Super FUN run!

The Swisse Color Run was recently held on the Gold Coast, and, of course, we just HAD to get our piece of the action.

The 5km fun run/ event was originally scheduled to take place in April but had to be postponed due to extreme weather (and the venue – Gold Coast Country Club– being seriously water logged).

So on June 2, my family of four, along with my Mum and one of my sisters, all headed to Helensvale to take part in the happiest 5km on the planet.

Clad in all-white, hubby and I, along with Miss 3, and my sis, were very excited as we waved goodbye to my Mum who was minding Mr 17months for us at the start/finish line.

Hubby, sis, Miss 3 and I all laughed, sang, skipped our way through the course, getting covered in a variety of colours along the way.
Miss 3 enjoyed plenty of piggy backs, and wore protective glasses/goggles to protect her eyes and enjoyed being covered in colour in the colour zones.

The fact that we started the untimed race half an hour after the majority of participants (due to super-horrendous traffic jam that saw us wait 30 mins outside Helensvale Westfield) meant we could take it easy and enjoy our walk at our own pace.


As we neared the finish line we called my Mum who made sure she and Mr 17 months were at the finish line ready to cheers us on as we finished.

Then we all headed over to the Finish Festival where we all got covered in even more colour and enjoyed a mini colour fight (emptying the packets of colour powder over each other).
Though I did cop an eyeful, but as the colour is made from food grade corn flour, there was no major drama.

After going through the Dry Zone, where people holding leaf blowers successfully managed to blow off the excess powder on our clothes and skin, we got changed and headed home.

A great time was had by all! And we look forward to taking part again next time!

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