The most wonderful time of the year

Who says the decorations can't ALL be in the ONE spot on the Christmas Tree?

This year Miss 3 is really aware of and embracing all things Christmas.

So much so, that she took it upon herself to be the official tree decorator!

Yes, the baubles may have all been placed within the same section of the tree, but that's ok, Miss 3 is proud of her work, so there they'll stay ;-)

Mr 23-months has enjoyed pulling a couple of the fibre optic branches off the tree lights but otherwise has been great, refraining from touching the tree.

We've been to a couple of Carols By Candlelight events with our new not-so-lil family of six.
A bit hectic & ambitious with four under the age of four - including newborn twins.

But glad we've managed to get out & about and enjoy the festive season.

Next thing on our to do list (other than catch up on sleep) is Santa photos & present wrapping :-)

And last night, we enjoyed viewing the Christmas lights around Forest-Oak Dr, Upper Coomera.


  1. That is fantastic you are getting out and about, especially with the twins so young. We haven't been to any carols yet, but are hoping to see some christmas lights this weekend.

  2. I'm all for kids decorating the tree themselves! Even if it doesn't look perfect at least they have had fun doing it.

  3. We are hitting our local Carols tonight. Well done to you for refraining from reorganising the tree. I can be a little anal about such things.

  4. We have two trees, cos they can't reach our big one and also the boys doing their own one. You must be in quite a blur ATM, but you seem to be getting out and about lots, it's a very special Xmas for you Lauren - you're doing a great job!

  5. This reminds me that we need to make time to head out and look at some Christmas lights, one of our favourite things to do! And there is absolutely no reason why all decorations shouldn't be in one spot ;)


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