It's really happening. Twins. Coming soon.

It's really happening! Twins. Coming soon.

Oh my gawwwwwd!

Washing/drying/airing out/sunshine. Two of everything!

Still need to finish re-arranging the wardrobes and mountains of clothes but all is coming along well.

I have a pile of stuff on top of my hospital bag ready to be packed, along with another list of things to get (y'know, all the fun stuff like maternity pads and breast pads).

It's all becoming very real. :-)

The two lil ones in my belly love to jump around often.
I'm now 31 weeks.

At a scan last week the twins were both head down and were both around 1.9kg (4lb).

Amazingly, during the scan, Twin A (on my left) started off head down, then turned breech.
But by the end of the scan (2 hours later), Twin A was head down again. Amazing!
The sonographer's had a hard time taking all the measurements they were after during the scan, so we were there for quite some time.

Twin B (on my right) is actually the 'presenting twin', meaning this is the one that will be born first but because it has been Twin B from the beginning, the Doctors have to stick with its name (Twin B) to avoid any confusion.

Gestational diabetes
The Gestational Diabetes is going OK. I still have occasional high readings, but appear to managing it well with diet and gentle exercise (& chasing around two toddlers and working four days a week).

At an appointment with the Endocrinologist I was nervous about the possibility of being put on medication or insulin, but thankfully, he was happy with my daily records/stats for now.
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  1. Popped over from #fybf. Goodness, twins, how exciting! As they are commonly early, I guess it could be a matter of weeks! I feel like I should help you somehow. Maybe I send you a virtual spag bol to put in your freezer. :)

    1. Thanks very much! Ha ha yes virtual frozen meal is gratefully accepted thank you ;-)
      Taking all the luck and well wishes on board as we'll need it ;-)

  2. Oooooh that exictement and anticipation! I remember it well! So great to have finally met you and also meet your bump(s)!

  3. Those bassinets are soo cute!!
    So glad everything is going ok XX

  4. Oh wow I didn't realise you had gestational diabetes too - WOW as if you need anything else to deal with!! So enlighten me - what happens with twins, do you go naturally? Or do they intervene - WOW - quite excited for you lovely - bet you are UBER excited. You've done all the rest before so you'll ace everything really!! Em x Have A Laugh On Me xx


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