Christmas 2013

As a few of you may have seen, we had a starring role on the Channel Nine Gold Coast News (well OK, perhaps it was just a quick glimpse, but hey) before Christmas. Very exciting! ;-)

Here's the link to the footage of our TV appearance, Christmas 2013:

What a fantastic Christmas we had!

It started off with two Christmas miracles. 
Miracle: #1 my sister's longtime partner who also happens to be one of hubby's best mates since primary school came over with some of his visiting family members on Christmas Eve to lend a hand putting together the kids' trampoline. Thanks goodness they helped as it would've taken hubby & I forever to do on our own. We didn't want to ask for help but thankfully my Mum put the call out & we were grateful for our super helpers!

Miracle #2:  One of our precious twincesses slept 8.5 hours UNINTERRUPTED! 
Her twin sis had other ideas though (maybe wanted to catch a glimpse of Santa & the reindeer) & woke often throughout the night meaning that after having stayed up late to finish wrapping presents (& then up early with the toddlers once they realised Santa had visited) hubby & I were running on not much sleep at all.

When Miss 3 came bouncing in at 7am announcing that Santa had arrived we couldn't resist jumping into action being as cheerful & animated as possible. An act that was also carried out by many other sleep deprived parents I'm sure!

Santa left a variety of presents in the toddlers' Santa sacks next to the Christmas tree & he & the reindeer left a mess near the treats we left out for them.

The gifts from Santa included important things for the year ahead such as shoes, clothes, kindy bag, lunch box & more exciting things such as Barbie Princess (from Miss 3's fav movie Princess & The Popstar - she was given The Popstar later that morning from Mum & Dad) & finger paints & other fun things for Miss 3 & Mr almost-2 to enjoy.

Before 8am, Miss 3 & I donned our Santa hats & took plates of Christmas cookies to our early riser elderly next door neighbours who were thrilled as their adult offspring were interstate & not able to spend Christmas with them this year. Miss 3 was very proud as she made & decorated the cookies with her Nanna a few days before.

My Mum & Nanna arrived to enjoy the opening of the presents festivities & witness the excitement of Miss 3.5 & Mr almost-2 discovering the trampoline from Mummy & Daddy in the backyard. Their reactions were fabulous!

We headed over to Mum & Nanna's place where we met up with the rest of the family for a casual Christmas lunch, looots more presents (including an awesome mini kitchen which kept the toddlers amused for hours) & swimming. 

Christmas dinner for our family is a traditional English dinner featuring turkey, ham, Yorkshire puddings & more. Yum! Followed by pudding, custard, chocolate pudding & ice cream.

It was a lovely day/night & great to have more helping hands around to assist hubby & I with our twincesses who enjoyed their 1st Christmas (aged 7 weeks) I'm sure ;-)!
Our first Christmas as a family of six = our Quilton Most Loved Christmas Moment. #quiltonmostloved

Boxing Day was also fab & relaxed including fun in the pool & more yummy treats! And the toddlers were excited to crack open the gingerbread house they made with my Mum.

Hope you had a great day with loved ones. What were your highlights?

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