36 weeks pregnant with twins

I've reached 36 weeks carrying our Di/Di twins!

Very exciting!

All is going well.

As of yesterday, I'm now on maternity leave from work.
Many people have been amazed that I have managed to continue working this far along but I enjoyed it (& running around after our toddlers at home isn't a walk in the park either ha ha).

I do have pelvic pain & my hips have started hurting quite a bit whenever I'm trying to pick up after the kids.
But it's all to be expected given the size of the TWO bubbas in my belly.

And I certainly can't complain as I've had such a great run this far.

The only concern at this stage is controlling the Gestational Diabetes as I have had some higher-than-the-Doctors-would-like night readings.
So I've been even more strict to try & keep it under control for the remaining time I'm carrying the twins to try & minimise any effects that it may have on them when they're born.
(They'll have to have frequent heel prick tests to check their blood sugar levels).

We have a scan next week, more check-ups & then will be induced before 38 weeks if the bubs haven't already made their appearance.

Still hoping for a natural delivery.
The first twin to be born is head down & second is breech.

The car & car seats are ready, the bags are packed & everything's ready at home.
Just have a last minute list of essential items to buy: memory cards for the cameras & to clear my 7100 images off my iPhone to try and clear some memory so I can take pics again! (Bad I know!)

Hubby & I will try to go out for a 'last meal' together (lunch).

Miss 3 is excited to meet the twins, knows they'll be here soon & keeps saying she wants the twins to sleep in her room.
Mr 21months doesn't really know what's happening but still enjoys playing with my belly & saying 'bubbas'.

It's all happening.
So many things to be excited & nervous about!

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