Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a fantastic year ahead full of love, happiness, health & wealth!

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Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

As a few of you may have seen, we had a starring role on the Channel Nine Gold Coast News (well OK, perhaps it was just a quick glimpse, but hey) before Christmas. Very exciting! ;-)

Here's the link to the footage of our TV appearance, Christmas 2013:

What a fantastic Christmas we had!

It started off with two Christmas miracles. 
Miracle: #1 my sister's longtime partner who also happens to be one of hubby's best mates since primary school came over with some of his visiting family members on Christmas Eve to lend a hand putting together the kids' trampoline. Thanks goodness they helped as it would've taken hubby & I forever to do on our own. We didn't want to ask for help but thankfully my Mum put the call out & we were grateful for our super helpers!

Miracle #2:  One of our precious twincesses slept 8.5 hours UNINTERRUPTED! 
Her twin sis had other ideas though (maybe wanted to catch a glimpse of Santa & the reindeer) & woke often throughout the night meaning that after having stayed up late to finish wrapping presents (& then up early with the toddlers once they realised Santa had visited) hubby & I were running on not much sleep at all.

When Miss 3 came bouncing in at 7am announcing that Santa had arrived we couldn't resist jumping into action being as cheerful & animated as possible. An act that was also carried out by many other sleep deprived parents I'm sure!

Santa left a variety of presents in the toddlers' Santa sacks next to the Christmas tree & he & the reindeer left a mess near the treats we left out for them.

The gifts from Santa included important things for the year ahead such as shoes, clothes, kindy bag, lunch box & more exciting things such as Barbie Princess (from Miss 3's fav movie Princess & The Popstar - she was given The Popstar later that morning from Mum & Dad) & finger paints & other fun things for Miss 3 & Mr almost-2 to enjoy.

Before 8am, Miss 3 & I donned our Santa hats & took plates of Christmas cookies to our early riser elderly next door neighbours who were thrilled as their adult offspring were interstate & not able to spend Christmas with them this year. Miss 3 was very proud as she made & decorated the cookies with her Nanna a few days before.

My Mum & Nanna arrived to enjoy the opening of the presents festivities & witness the excitement of Miss 3.5 & Mr almost-2 discovering the trampoline from Mummy & Daddy in the backyard. Their reactions were fabulous!

We headed over to Mum & Nanna's place where we met up with the rest of the family for a casual Christmas lunch, looots more presents (including an awesome mini kitchen which kept the toddlers amused for hours) & swimming. 

Christmas dinner for our family is a traditional English dinner featuring turkey, ham, Yorkshire puddings & more. Yum! Followed by pudding, custard, chocolate pudding & ice cream.

It was a lovely day/night & great to have more helping hands around to assist hubby & I with our twincesses who enjoyed their 1st Christmas (aged 7 weeks) I'm sure ;-)!
Our first Christmas as a family of six = our Quilton Most Loved Christmas Moment. #quiltonmostloved

Boxing Day was also fab & relaxed including fun in the pool & more yummy treats! And the toddlers were excited to crack open the gingerbread house they made with my Mum.

Hope you had a great day with loved ones. What were your highlights?

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Oh what a beautiful morning - outdoor fitness for kids by the sea

Oh what a beautiful morning - outdoor fitness for kids by the sea

We recently enjoyed a Wednesday morning outing to North Burleigh Surf Club to check out the Cheeky Monkeys program.

After arriving at the Surf Club - which has the most gorgeous beach views - I registered Miss 3 at the counter, ordered a milkshake and paid the $9 for Miss 3's platter - the cost includes the 30 minute activity with a trainer from Leaps and Bounds.

Miss 3 and her little friends, along with various other 3-5-year-olds enjoyed a variety of supervised activities that got them moving. 
My mummy friends and I could enjoy a cuppa or some morning tea, while watching the kids have some fun on the lawn right in front of the Surf Club (between the Surf Club, footpath and beach).

At the end of the session, the trainers escorted the kids into the bistro area to return them to the parents. And within minutes, the gorgeous platters were served, as well as a juice.

Miss 3 enjoyed the selection that included sausages and a couple of hot chips as well as healthy options including celery and a couple of sweet treats.

Activities like this reinforce why I love the Gold Coast! So much to see and do and so family friendly!

The fact I had unsettled newborn twins screaming the place down, wasn't a concern.
After everyone from the session had finished morning tea and had made their way to the park,
 I was stuck trying to breastfeed the twins and keep my two toddlers amused. Thankfully, a friendly Surf Club employee was kind enough to bring over colouring-in packs for Miss 3, Mr 22-months and our friend.
This was a huge help as it kept them amused until we were ready to make our way to the nearby play park.

We definitely look forward to attending Cheeky Monkeys again when it starts back up after the school holidays.

The location is so gorgeous that I decided to bring some interstate guests there for brunch the following week, however when I called to book a table, we found out that the Club unfortunately doesn't offer the type of menu we were after (eg bacon and eggs), instead only offering light treats such as muffins and banana bread. A bummer as it would be a superb brunch spot!

Still a great spot to check out!

(This is in no way a sponsored post, just a summary of our experience - sharing the love for other Gold Coast families to enjoy :-)

The most wonderful time of the year

The most wonderful time of the year

Who says the decorations can't ALL be in the ONE spot on the Christmas Tree?

This year Miss 3 is really aware of and embracing all things Christmas.

So much so, that she took it upon herself to be the official tree decorator!

Yes, the baubles may have all been placed within the same section of the tree, but that's ok, Miss 3 is proud of her work, so there they'll stay ;-)

Mr 23-months has enjoyed pulling a couple of the fibre optic branches off the tree lights but otherwise has been great, refraining from touching the tree.

We've been to a couple of Carols By Candlelight events with our new not-so-lil family of six.
A bit hectic & ambitious with four under the age of four - including newborn twins.

But glad we've managed to get out & about and enjoy the festive season.

Next thing on our to do list (other than catch up on sleep) is Santa photos & present wrapping :-)

And last night, we enjoyed viewing the Christmas lights around Forest-Oak Dr, Upper Coomera.

Tattooing a newborn's ear?!

Tattooing a newborn's ear?!

Due to the countless hours spent holding, snuggling and nursing my twincesses, a strange phenomenon that caught my attention when my older two were babies, has reappeared.

Yes, it's the ear imprint.
Whaaat? Whaaat you say?

Now, just to clarify, in case the headline has you concerned that this post is about babies having THEIR ears tattooed... It is not. Phewww!

Surely I'm not the only one who has experienced this baby-ear-imprint phenomenon and finds it super cute?!

Y'know, the imprint of your newborn's tiny little ear left on your arm (usually when your arm is or has 'gone dead' from holding bub for too long in the same position).

With each of my four babies the ear-imprint-on-mum's-arm scenario has occurred numerous times.

I can also remember seeing somewhere a photo of a mum who actually had the imprint of her bub's ear tattooed in the same spot on her arm as a reminder of those precious moments spent nursing her baby (holding or breastfeeding). (Would love to track down that pic).

Not sure I'd go as far as a tat, but just had to get a photo this time when I remembered how it's something that has captured my attention with each of my bubs.

This time around, as I'm usually tandem feeding my twins in a football hold on a twin breastfeeding pillow (that I've hired from the local Multiples Club I am a new member of), the opportunity for an ear imprint doesn't occur as often as with my singletons.
Mainly just if I'm feeding one of the twins on her own.

Did the ear imprint interest you/ did you ever notice your bub's ear imprint?

Or am I just soooo sleep deprived & delirious that my mind is spending waaay too much time overthinking such things? ;-)

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