Celeb baby news...

Celeb baby news...

Just putting it out there. After seeing this pic of the gorgeous Jennifer Garner, I'm making the call that she's preggas with number four.
Her son is around same age as mine so I watched her regain her pre-baby body with interest & she certainly managed to look super fit & healthy again. But, in these new pics, you can't help but notice a lil something something goin on around her midsection (that wasn't there before...)
Are congrats order?

And while I'm discussing ladies with-child, I couldn't help but notice how fab former Home and Away star Jodi Anasta (Gordon) is looking. 
She has blossomed, with what looks like a perfectly healthy weight gain which is so refreshing to see rather than preggas celebs with bones protruding & just these mini beach ball-like bumps.
As they say, the extra kilos are great to have stored as you hardly get chance to make yourself a sandwich as a new mum. Excited to hear news of her bub's arrival.

Simon Cowell's partner & mother to his newborn son is seemingly living life like she hasn't just given birth... In the days after each of my four cherubs were born, the last thing I could imagine doing was getting around in a short shorts/ kaftan for fear of my massive maternity pads becoming visible, possible leakage (let's be honest, it's not pretty is it mums?!) & what about the any stitches that may not make life so comfortable for a minimum two weeks. 
Do these celebs have supersonic recoveries or what!? Good on her looking fab & enjoying her newborn.
But wow!

My fav Princess Mary (who I once got within metres of when her car went right past my feet as she arrived at an event in Sydney) is still as down to earth as ever according to these pics.
The fellow twin mum looks fab spending time with her hubby & four kids.
I grew up enjoying annual ski trips & can't wait to take my kids to the snow when they're bigger (though we'll probably need a cast of thousands to help, lol).

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Wills & Kate criticised for putting baby George in danger?

Wills & Kate criticised for putting baby George in danger?

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge (Wills & Kate), along with their baby son Prince George, have only been Down Under for a matter of hours, yet they have already managed to cause quite a stir.

Child safety experts and many concerned parents using have expressed outrage on social media that Prince George will reportedly be transported in a forward-facing car seat while in New Zealand, instead of the much safer, and recommended, option of rear-facing.

Photos released by New Zealand’s national childcare advisory agency Plunket, showcasing its staff fitting a Maxi-Cosi baby seat into the official car the Royals will travel in during their stay in NZ, caused outrage as the car seat appeared to be forward facing - a stark contrast to advice from Plunket which states infants should remain rear facing until the age of two.

“He NEEDS to be rear facing. Why bother promoting rear facing to 2yrs when you go ahead and install his seat forward facing, he’s only 8 months old!!”, was on of the comments on Plunket NZ’s Facebook page.
“Disgusting that you would forward face an 8 month old. Shame on you Plunket,” another commented.

Plunket said in a statement later: “The final decision on the selection and installation of a child restraint rests with the parent or caregiver.”

Whether it was Wills & Kate (or their people) who made the final decision, is unclear but I wish they, along with ALL parents & caregivers, would take the time to visit this website & view the video clip:

I've said it once and I'll say it again... Why are some parents so keen on letting their babies grow up so fast?!

That first smile, giggle, word, crawl, & steps are all moments to be cherished and celebrated.

Turning your baby from rear facing to forward facing is NOT a milestone.
Just like starting your baby on solids/jar food at 4 weeks "coz I thought he/she was hungry" is not cool. 
(The recommended guidelines for the introduction of solids is 4-6months due to gut development, allergy issues, choking issues & even then, solids shouldn't replace your chosen form of milk [breast or bottle] until 12 months. And ideally, a vegetable should be introduced every couple of days - eg sweet potato with broccoli for three days before moving onto the introduction of the next combination. 
And ideally, according to my local Child Health Nurses, the introduction is recommended in the morning so any reactions can be monitored. Not just, "hey kid here's a tin of chicken and veggies". For dinner.  *Bangs head against a wall*.)
Ok sorry, solids rant over, back to today's topic.

I'm a member of various parenting groups and forums online and am outraged by how many parents are out there making uneducated decisions.
Decisions that affect their child's health and well being.
I would have thought, if you have time for Facebook, you have time to use Google, to conduct research or keep abreast of parenting issues/advice.

On a recent forum, parents were proudly declaring that they turned their babies to forward facing at 4 months! Not only is this illegal here (regulation is MINIMUM 6 months or 9kg).
It's a guideline, not a rule that you have to turn them then.

With my first child, I wasn't so aware of the benefits of extended rear facing, and she wasn't a fan of rear facing by the time she was around 11 months so we turned her. 
And we turned our son at 11 months (he was born 10lb and 56cm and managed to stay rear facing for that long, so the argument that your bub is/was too long to stay rear facing just doesn't cut it).

Each to their own. But with all this information (& proven research) out there, why wouldn't you want to do what's best for your child?
I know many might say, 'well, a mother knows best', but how can anyone argue against the countless reports/ research findings that indicate extended rear facing is the safest option? 
Some mums THINK it's ok to give their children juice or soft drink in bottles... So clearly there are plenty out there with not a clue (or care?) in the world.

This video really opened my eyes so I think it's important to share. 
We plan on keeping our 5-month-old twins rear facing until at least 12 months.

"Broken legs = cast it. Broken neck (internal decapitation) = casket."

Great video that demonstrates the risks:

(Not trying to stir the pot, just helping everyone make informed decisions  :-)

If you didn't know this information already, has it changed your views?

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Are you REALLY listening to your children? (Or too busy looking at your phone?)

Are you REALLY listening to your children? (Or too busy looking at your phone?)

This article by Hands Free Mama really struck a chord with me.

In today's digital age where many of us spend so much time engrossed in our smart phones or tablet devices, it's soooo important to really find that balance & ensure your children really have, & FEEL like they have, our full attention.

"Our children are learning how to navigate life in a digital world by watching us. Through mindful technology use, children can learn there is a time and place for our devices. On the flip side, if we constantly have a device in our hand or our face in a screen, they will learn that the device takes priority over human beings and real life experiences. Their tech use is likely to resemble our tech use – so what we do with our device at the dinner table, while driving, or while waiting at a restaurant is likely what they will do." - Hands Free Mama

I'd want my children to remember me as the loving, caring, fun & ATTENTIVE mum I try to be every day. Not someone too busy juggling too many things to really engage with them, understand &, most importantly, LISTEN to them.

This article is once again a timely reminder to focus on what's important, & I'll be ensuring I pay particular attention to these things from now on. 
Phone calls can wait, emails can wait, Facebook can wait (but, hey, lucky I can schedule some posts in advance - or do it in bursts when my brood are sleeping - so as not to interfere with 'family time').

"When my children were born, I vowed to give them that same gift. Even at my most distracted and overwhelmed, I can remember offering The Listening Face to my children. It was the one thing I knew I could do well even if I failed at everything else.  And now, I continue to make every effort to listen with a loving, non-judgmental expression because I know how critically important it is to the emotional wellbeing of a child (big or small)." - Hands Free Mama

See the article in full at: 

What are your thoughts? Do you make a conscious effort to be "hands free" to ensure your children are enjoying you at your fullest potential with undivided love & attention each day?

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Breastfeeding twins

Breastfeeding twins

A prime example of my experience breastfeeding my almost-4-month-old twin girls, lol. 

My 3yo decided to paint herself a beard and moustache (& hairy chest) while I was feeding the twins yesterday. (We had been painting together until that point when the twins woke & were ready for a feed).

And recently, my 2yo took the opportunity to spill the milk from his breakfast all over the floor in front of me while I was feeding the twins. 

Oh the joys. ;-)

It has certainly been a challenge to continue being able to breastfeed twins so often as well as keeping two active toddlers entertained (& nearby & out of trouble/within reach).

Mirror image

Mirror image

Our twincesses have recently started acknowledging & interacting with each other. 

It's very very cute!

Our family members are also delighted to be on the receiving end of gorgeous smiles, giggles & squeals as the girls, now aged 3.5 months, find their voice & their cute little personalities develop.

Here's a link to video footage of our twincesses interacting. 

It's so beautiful watching their relationship (which will be a lifelong bond) form.

Miss 3 & Mr 2 are also still super keen on their baby sisters, taking every opportunity to hug, kiss & smother them with over enthusiastic cuddles.

Here's a video of Miss 3 giving her baby sisters kisses and cuddles.

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Our twincesses were a hit when we popped in for a visit at my Nanna's local Bridge Club.


12 weeks moved into a cot together (still in our room)

Gorgeous outfits from our fab Ob/Gyn Dr Drew Moffrey who we saw for our antenatal appointments. http://www.drdrewmoffrey.com.au/

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Baby brain?

Baby brain?

To solve my problem of forgetting where I've parked the car, I've resorted to this lately...

(But didn't need to refer to it today as managed to find the car on my own, without even referring to the pic saved in my phone, whoo hoo!)

How long can I blame baby brain? While I rely on taking a pic, there are apparently some good parking apps around. Do you use an app, go on spill the beans?

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