Off to a great start with Goodstart’s healthy eating focus!

By Lauren – Gold Coast Mum

School’s almost out and, like many around the country right now, Christmas parties/concerts and kindy graduations are taking place.
And, after four years at a Goodstart Early Learning Centre, my twin daughters will soon say farewell as they head off to big school. (I can’t believe it! Five years has flown by way too fast!).

My twincesses having fun and practising their ball skills at Goodstart.

We’ve been a part of the Goodstart family for almost eight years now (after I meticulously toured, chatted with and compared various early learning centres in the vicinity of my home and workplace before going with the centre we have happily stayed with ever since. I was all about the spreadsheets, similar to when I was planning my wedding, choosing my wedding dress, and deciding which hospital to have our first born. 😉)

We have been very happy with the time all four children have spent attending our Goodstart Early Learning Centre.
Everything from the staff, education, facilities and friendships, through to the focus on healthy eating.

In fact, I almost wish my twincesses could have another lovely year at their kindy, especially with the news that, from next year, Goodstart Early Learning Centres will offer morning tea, LUNCH and afternoon tea at no additional costs to families.   
How good is that! 
Knowing that your children will have a nutritious meal during the day would definitely take away some of the morning stress (or night before if you’re super organised) of packing lunches when trying to get yourself and your children ready for kindy/ school and work.

Also, if your kids are anything like mine, they seem to be more willing to try new foods when they’re surrounded by their little friends. For example, my little ones didn’t seem to like rockmelon when I served it at home, yet they happily scoffed it down as a morning tea treat at kindy.
So it’s great that they can experience foods and meals that they may not normally experience or be happy to try at home.

The healthy and balanced meals provided by Goodstart will include a variety of: fresh vegetables and legumes, seasonal fruit, wholegrains and seeds, lean fresh meat and fish and dairy options.
Food intolerances and religious preferences are catered for.  

healthy eating, goodstart early learning healthy lunches, nutritious meals

According to Goodstart, the chef prepared, nutritionally designed, home-style meals encourage children to try a diverse range of food and hopefully, develop a love for diverse flavours and textures. 

As we know, the early years in a child’s life are important in developing positive, long-term healthy eating habits. 

Families can incorporate healthy eating into their daily routine and can involve their children, as Goodstart has done with my children through various fun tasks such as looking at the catalogues from grocery stores and cutting out and gluing the ‘sometimes food’ or ‘healthy food’ and being involved in food preparation activities.

healthy eating, goodstart early learning healthy lunches, nutritious meals
The early years in a child’s life are important in developing positive, long-term healthy eating habits.

My twincesses also enjoyed an excursion with their Goodstart Early Learning educators and classmates to a local grocery store where they enjoyed a tour of the store and were each given the responsibility of finding specific fruit and vegetables off of the class shopping list (accompanied by an educator).

For further information, visit Goodstart Early Learning’s website here.

What lunch do your little ones enjoy at kindy?
How do you deal with a fussy eater? How do you help your little ones make healthy food choices?

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This article is presented to you in partnership with Goodstart Early Learning, but all opinions are my own.

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