November is here! It's nearly time!

November is here! It's nearly time!

Sooo THIS month we'll become a family of SIX!
Pinch & a punch! :-D

Very excited to reach 37 weeks today carrying our Di/Di twins!

All is going well. I've been on mat leave this week.
Other than a sore back, sore hips & pelvis (all to be expected) sometimes when I stand or walk, I'm feeling pretty dayum amazing considering I'm carrying TWO babies weighing approx 6-7lb!

I've not been able to sleep as well this week, not for any reason other than nerves/excitement probably.

Have been cherishing time with Miss 3 & Mr 21 months (& hubby).

Fingers crossed our twins have a happy & healthy arrival!

Can't wait to share the news of their arrival once that happens! :-D

36+3 ultrasound

36+3 ultrasound

All great at ultrasound today.

Bubs are great!

Twin A (breech/second to be born) is approx 7lb2 (3.2kg).

Twin B (head down & first born) is approx 6lb11 (3kg) & has lots of hair.

Lungs looked great! :-D
Sooo exciting! :-)

36 weeks pregnant with twins

36 weeks pregnant with twins

I've reached 36 weeks carrying our Di/Di twins!

Very exciting!

All is going well.

As of yesterday, I'm now on maternity leave from work.
Many people have been amazed that I have managed to continue working this far along but I enjoyed it (& running around after our toddlers at home isn't a walk in the park either ha ha).

I do have pelvic pain & my hips have started hurting quite a bit whenever I'm trying to pick up after the kids.
But it's all to be expected given the size of the TWO bubbas in my belly.

And I certainly can't complain as I've had such a great run this far.

The only concern at this stage is controlling the Gestational Diabetes as I have had some higher-than-the-Doctors-would-like night readings.
So I've been even more strict to try & keep it under control for the remaining time I'm carrying the twins to try & minimise any effects that it may have on them when they're born.
(They'll have to have frequent heel prick tests to check their blood sugar levels).

We have a scan next week, more check-ups & then will be induced before 38 weeks if the bubs haven't already made their appearance.

Still hoping for a natural delivery.
The first twin to be born is head down & second is breech.

The car & car seats are ready, the bags are packed & everything's ready at home.
Just have a last minute list of essential items to buy: memory cards for the cameras & to clear my 7100 images off my iPhone to try and clear some memory so I can take pics again! (Bad I know!)

Hubby & I will try to go out for a 'last meal' together (lunch).

Miss 3 is excited to meet the twins, knows they'll be here soon & keeps saying she wants the twins to sleep in her room.
Mr 21months doesn't really know what's happening but still enjoys playing with my belly & saying 'bubbas'.

It's all happening.
So many things to be excited & nervous about!

Flamin' mozzies!

Flamin' mozzies!

Aah, nothing indicates that the good old Aussie summer is upon us like the stench smell of insect repellents wafting through the air.

Insect repellents conjure up images of camping, cricket on the beach, late night barbecues, skinny dipping in your neighbours' pool, and copping a mouthful of chemicals whenever you closed your eyes to apply the spray.

Since becoming a parent I've looked at alternatives to smothering my little ones' delicate skin with chemicals.

When Miss 3 was around 18 months, she attended kindy at a facility that was located right near one of the famous Gold Coast canals. How beautiful and serene one might think. NOT so much when the kids had to be smothered in smelly insect repellent each afternoon to try and prevent their little bodies showing up with scores of angry looking lumps thanks to mozzies and midges.

Whenever we're in our backyard at home around dusk, or going for an evening walk, you can be sure the mozzies are out in force ready to attack.

So when the opportunity arose to try out some of the natural mosquito protection products from Para'Kito, I was super keen.

This isn't a sponsored post, but I'm happy to share this giveaway with you as a natural alternative to the usual types of insect repellents.

The Para'Kito pellets diffuse a blend of 7 essential oils extracted from plants, which naturally prevents from the effect of mosquito bites during 15 consecutive days. They're waterproof and refillable. And best of all, the pellet does not come in contact with the skin.

With the Para'Kito clip, I can attach it to the pram or nappy bag for evening strolls, Miss 3 can wear the wristband and I can even wear the wristband during pregnancy without causing harm to my bubs.
Sounds pretty good to me.



The lovely people at Para'Kito have offered one (1) Para'Kito Mosquito Protection Pack valued at: $65.85 to a lucky Gold Coast Mum reader.

It's easy to enter via Rafflecopter.
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Twin bump update 34 weeks

Twin bump update 34 weeks

This week we had an ultrasound where we found out our twins are each weighing approx 2.9kg (6lb5oz)!

Twin A is breech but Twin B (which is 'presenting' & will be the first born) is head down & ready to go.

So all is looking good for a natural delivery.

The twins are currently facing each other (so their limbs are facing each other so no doubt they're enjoying boxing matches).

Twin bump update pics for this week (34 WEEKS):

The parenting fail that brought me to tears

The parenting fail that brought me to tears

Parenting fail – the ‘what ifs’
“We all make mistakes”. Yes apparently, that’s everyone but ME. I don’t make mistakes.

Recently, we had our own little scare/ parenting fail that did, and continues to, bring me to tears at the mere thought.
My two cherubs are being raised with a good balance of helicopter parenting and the freedom to learn and work things out for themselves.
For example, Mr 20 months can climb all sorts of play equipment (as long as we’re there with arms at the ready should he suddenly lose balance) and, because he was given the opportunity and freedom to practice, he has, for a long time, been able to confidently seat himself on the swings in our backyard and hold on well while being pushed.
When it comes to safety and/ or possible dangers or threats, I’m super vigilant.
I’m an informed parent and am aware of, and enjoy learning more about, car seat safety/the benefits of extended rear-facing (or at least not turning a child til they’re the correct and legal weight and age), introducing solids at around six months (and the dangers of, and lack of education regarding the too-early introduction), SIDS and cot death risks (no pillows or hats of any type to be in a newborn’s bed/ correct sleep positioning and supervision) and many many more.
I’ve always been careful when it comes to toddlers or kids and bath time – they’re NEVER to be left unsupervised - even for a split second. Why would you risk it?!

If I’ve been out with the kids, I’ll load them into their car seats, start the car up to get the air-conditioning going and then always, I repeat ALWAYS, wind down the driver’s window (so I can at least get my arm in), so if, by chance, the car managed to lock itself while I’m putting the pram in the boot, my kids won’t be locked in the car.
It’s a habit that just comes as second nature to me. (On second thoughts, perhaps I should re-assess this method in case we were ever to be car-jacked?!)
You name it, I'm pretty much all over it and can admittedly be horrified and a tad judgemental when I see horrible examples of carelessness or ignorance – especially on Facebook ‘Mommy’ pages.
I’ve heard some horror stories (from people I know in real life):
Like the time a new mum was recounting to our mother's group how she was placing her newborn in a Baby Bjorn while standing in her lounge room, for bub to slip right through and land, splat, on the tiled floor. Thankfully bub was fine.
I just could never imagine ever doing something like that! (For the record, we'd always stand over the bed while putting bub in a Bjorn to provide a softer landing surface if bub ever did happen to fall).
Or the mum who left bub unattended on a change table for bub to then wriggle off.
I’ll always remember the email a friend kindly sent me when I was pregnant with my first that was jam-packed full of her own personal parenting tips.
One of her main tips was to NEVER leave a child unattended on change table even for a second.
This is something that has stuck with me as I’d never be able to forgive myself if something happened.
Or the friend who changed bub’s nappy in the boot of the car but bent down to pick up a dropped item at the precise moment bub worked out how to wriggle away and fell onto the ground.
Of course accidents can and do happen.
When my babies were newborns I tried to ensure people sanitised their hands before touching/holding my precious cargo and would steer clear of anyone who had the slightest stench of nicotine on them.
I'd watch like a hawk to ensure bub's head was being appropriately supported - if not, I'd try and offer words of encouragement/ reminders before getting my bub back into my safe arms.
Maybe I was/am slightly OTT but, hey, my kids are the most precious things in the world to me, so why wouldn’t I want to take every step to ensure their safety/health?!
So with that all in mind, this post is hard for me to write…

I should've known my lil son is 'an adventurer' just like I was.
Apparently, when I was a toddler back in the 80’s, I managed to let myself out of the house early one morning and made my way next door – wearing only a nappy – where I let myself in to the neighbour's house as an uninvited breakfast guest (leaving a trail of muddy footprints) before being retrieved by my mum.
Recently, in the countdown to our twins’ arrival, hubby and I decided to knuckle down and finalise some jobs on our to do list.
Hubby had just finished a midnight-9am shift, was still unwell after having been off sick, and was focussed on vacuuming out the car and installing the newborn capsules for the twins.

The car motor was on and the aircon was cranking.
As the motor was on, the one-sided garage door (open-ended carport the other side) was opened slightly, to allow for any fumes to escape/fresh air to circulate.
Mr 20 months had been swapping from inside and out and wanted to be out with daddy, so I called out to hubby who - I thought - acknowledged lil man was to be in his presence.

Hubby was busy vacuuming the car and I watched as Mr 20 months toddled to the car to be with him.
I popped inside and Miss 3 and I put on another load of washing.

I went back outside to check on hubby’s progress and asked hubby where Mr 20 months was.
Before he even replied, I immediately ran out the front, knowing that the garage was open and our little adventurer must have escaped.
I screamed at hubby to check our backyard and hoped our son was just playing on the swings as he usually is.
I ran out into the middle of our little cul-de-sac and called out to my precious boy while hoping hubby would yell out that I was overreacting and that our son was happily playing in the backyard like usual.

But no.
As I frantically waddled up the street, I noticed, about four houses up, a lady standing on her front lawn, holding our precious son on her hip.
She saw/ heard me burst into tears as I started waddling to her at a record pace to scoop my son from the safety of her arms.
I was so relieved, but also extremely upset and embarrassed that a momentary act of complacency could've caused our son harm.
The lady said she heard him at the front of her place where he stayed put (probably frightened of getting more prickly things in his tender feet). Thank god for bindis.
Between my tears and attempts to stop myself from breaking down into a full on sob, Mr 20 months was back in my arms and I kissed him repeatedly, while managing to, only just, get the words out to thank the kind neighbour.
Hubby had, by that stage, realised our son was not in our backyard and had raced down the road to be reunited with our baby.
As we walked back to our home, and promptly shut the garage (!) and turned off the car motor, the ‘what ifs’ started flowing.
And I still can't get the whole thing out of my head.

-- What if he made it to the end of the street (two more houses) where the road is hilly, there's a bend, and a motorist simply would not see him?
-- What if a car was unknowingly reversing out of their driveway while our lil adventurer was toddling along our usually-quiet street?
-- What if our elderly neighbour, who arrived home pulling into their driveway just moments later, hit him at that moment he stepped away from the kerb?
-- What if he made it into someone's backyard and they had a dangerous dog/ equipment within reach?
This incident was a heart breaking wake up call.

Just when you think you’ve got it all covered, something like this happens to remind you…YOU DON’T.
Hubby and I usually communicate well:
'Have you got Miss 3?'
'Yes' (always making sure to get a response so we know who's in charge).
But this time, our usually fail-proof process FAILED.
Thank goodness our son is OK.
Just days before this incident, I stumbled across a blog where a grieving mother recounted her last day with her little toddler who was killed in an unidentified accident (at home).
And days before that, was brought to tears when I heard the story about the boy, a similar age to my son, who was tragically hit by a garbage truck.
My heart ached, and still does, for those families who have lost their precious angels.

And to think, that in an instant, something just as tragic could have happened to us just makes my heart stop.
Miss 3 has even asked me a few times, ‘’Mummy why were you so sad when ‘Mr 20 months’ went for a walk without holding anyone's hand?’’
I know it may all sound overly dramatic. But how can you ignore the what ifs, when they were real possibilities?
Thank goodness our precious boy is OK.
There’s no room for complacency. I'm back to being a helicopter mum.

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Pregnancy - inside look at the new Gold Coast University Hospital

Pregnancy - inside look at the new Gold Coast University Hospital

Gold Coast Mum takes an inside look at the antenatal clinic at the new Gold Coast University Hospital

As I'm expecting twins, I have had more frequent antenatal appointments and scans than I experienced in my previous two singleton pregnancies.

As I'm doing 'shared care', for most of my appointments I've been seeing a great Obstetrician/Gynaecologist outside of the hospital and only have to attend the hospital's antenatal clinics every so often (which is good because, although being given an 'appointment time' of 8am, 9am, 10am or 11am, you're one of anything from 10-30 women in the waiting room and are not usually seen for around two hours - in my experience).

This week, husband, Mr 20 months and I were lucky enough to check out the new Gold Coast University Hospital for our first appointment since it opened last weekend.

After hunting for a car park in the fancy new parking station for what seemed like forever (just kept going around and around and up and up and up til we finally came across the empty spaces), we were pleased to find out that the level we parked on gave us direct access to the hospital level and section we were after via an overpass that crosses over the road outside the hospital and delivers you directly in the centre of the hospital building.

After locating the antenatal clinic, in the women's outpatient section in B wing, we stood in line for a while to hand in the pregnancy record form and then took a seat to wait our turn.

(Anyone who has had the pleasure of attending the antenatal clinics at the old hospital, would be familiar with the loooonnng waiting times.)

Thankfully, at the old Gold Coast Hospital, an enclosed children's area adjoined the antenatal clinic waiting area (and, I believe, some paediatric appointments).

So it was perfect for anyone who already has little ones, to be able to keep them amused in a contained environment with the variety of toys and books – because, in our experience, it's usually a two-hour wait to be seen.

The children's area attached to the antenatal clinic in the new hospital is pretty bare.

Children's area attached to the antenatal clinic at the new Gold Coast University Hospital 
View from the children's area 

There's a TV and two cube toys (which thankfully kept Mr 20 months amused for five minutes).
Unfortunately there's no gate, so there were plenty of heavily pregnant women chasing around toddlers who wanted to roam free, or trying to keep them contained to this little area.

Obviously having only just moved locations, I can understand why the children's area is yet to be fitted out with the toys from the last play area (I wonder whether that is even the plan?).

The waiting room at the antenatal clinic at the new Gold Coast University Hospital
(pic taken from inside the children's area)

After around an hour waiting around, hubby went on an adventure to hunt down a gestational diabetes-friendly meal for me. He scored big time (I actually don't mind hospital food/aeroplane food and containers etc – weird I know).

He brought back a container of vegetables with a side of beef and chickpeas for me. Perfect. And lunch and a drink for himself.
Although, for that price – total around $30, we could have enjoyed a nice pub lunch together instead of quickly scoffing half of the meal while in the waiting area, in case we were suddenly called in to our appointment (we weren't so I saved the rest to finish that evening at work).

Finally we were called in to our appointment with the hospital Ob/Gyn. The staff are fabulous and appeared to be settling in well to their new base.

After the appointment, we then had to line up again at the clinic reception to hand in forms to book the next appointment and to get directions to the ultrasound/imaging department, where we had to make our way to to go and hand in another form.

After navigating our way through the hospital's spacious hallways and admiring the interior design and architecture, and taking two separate lifts to try and reach the imaging/ultrasound area, we made it to our destination.

That's the thing about the new hospital, the parts we saw showcase that it's verrrrry spacious. Which is good and bad. 

Not so fun when you're 33 weeks pregnant with twins, have major pelvic pain and a waddle happening and have to walk all over the place just to hand in a form.

Anyhoo, after handing in the form, we made our way back up to the car park (took another two lifts and the walk back over the overpass to the parking station) where we were greeted with the sign indicating the parking fees and the fact we had TEN minutes from the moment the ticket was paid for to leave the parking station.

Gee whiz, talk about pressure. ;-)
It was hard enough to locate the car, let alone load in a toddler, the pram, get toddler their water bottle and help giant pregnant lady squeeze into the passenger side (because the car next to us had parked too close for our passenger door to open enough for me to fit my massive bump – ha ha, yes I could have just waited til hubby had reversed our car for me to get in...).

Anyway, after paying the $14 (PLUS credit card fee) for 2.5 hours of parking, we safely managed to exit the parking station (within the 10 minute time restriction) and hubby managed to drop me back at work.
Our initial thoughts of the new Gold Coast University Hospital, from the limited areas we've seen, are that it's nice, attractive and very spacious.

I'm excited to be having our twins at the new hospital and can't wait to see the birthing unit (in hopefully around 4-5 weeks).

I feel fortunate to have such facilities available (if only the waiting times could be improved).

But next time, we might need to be dropped off and bring a packed lunch to save us $44 for the 2.5 hour experience.

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