopping at markets, taking kids to farms, going out of their way to demonstrate the origins of foods and cooking with their kids – “which means they need to start cooking themselves”.

“I want to see a more collaborative approach: Nutritionists giving classes at school, every school having an edible garden, cooking lessons at school to name a few,” Ms Beau-Patrick says.

“Many parents assume the school will teach them the ‘survival stuff’ in life, for example, how to eat a balanced meal, how to manage money and the right amount of physical activity. But unfortunately the current Australian curriculum finds no space for these pressing issues.”

Ms Beau Patrick says when she asked her 9-year-old daughter’s teacher last year “How much time do you spend on educating children about food as I am happy to come in any time to give some talks?”, the teacher’s response was: “We used to talk about it but now it is up to the individual teacher and my curriculum (what I have to cover this year) doesn’t allow for it.”

“Overweight children become over weight adults,” Ms Beau-Patrick says.
“That means poorer self-esteem, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, more heart disease, more diabetes, more strokes and not just in the post 50s age bracket either. These diseases are now affecting people in their 30s and 40s.
“The cost for our society and carrying morbidly overweight citizens is huge! It will become the greatest preventable spend in our GDP.”

Why is it so bad in Australia?
Ms Beau Patrick believes access to good food, fast food and any food has been too easy.
“I think Australian’s have a ‘she’ll be ‘right’ attitude’ and ‘ït’s someone else’s issue not mine’. We have gotten away with these attitudes for a few decades but now we need to change. Childhood obesity is everyone’s issue,” she says.

“Access to junk food, abundance of food and free health have fostered a laise faire attitude. In other countries where food is scarce people really take stock of what is going in their mouths. In fact many countries spend their entire day growing and reaping their crops to produce food for survival.”

From the article published in The Lancet.
Full article here:
“…Because of the established health risks and substantial increases in prevalence, obesity has become a major global health challenge. Not only is obesity increasing, but no national success stories have been reported in the past 33 years. Urgent global action and leadership is needed to help countries to more effectively intervene…”


As reported by the ABC, the study has prompted health experts to call on the Federal Government to commit to a national anti-obesity strategy.Obesity Policy Coalition spokeswoman Jane Martin says obesity is an issue that governments can tackle in a number of ways.
"It's around looking at policies around food that are supplied by institutions that are funded by governments," she said.
"[It's about] looking at encouraging smaller serving sizes, having social marketing campaigns that give education to people and help put it on the individual's agenda, and in an environment where it pushes people to make healthier choices and be more active."

Sam Beau Patrick, who has practiced as a nurse, a pharmaceutical rep and more recently as a naturopath and health coach runs a clinic for people to have one on one consultations, holds events and retreats, and can be heard on the radio.
"People can follow me on instagram (Sam Beau Patrick ) or FB (Sam Beau Patrick Naturopath) to see how I inspire my kids, or I have an 8 week eating plan with education about eating, exercise, living life. All the meal plans and recipes are gluten and dairy free and easy to cook."




What do you think about the research findings?
How do you lead by example for your family?

Little drummer boy

Little drummer boy

Mr 2 was carving it up on the drums today so I captured some footage.

Don't you just love his "Taaa-daaa" at the end of his performance followed by a bow. Hilarious!
Makes my heart melt.


Miranda Kerr attended whose christening?!

Miranda Kerr attended whose christening?!

In case you've been trying to put two & two together, regarding Miranda Kerr's attendance at a certain Christening this weekend, I thought I'd make something very clear.

As reported by the Daily Mail Online, Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr attended a Christening over the weekend, ANNND, as I mentioned via Facebook, we also had Mr 2 & our 6-month-old Twincesses baptised.

Well... I can confirm that most of my family members as well as my husband's father & sister attended the baptism of Mr 2 & our Twincesses, held at the same Gold Coast church where Miss 4 was baptised around her 1st birthday. It was just a low key family affair & as we're no relation to Miranda, nor have I ever met her, she wasn't in attendance, lol.

We had a lovely morning & our 4 under 4 certainly managed to entertain the crowd & put a smile on everyone's faces. (Getting out of the house was quite an ordeal & instead of Miss 4's hair being in a beautiful braid, it ended up flowing freely. But hey, we got there. High fives to us.)

Mr 2 was a hoot & our Twincesses were little angels. Miss 4 also made us all giggle with her ability to hum the Frozen soundtrack during most of the service.
My sister & her partner of 14 years (who also happens to be one of hubby's best mates since kindy) were named as God Parents.

My fantastic Mum & Nanna sourced the beautiful outfits for our Twincesses & we were grateful that hubby's Dad & sister were able to attend from interstate & spend a few days with us.

Were your children Christened/Baptised?

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Why Offspring disappointed me tonight

Why Offspring disappointed me tonight

Just watching Offspring & couldn't help but notice Nina's bub (supposed to be around 6months) in a car seat forward facing! :-(
Grrr surely the writers could have received better advice when it comes to infant safety!

It saddens me that too many people think that because some seats & laws permit forward facing FROM 6 months, it doesn't mean bubs should be turned then. It's not a milestone at all.

It's safer to rear face for as long as possible. That's not just my opinion, it's proven fact.

My son, who was 10lb (4.55kg) & 56cm at birth managed to stay rear facing til at least 11months, so the size issue doesn't cut it.

Broken legs = cast it. Broken neck = casket.

Does anyone else get their knickers in a knot over this type of thing as well?

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Reader Giveaway - Peppa Pig

Reader Giveaway - Peppa Pig


Hands up if your little ones, like mine, are fans of Peppa Pig.
It is one of the most popular children's shows on TV - captivating and entrancing our little ones.

If the month of May wasn't exciting enough for my family with so many occasions to enjoy - including many birthdays (me, my Mum & my Nanna to name a few) and Mother's Day - it's also Peppa Pig's Friendship Month.
And to celebrate, Peppa Pig's helpers are offering one lucky Gold Coast Mum reader a Peppa Pig Girl's PJ Pack* valued at $50.

At the moment, in our household, we are counting down til June 14 when hubby and I will take Miss 4, Mr 2 and our twincesses (now 6-months) to see the Peppa Pig Live Show at the Ipswich Civic Centre to review (look out for my review on the blog in the days after).

After a smash hit season on London’s West End and at capital city theatres around Australia, this delightful puppet show is embarking on an extensive tour of Australia in 2014.
Peppa is a lovable, cheeky little piggy who lives with her younger brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig.
Peppa loves playing games, dressing up, visiting exciting places and making new friends, but her absolutely favourite thing is jumping up and down in muddy puddles. Her adventures always end happily with loud snorts of laughter.  

You too can enjoy your own Peppa Pig adventure this May.
Simply visit any ABC store this May to ‘find Peppa and her friends’.
Collect an entry form from the till point and write down the name of the characters that you find. Once you have completed the hunt, hand your completed entry form to the counter to be entered into the competition and receive a Peppa Pig giveaway.

For your chance to WIN a Peppa Pig Girl's PJ Pack valued at $50, enter via Rafflecopter app on the right - by liking Gold Coast Mum on Facebook and commenting on this blog post before May 31st.

Note: Styles and sizes vary, giveaway winner may request a size between 3-6. Sizes are not guaranteed, but we will do our best to accommodate.

*Winning entry will be screened to ensure it meets these requirements.
* Entry is open to Australian residents only.
* The winner will be notified by email/Facebook and will need to respond within 48 hours. If no response in this time, a new winner will be drawn.
* Total prize value is $50.
* Gold Coast Mum is not liable for prizes that are not delivered or damaged in the post.
* Judge's decision is final.
* This is not a sponsored post. No payment has been received.



Double delight!

Double delight!

Happy 6 months to our beautiful twincesses.

Natalia and Victoria are rolling both ways, smiling, laughing, shuffling around, enjoy tummy time & are just absolutely delightful.
They started solids this week and are both loving it.
They are both great sleepers thankfully - fingers crossed it continues ;-)


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