What a week

What a week

Well it's been a pretty busy week so I haven't had chance to write about all the stuff I'd love to.

Gestational Diabetes

After doing the Glucose Tolerance Test at 26 weeks, I found out I DO have Gestational Diabetes :-(
When our fab OB/Gyn delivered the news, I burst into tears (thanks hormones).
I was upset about having another thing on my list of things to do/worry about.
I met with a Diabetes Educator who provided me with all the equipment and information I needed to control it.

But a few days on, I can say it's not so bad.
I have to test my blood sugar levels four times a day (the finger pricker thing isn't as bad as I had expected).

I have had to CUT all carbs (bread, rice, pasta etc), my beloved frappes, and CHOCOLATE BISCUIT TREATS (bye bye Arnott's Gaiety choccie biscuits, my absolute fav! :-(

Other than that, it involves sticking to my normal healthy diet (meat & veg/ meat & salad - but smaller portions) and incorporating more exercise /walks (just as I'd had to stop attending personal training and zumba classes).

Hubby's Birthday

We celebrated my hubby's birthday.

I posted a pic on Facebook to celebrate the occasion for Flashback Friday ;-)

Hubby and I at hubby's 18th in 2000 (we had been going out for around 4 months)

Happy family (taken in 2012) :-)

Miss 3 and I made Tiger Stripe cupcakes (as hubby is a West Tigers fan) for hubby's birthday dinner (had the family over for a BBQ).
Can I blame it on baby brain that I did have to think (for maybe 3 seconds) about which food colourings I would need to make the orange... hmmm, oh dear, ha ha ;-)

Dancing Queen

After recently declaring that she no longer wished to attend dancing classes because she 'didn't like the song' ('Little Mix' Change Your Life') Miss 3 decided to make her return to dancing this week.


She started asking hubby & I to play the song on our phones for her and Mr 19months to dance to (they're so cute dancing in the lounge room in front of the large mirrored wall, performing 'shows' for us).
And then she finally said, 'Mummy and Daddy I DO want to go back to dancing'.
So we checked that she was sure and took her back to the next lesson a few days later.

I was stuck at work and couldn't attend, but hubby reported that Miss 3 was 100% better than ever before, was keeping up with the class and really enjoying herself. Great to hear! :-)

Mr 19months and Miss 3 love spending time outdoors. Mr 19months can even swing on his own and did his first wee in the potty this week! So clever.

So I'm now 28 weeks. But posted this pic this week of me at 27+5.

All going well. Am now starting to get stretchies IN my stretchies that no amount of Bio Oil will cure. Oh the joys. But it's all for an amazing cause isn't it!

I'm already measuring full term, so am feeling super heavy.

It's an effort getting in and out of the car (grunting like some wild animal), I have back pain, left leg pain, sore hips and groin and my sleep is now starting to get interrupted when I try to roll over in the middle of the night (somebody get me a forklift ;-)
I get frustrated at times when I can't chase after Miss 3 & Mr 19months as much as I'd like, or when I have to have a rest when we're playing at the park or in the backyard.
I'm cherishing feeling the twins kick as this will most probably definitely be my last pregnancy, but time is flying and the bubs will be here before we know it (maybe in around 9 weeks).
We feel super excited/fortunate/blessed and also a little anxious/scared of what's to come.


Had an ultrasound at the hospital this week to check on the twinnies.
They're both doing great - everything's coasting along perfectly.

I love that we get to have more scans with a twin pregnancy - it's so amazing seeing our little ones on screen each time! I love it!

And this week I got to see a great profile shot of Twin B (on my right that could actually come out first) and it looked heaps like Mr 19months. A-mazing!

They're both still slightly larger for twins, or even a singleton pregnancy, but their growth should even out over the next few weeks as my Gestational Diabetes is further controlled.
At the moment, they're both head down (yay, fingers crossed they stay that way so we can have an uncomplicated natural birth) and are weighing around 2-3lbs each.

Winner winner chicken dinner

It was my lucky week!
I won a manual breast pump (valued $120) through an online competition which will certainly come in handy when the twins arrive as my three-year-old electric pump was on its last legs when I last used it.

I was also stoked to receive a call this week informing me that I had won a Father's Day competition - the prize - $500 in value from a gorgeous day spa in Surfers Paradise. (1-hour remedial massage for hubby, annual pass for the spa pool, and a voucher for dinner).
My competition entry highlighted how great hubby is - works full time at nights, then minds the kids during the day while I work part time, and he's just cancelled his beloved golf membership ahead of the arrival of our twinnies. Sacrifices.
We think he's super fab too! :-)


Other highlight of the week

I won't lie.

I literally squealed (and maybe even wet myself a little) late one night this week when I saw that my fav boyband 5IVE are coming to Australia.

The last time we saw them live was when they toured in 2000.
I went one night with my sister and a bunch of our girlfriends, and was lucky enough to get tickets through work (was working as a business/technology journo but also wrote for a music rag) to again the next night - taking my new boyfriend at the time (hubby) who also appreciates all things choreographed dance moves.

Unfortunately 5IVE's Brisbane concert happens to be when I'll be 37 weeks pregnant (that's IF the twins haven't already arrived - something I think will happen that week actually...)
So we've joked that we'll all do whatever it takes to hopefully make it to the concert to re-live our teen days.

My sis and I first fell in love with 5IVE when we were living in the UK for two years with our family and spent a summer with friends at the beach practicing the dance moves.

When Abs from 5IVE went solo and visited Australia around 2003, he performed at the RUMBA musical festival (all things poptastic) in Sydney (that's my kind of music ;-)
As I was there for work, I had a media pass and got my sister into the press conference where we were then able to ask Abs questions and meet him for photos. My sis cried. I had to maintain my professionalism and remain 'cool'. It was hilarious!

Anyhoo, I'll sign off for now, before I start breaking into 5IVE lyrics, 'Wiggy wiggy, I'm gettin jiggy, open up the doors got the keys to the city'....ooh whoops, see it has started. Anyway, off to go sit in the car and listen to my fav 5IVE tunes (that I will unashamedly admit are STILL on high rotation even after all these years).

YES, we're going to have our hands full, thanks for your input...

YES, we're going to have our hands full, thanks for your input...


“Wow, TWINS, you’re sure going to be busy”. 

“Watch out, you’re in for double trouble!” 

“Oh my, four under four… aren’t you going to have your hands full?!” 

Yes... thanks random people for pointing out the bleeding obvious. 

If hubby and I didn’t know it already, we’re in for one heck of a ride when our newest additions (twins) arrive in November. 

The fact we’ve already had to invest in a new (used) car (to accommodate four car seats, thanks Kia Carnival eight-seater), prepare to re-arrange our toddlers’ sleeping arrangements and sort through our mountains of baby clothes to be organised and ready, has signalled there’s a change a comin’.

And, as our toddlers are thankfully great sleepers (and will continue to be touch wood, touch wood), I’ve been ‘banking’ my sleep and really relishing the eight-hour uninterrupted sleeps. 

Ha, joking, I WISH sleep banking existed. 
I know plenty of people who, when they became parents, wish they had spent more lazy Sundays napping on the couch when they could, or wish they could’ve literally banked all the excess sleep they’ve had over the years which would come in handy when you have newborns who won’t sleep longer than a 45-minute sleep cycle. 

But knowing what the coming months will have in store for us; we’re making the most of it now.

Our twins were certainly a surprise. A welcome surprise that took our breath away -- well I think after a few NSFW (not safe for work) words to the sonographer, we were overjoyed that not only were we expecting a welcome number three, but a surprise number four as well! 

Since discovering I was carrying twins (at an ultrasound at seven weeks gestation), the fear has been building particularly on issues such as – hope the babies are OK, hope they both are healthy and make it to full term, hope their delivery is safe and uncomplicated, hope they latch well and have the same feeding/sleeping routine, hope our 18-month-old and three-year-old adapt well, hope we can give all our kids equal attention and hope we can provide all of our children with everything they could ever need.

If there wasn’t enough to worry about, now we have strangers (and others) who feel the need to point out: “Wow, you’re going to be huge, will you need to have a tummy tuck like ‘Octomom’ after your babies are born?!” or “Haven’t you heard of contraception” or “Wow, wait til your twins are toddlers and you’ll have two of them to chase around”. 
Thanks. Thanks very much. My nerves and hormones just love this! 

Or the other thing that can rub parents with larger families the wrong way is people who might assume we’re welfare bludgers who need help from the government or charities to raise our brood. 
And nothing is more unhelpful than the possibly well-meaning (or perhaps they’re just mean and like to scare us) people who can’t help but comment in a negative tone on our exciting situation.

There’s no denying that the fact we’ll have four beautiful children might now mean that our kids will go to public school instead of private, or might have to do one less extra-curricular activity (choose either dancing or gymnastics and either soccer or footy), but hubby and I have both worked very hard, and will continue to do so, to provide for our family.

Yes things may slip, for example, things I would have previously been onto in a flash, like a runny nose, or messy hair thanks to Miss 3 pulling her pigtails out just as we arrive at a BBQ, might fall through the net, so forgive us now for our possibly-upcoming-dishevelled look, but with four under four to look after, I’m predicting things like that are bound to happen and I’ll just have to suck it up, let it slide, and go with the flow while keeping my cool.

Our primary focus is ensuring our brood are happy and healthy. 

Those who get off on scaremongering can go jump – as we’re going to retreat into our own little dreamworld of perfect cute-as-a-button- Anne Geddes-style, well-behaved babies and toddlers. Until reality hits in November. ;-)

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I'm scared! Here's why!

I'm scared! Here's why!

Today I spent 20 minutes holding a beautiful 11-week-old baby girl.

I was at work doing a magazine photo shoot with a new mum and her bub was unsettled so she asked me to hold her gorgeous girl for the duration of the quick photo shoot.
It was my pleasure.

The teeny tiny baby girl was just divine. With her little hands and little head.
She was 11 weeks old, but you kind of forget just how small they are at that stage (it makes your older toddlers seem so much bigger doesn’t it!?).

It reminded me that the two precious little bundles I'm currently carrying will no doubt be smaller than this bub (who was similar size as my first born - born around 8lb).
In my head, I was thinking, ‘Oh my gawsh, it won’t be long til I have not one, but two of these!’

After holding the baby girl for around seven minutes, my arm and shoulder started to ache. How weird, considering I am frequently holding my 11kg son and 18kg daughter!
But y’know when you’re holding someone else’s baby and you’re frightened to move? Well, not frightened, but just super-careful and can’t really relax because it’s not your baby and you’d hate to cause it to be upset, well that was me.
I stayed in the same position for 20 minutes as I slowly walked around, patted bub over my shoulder, afraid if I changed position slightly, it might unsettle her again.

Anyhoo, during my 20 minute snuggle, with bub dribbling down my shoulder and left arm, it dawned on me that I will soon have TWO precious bundles in my arms. At the same time. Crying at the same time. Needing to be fed/changed at the same time. Needing all the love and attention AT THE SAME TIME. OMG. It’s crazy!

My enormous basketball bump and multiple kicks from each of the twins during the day are constant reminders of what is to come.
But today, it really hit me. In a good way. But also in a freaked-out kind of way.

I usually think about how life with twins (four under four) will be during the moments when we’re trying to get out the house in the mornings and I’m chasing Miss 3 to brush her hair or calling out for her to join me in the bathroom so we can brush our teeth together, or changing Mr 18-months’ bum or wiping mashed banana from his ears and forehead so he looks presentable. Trying to juggle it all. At the same time.
I usually have a little laugh in my head about how much more hectic life will become once our family expands with two more little people to care for.

Today was also a reminder of how much I want the pregnancy to continue to cruise along drama-free, and for the bubs to stay in my belly for as long as possible to make it as close to full term as possible.

Today was the day, it really hit me. And I’ll admit, if I wasn’t before, I’m kind of nervous now…

I can’t wait to meet our twins.
But hopefully not for at least another 12/13 weeks when I’ll be around 37/38 weeks (am currently 25 weeks).

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Kim Kardashian 'body after baby'

Kim Kardashian 'body after baby'

Everyone seems to be getting their knickers in a knot about this US magazine cover which features a photo of Kim Kardashian in a bikini as well as the coverlines:

New Mom Kim
How she lost 50lbs in 40 days

I strongly doubt she has posed for this magazine since giving birth. This, in fact, appears to be an old photo.



The headline makes you think it's a current interview/ story, but I'm sure if you read the article, it will be full of quotes from sources about what she's doing to get back in shape. Not actual quotes or an interview with her.

Having worked in magazines, this is something that happens quite often and is perfectly normal/allowed.

When Kim does eventually come out of hiding (enjoying beautiful newborn snuggles) and poses for a magazine cover, it will more than likely be with People, Life & Style, US magazine or OK (ie NOT Star).

And it will have 'exclusive' plastered all over it. And it will be heavily publicised (so the mag can make as much money as possible from mag sales to justify the $$$ they will probably pay Kim).

This is just that mag trying to get their piece of the action by making you think she has posed for the mag. Which is not illegal. It's all about how you perceive it.

It’s a shame that so many women, after seeing this mag cover, have (probably in their jealous rage) been so quick to say ‘Kim’s a bad mother and should be looking after her baby, not worrying about losing weight and posing for magazine covers’.

We haven’t seen a glimpse of Kim, or her newborn, so I think she deserves some credit for managing to keep out of the public eye this long, and for, I can only imagine, taking in every moment of being a new mum.

By all accounts, it sounds like she’s doing everything right.
She hasn’t been out on the town, she hasn’t paraded her baby around like a new fashion accessory. She’s been home, settling into parenthood.
I reckon Kimmy deserves a break.

Happy World Breastfeeding Week - my journey

Happy World Breastfeeding Week - my journey

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

After a difficult start with my first-born (Miss 3) that involved cracked & bleeding nipples & excruciating pain for weeks and weeks, I persevered (with lots of support, information & advice) and went on to successfully nurse her for 15 months when she self-weaned off her last feed when I has three months pregnant with her baby brother.

As she was jaundiced and received light therapy from day two, I remember having to pump by her bedside every two to three hours to try and bring my supply on as she desperately needed the fluids to help break down the bilirubin levels (that caused the jaundice).

I remember when she was just a couple of hours old, a nurse I hadn't met, coming in to help me feed her. It was quite an experience as, as much as I had read and researched about breastfeeding and knew it might not be easy, I still expected to just pop bub on and off we went.
But it was definitely tricky and uncomfortable.
I remember the nurse coming in to 'milk me' to get small amounts of colostrum in a syringe to be fed to bubs.

When Miss 3 was five days old (and we were home, after having to be readmitted to hospital due to her jaundice levels), I attempted my first public feed. With much fanfare.
My mum was visiting and hubby was playing footy, so we were sitting back from the sideline and it was time for bub (who was very sleepy and had to be woken for feeds) to have a feed.
I was very cautious about flashing any skin, and felt like all eyes were on me. So my mum and a friend's mum each held up muslin cloths to give me some privacy while I got bub attached. It was hilarious, because really, the makeshift tent probably attracted more attention. But it really was a great help while I worked out what I was doing (in my awkward and sleep-deprived state).

When Miss 3 was two weeks old hubby and I took her along to a friend's birthday dinner.
By then, I was quite comfortable with feeding and happily fed bub at the table without anyone really noticing. Except I do remember one of the party guests (a mum of two), coming over and congratulating me on a) being out of the house with a newborn and b) managing to comfortably feed in public.
It was a welcome confidence boost that stayed with me.

I never hesitated to feed bub whenever she needed it - shops, cafes, planes, trains, restaurants and more.
Though I've always preferred to be slightly discreet by ALWAYS wearing the Target & Kmart built-in maternity bra singlets with a top over the top, so I could easily unclip the singlet bra and lift my overshirt up and latch bub on - which then covered any skin.
The only time anyone might've seen a nipple flash, was as bub got a bit older and more distracted, or would suddenly pull off, but I'd quickly cover up.
I'm a huge fan of the built in singlets as, not only does it cover your breasts, but also your tummy.

When Miss 3 was around four weeks old, my nipples were absolutely shredded!
I had to use nipple shields for a few weeks while they healed.
It was excruciating and I would wince each time bub would need a feed.
When she was six weeks, and my Nanna was visiting us, I put on a nipple shield for a feed and the strength of bub's sucking saw the scab tear off my nipple and it was IN the teat and there was more blood! Ewww! Ouch!

But I was determined to persevere as I knew it would improve (it had to surely? ha ha).

Even though she was showing all the signs of thriving - putting on weight, lots of wet nappies etc - I still worried whether my supply was enough (as you never really know how much they're actually getting) and whether we needed to 'top-up feed'.
But we pressed on as she was mostly content and everything was going well.

And then, as if by magic, by around eight weeks, bub and I finally got it right and all was perfect from then on.


When she was around 12 months I returned to work so would express for her to have a bottle in my absence. At around 14 months, she was wanting more and more milk, which my dwindling supply couldn't keep up with, so we mixed fed with toddler formula in bottles (as she wouldn't take cow's milk).
She was still having a breastfeed at night before bedtime and then. Then, at 15 months (when I was pregnant with her brother and suffering all-day sickness), she just went off it.
But she continued having bottles occasionally for a couple of months after that, which we were able to phase out (thanks to a Dora doll bribe ;-).


With number two (Mr 18months) I expected to be an old-hand, given my previous experience.
But those first few days were a learning experience for both him and I.
The morning after our son was born, hubby and I even popped into the breastfeeding class at the hospital, with the lactation consultant, to get a few reminders which was great as hubby could then remind me 'is his latch ok' or 'remember to get the nipple right in/ it's not nipple feeding, it's breastfeeding'.

After a couple of days, all was fab and our son (who weighed 10lb 3oz or 4.55kg at birth) was a trooper and was piling on the pounds from nursing. Some weeks at the weigh-ins, he was stacking on 300-400grams in a week!

We were very proud of our little roly poly bear.

When I returned to work part time when our son was six months old, I would express in the first aid room at work (where, thankfully, there was also a mini bar fridge to store it safely).
Hubby (who works nights so has the children while I'm at work in the afternoons) would feed our boy expressed milk & I would race home from work to express again and feed our son.
So I managed to maintain a good supply but it did require a lot of time and effort (and sitting there looking at my phone/Facebook/photos of my kids while spending 40 minutes pumping).

Over time, and closer to 12 months, Mr 18 months reduced his feeds and I didn't have to express as much.
I continued breastfeeding him to sleep each night (even though hubby and I had got him into a great routine of not needing a sleep association to self settle).

Mr 18 months also self-weaned from his last feed around 16 months when I was a couple of months pregnant with the twins.
He's a great eater, loves eating dairy and loves drinking water from cups and sippy cups (no bottles or formula) so thankfully we managed to skip the whole bottle or formula thing with him that required some effort to un-do with our princess (we knew better second time around hee hee).

Breastfeeding has been a fantastic experience and while some people say those who don't, for whatever reason, breastfeed take the 'easy route', I would say, after the initial speed humps (& pain, blood and tears) it's breastfeeding that is soooo easy and convenient as I could just feed bubs anywhere anytime, and straightaway without having to worry about formula, sterilising and all the equipment.
And the best thing: when bub would wake in middle of night, I could just bring them back to bed for a quick nurse (where we'd all be warm and snug) then they'd drop off back to sleep with ease.

So either way you look at it, there are challenges for every parent, no matter which feeding avenue you go down.

I'm just proud I stuck to my guns and persevered to breastfeed my two as long as I did (with hubby's great support) and am hoping I can successfully breastfeed the twins once they arrive (I've already been checking out You Tube clips on the logistics of feeding two at the same time and have a twin feeding pillow at the top of my must-have list!)

Happy Breastfeeding Week!

SURPRISE 30th Birthday celebration for my sis

SURPRISE 30th Birthday celebration for my sis

STOP. Party time!

After much
planning, the family gathered last weekend for my sister’s super surprise 30th birthday bash.

My uncle made a special trip from interstate to surprise the whole family – which was great!
Only hubby and I knew he was coming, so it was a big surprise to keep!

After picking up the balloon decorations and delivering to the venue (which was hilarious as we had difficulty fitting them in the car), we headed home to get ourselves and the kids ready (in record time which was an achievement in itself).

Cramming the balloons in the car with our Uncle who was a surprise visitor from interstate!


My sister arrived at the birthday celebration, held at Benowa Tavern, expecting to see a couple of friends and family, but was surprised to see everyone who managed to turn up – and the best part – we were all in theme – wearing novelty hats/wigs/headpieces! Looking absolutely ridiculous!

Benowa Tavern is a fab place to take little ones as they have a face-painter there to entertain the kids in the children’s room on Saturday nights, and there’s also a well-lit outdoor park (good if the kids are all rugged up, which they were).

Birthday girl. My sis (who is 14 months younger than me).

Miss 3 and Mr 18months enjoyed wearing their novelty wigs in short bursts, andhad a ball playing outside.
Mr 18 months rocking his 'fro.

Miss 3 with her Great-Grandmother (my Nanna).

The adults enjoyed their meals, then after sharing in mysister’s moment of glory (helping, as they always do, to blow out the candleson the birthday cake), hubby took Miss 3 and Mr 18 months home, along with myNanna, and put the kids to bed, while Nanna stayed at our place keeping an eyeon them for us.
Hubby came back to the Tavern to join us for some good old Rockaoke (karaokewith a band), and a few of us had a crack, belting out a few tunes.


Even though I used to ‘frequent’ the karaoke circuit back in the day, BC(before children), I found it a bit more of a challenge with the twins takingup a lot of room in my belly and surely crushing my organs necessary forbelting out a tune, so I wasn’t at my best, ha ha, but it was all good fun.

Our Uncle rocked the house singing a Blues Brothers favourite, Shake a Tail Feather,and got the crowd dancing. My sis, the Birthday Gal sang Crazy Little ThingCalled Love (another crowd pleaser), I sang Torn and later on, my sis and Ijoined our Uncle on stage to sing Love Shack together which was hilarious!

As the champagne and beer flowed for all the party guests, I enjoyed filling upon water (23weeks pregnant remember ;-)

The band were fab, and gave a few shout-outs to my sis, wishing her HappyBirthday, and even sang it for her!

It was a good night out with a good combinationof family fun.

Now for another exciting weekend ahead when my youngest sis in town for theweekend, from interstate, for the second part of middle sister’s birthdaycelebrations J

I made the Pom Pom table centrepieces.www.facebook.com/pompomsbyparis

Daddy & daugher. Miss 3 was so thrilled with her new water bottle.

I made the Pom Pom table centrepieces.www.facebook.com/pompomsbyparis



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