I do it, my friends are doing it, are you doing it?

I’ve recently put my hands up in the air to declare defeat.

I am not the domestic goddess I thought I would be.

Juggling a 1-year-old, 3-year-old, part-time work, two small businesses, and being 5 months pregnant with twins, I have found I am unable to keep up with the housework.

Before you say, ‘well come on, this isn’t 1950 and the wife shouldn’t be expected to be responsible for shouldering all of the blame of being unable to maintain a household’, I should highlight that my husband and I have an equal relationship and share our parenting duties.

Hubby works full time – at nights, comes home from work mid-morning during morning tea time, and then minds the kids while I go to work in the afternoons (the arrangement works perfectly for us as hubby usually can have an hour or two of sleep while the kids have their nap while I’m at work).

Once I’m off to work and the kids’ lunch is done and dusted, it’s nap time - time for hubby to have a rest on the lounge or catch some well-needed ZZZ’s.
Then, once everyone’s awake, it’s usually a chance to go to the park or start preparing dinner.
Then I get home from work and we share the duties for the night (dinner, bath, story time, bed).

Like many families juggling work and family life, it’s go go go. There’s never a chance to put your feet up – let alone ever feel like you can get on top of everything that needs to be done around the house.
Once the kids are in bed, I’ll put my starting-to-swell feet up for 20 minutes before tidying up (again) and doing work from home, before I finally cave in and go to bed to do it all again the next day.

So recently we decided to call in the services of a cleaner, or housekeeper, who can visit once a week to help clean the bathroom and kitchen, wipe our huge mirrored wall in the lounge room (that we have to wipe every second day to remove toddler hand prints).
Husband and I find it’s hard enough having to vacuum and mop every day (it’s amazing how much mess two little people can make isn’t it!?) and are busy enough trying to stay on top of the mountains of washing, washing up (coz dammit no dishwasher), and CONSTANTLY tidying up the toys scattered all over the floor.
Sometimes we wonder why we bother. Guaranteed, within half an hour of having everything packed away, the kids while upend a box of blocks all over the lounge room floor. It’s constant chaos – but we love it.

Although hiring a cleaner is not really in our budget - as we need to upgrade our car shortly (to a 7-seater to fit our growing brood) - we no longer spend anything on ourselves – no partying, no clothes/handbag/shoe shopping and hubby even recently cancelled his golf membership – so we think it’s a sacrifice we’re prepared to make if it can allow us to stress less.

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. If we had the budget for it, I’d have a housekeeper call in every day to put away the kids’ toys and do a general tidy, because when you’re constantly pulling a 3yo and 1yo off each other, chasing them around the house, cleaning up after them, preparing their next meals/snacks, wrestling them to put their shoes on to go outside, it can be hard.

How do you stay on top of everything?




  1. I don't. We both walk full time jobs but our kids are old enough (10 and 14) to take on some responsibilities. But they don't. Unless I nag constantly and I really get sick of the sound of my voice. So we live with dust and occasional staining. And when the kids' bedrooms get too much I just shut their doors. It seems to work!

    1. Love it! Yes I keep hearing that it gets easier as they get older when they can help out with the chores. Won't hold my breath then ;-)

  2. Easy answer: I don't! We keep talking about getting a cleaner but never actually get around to it. Partly because if I know the hubster, he will race around cleaning BEFORE the cleaner gets here, as he'd be embarrased for her to see our house as a mess ... which kinda defeats the purpose!

    1. Yes know exactly what you mean. In the two x two hour visits we've had from the cleaner so far, the kids helped pack toys/blocks away quickly (a miracle) so hope that novelty doesn't wear off ;-)

  3. Oh my fugging GAWD - seriously - pregnant with twins with all that going on? You are a bloody legend!
    I'm a GC'er - with less stuff going on! We are both journos though - mmm - bet we know heaps of the same peeps! Found you via Grace's FYBF :)
    I had 3 under 3.5 and I lost my mind - it's kind of coming back - sorry what did you say?
    And you know everyone says it does get easier, 'everyone' is lying :)

    1. Ha ha, thanks Emily! It's hectic but we just roll with it (coz it'll soon be even more chaotic!). Sometimes I'm just like 'stuff it, the washing up can wait' so we can just go to the park/playdates etc. I feel guilty when I do it and guilty when I don't. Can't win ;-)
      Ha, I just checked out your blog and realised I KNOW YOU! Ha ha! Will email you, hope you're fab ;-D

  4. I am juggling a 1 year old, 3 year old, part time work and running a household....I struggle and I have a cleaner, gardener and part time nanny!!! ;) lol

    1. Oh wow Jodi, yes there's always so much to be done isn't there! :-D

  5. You sound so busy! Just prioritising might be the way to go - don't do everything, just do what needs to be done. Then you might be able to get a cleaner in once a month to do the bigger jobs that you don't have time or energy for and that might be easier on the budget than a regular daily or weekly helper...

    1. It's hard isn't it. At least it's only once a week for two hours. Will be the cleaner's third visit this week, so we'll see how it goes. :-)

  6. If I was in your shoes, I'd hire a cleaner too. I could barely manage when I was pregnant with my second. I was working four days a week, chasing after a toddler and had severe sciatica and tailbone pain. If I already had two and was carrying twins, I would be begging for a cleaner!!! I am trying to be wary of my limits, just as you are. In fact, I'm blogging about simplifying life on my blog tomorrow :)

    1. Ooh sounds interesting Renee, will keep an eye out for your blog post :-)

  7. Add me to the DIDN'T club :)

    We had three under two and paid a team of high school kids to help out after school on a roster (they were also awesome as a babysitting team :).
    I wasn't any more prepared when we had four under four - so hired a nanny/mothers help. Best decision ever.



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