Males breastfeeding? Breast is best for Dads?

How supportive was/is your partner/husband when it comes to breast feeding? Is it something he would do if he could?

A photographer in the US has decided to get the conversation going, & is spreading awareness, by showcasing photos of shirtless men, clutching an infant to his breast much as a nursing mother would. 

Beside him is a message: “Project Breastfeeding. If I Could, I Would.”

Hector Cruz, founder of Project Breastfeeding said: "There is nothing out there for men [about breast-feeding]. I wanted to change that.” 

According to an article on 

"These photographs, a twist on slick ads, are part of a project Cruz started to educate men about breast-feeding. After his wife, Nicole, gave birth to their daughter Sophia on Oct. 11, 2013, she struggled with breast-feeding. Suddenly, Cruz became immersed in a world of nipple guards and latching problems, and he felt helpless and confused. 

2013 CDC report notes that women are more successful at nursing when fathers support them. The report also finds that dads who know more about breast-feeding are better able to encourage their wives".

I couldn't agree more. As I've previously said  my hubby was a huge support the first two times. And has been this time around with TWINS.

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