Twins - 2 weeks old

Our little twinnies are doing fab!

Had a weigh-in today & they are both gaining weight really well! Yay!

Makes sense seeings as they've been feeding so often = tired mummy & tired daddy (who helps with some EBM top ups while he's still off work).

So glad the breast feeding is working out again (even though I had doubts about supply/ their latch etc but all going super well, hooray!).

We took part in another photo shoot yesterday with another fab Gold Coast photographer - Rach from Atomicbutterfly Photography (assisted by Chloe from Kist Photography).
Will include some of the pics as we receive them. :-)

And looking forward to seeing our family photos taken by Kat Tait Photography (on a very hectic morning over the weekend when Miss 3 & Mr 22 months were intent on being lil rascals ha ha!)

As you may be able to tell by now, I love having beautiful family photos to treasure! :-)

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