Window Cleaning Made Easy for Mums & Dad

Our beautiful Gold Coast is such a great location! 
From the stunning beaches to the scenic hinterland, everywhere you look is amazing.

It seems like no matter where your home is situated on our beautiful stretch of coast, there is an epic view waiting to be enjoyed through your window… that is, unless it is covered in dust, poop or salt-water.

Yes, dirty windows are a bit of a joy-kill when it comes to enjoying our homes, entertaining area or the view.

But let’s face it, for most Gold Coast mums and dads, window cleaning isn’t necessarily at the top of the list of favourite things to do around the home.

It can be time consuming and energy sapping. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Armed with a few tips, the right equipment and a “let’s do it” attitude, it doesn’t have to be such an arduous task.

Let’s take a look at a few tips, methods and “hacks” that can make your next adventure into window cleaning a little easier.

Start with a vacuum of the tracks
Cleaning windows is all about squeegees and soapy water, right? Well, not entirely.

To start the ball rolling it’s always a good idea to give your window tracks some love too. It’s best to do it at the start of the job, as water will drip down from the window cleaning process and can make the dirt a lot harder to clean later on.

You can dislodge dirt and muck with an old toothbrush or grout cleaning brush.

Once the dirt has been agitated up, use a vacuum with a crevice extension to suck it all up and, voila, your tracks will be clean, and the windows will be sliding better than ever.

The same technique can also be used for large sliding doors.

Give your screens some love
You can remove a lot of dust and pollen from screens with just a dustpan brush.

Make sure you brush down both sides though to get as much of the dust from the screen as possible.
If your screens are looking a little worse for wear, you can always hose them off before you begin cleaning the windows to get as much of the dirt off them as you can.

Expert tip: if you can remove your screens, it’s best to do so to avoid water entering your tracks or leaking into the house.

Trade in your Windex for a Squeegee
Have you ever seen a professional window cleaner using old newspaper and a spray-on product like Windex to wash your local cafĂ©’s windows? Most likely not.
Why? Well it’s just not quick enough and takes way more effort.

The squeegee is a window cleaner’s best friend, it cuts down on both time and effort and also gives you crystal clear finish.
It works off that whole “work smarter not harder principle”, basically squeegees do a better job in less time.

Learn a squeegee technique
It is well worth learning a good technique with your squeegee so that you can limit the amount of streaks and water left on your glass.

A fairly easy-to-learn technique you could begin with would be the “wipe and swipe” method, which means you swipe from top to bottom or side to side then wipe your squeegee clean between each swipe.

If any water is left on the glass or on the edges, it can be cleaned off with a good quality dry microfibre cloth.

Remember the water that drips down into the track can be used to wipe the track clean once the dirt and muck has been vacuumed.

Break it up
If you tackle your windows on your own and it’s your first time, doing your whole home in one go might feel overwhelming, and it may take you longer than expected.

So why not aim to do just your tracks and screens one day, then the outsides another day, and the insides another time.

Or enlist a good friend or your partner to help you make it more enjoyable!

You can also clean some windows yourself and have a Gold Coast window cleaning business clean the difficult windows that require ladders or poles.

Get all Zen about it
Window cleaning can be quite therapeutic!

Wiping away the dirt and grime that has built up over the year to allow a fresh perspective and more light into your home feels really good.

Also, it feels great when you gaze out the window and you know that the view looks even better from the fruits of your labor.

Chuck on some tunes, grab a squeegee and a bucket of water, and get stuck into it!

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