Festive fun and babysitting

By Lauren - Gold Coast Mum

The festive season is here and it's all work parties, boys' nights and girls' nights in this neck of the woods.

My husband and I are like ships passing in the night due to our work/kids/sport/extra-curricular schedule.
If I'm going to a work event or meeting up with friends, I usually go after the kids are in bed.
So, adult time (where we actually LEAVE the house to enjoy an uninterrupted meal together) is very rare.

We attended a wedding together earlier this year - but I probably spent most of that time catching up with my girlfriends who I only get to see once a year.

And my Mum babysat for us to attend an event at our local indoor sports centre a few months ago - but even then, though hubby and I were both out, we were socialising with different people.

My mum came to the rescue again in October so I could attend my beloved RnB Live event in Brisbane (that hubby was also supposed to attend), while hubby attended a friend's wedding.

With my twincesses after swimming lessons. I enjoyed about 10 minutes of having my feet up! Bliss!

Our kids have usually only ever been looked after by immediate family, but when the opportunity came to review Coastal Babysitters, so we could enjoy a  child-free dinner, we jumped at the chance.

Our babysitter arrived early, to allow some time to have a chat and meet the kids.
Our babysitter was lovely and professional. A mum of adult children and a former international air hostess, I knew our 4 cherubs were in safe hands.

Our babysitter showed us her ID and Blue Card and encouraged me to take a pic on my phone to keep for my own records.
(This is also great for Coastal Babysitters' clients who are not from the area and are staying in hotels around the Gold Coast - so they know who they've left their kids with).

We signed a form, said goodbye to the kids and headed out for an enjoyable dinner at Ribs and Rumps, Marina Mirage.

Dinner at Ribs and Rumps, Marina Mirage.

When we returned home, we were pleased to see all the kids fast asleep and to know that everything went smoothly.

Our 4 cherubs.

We'd definitely recommend Coastal Babysitters - especially during the festive season so you can BOTH attend events rather than only one parent going while the other stays home. Or, to enjoy some much-needed adult time!
(Same applies for single parents! You need some YOU-time too!)

As I've been reminded, it's important to continue to make the time and effort for your other half, to keep that spark.
Because, often, when you're in the thick of running a childcare facility together parenting, working, trying to maintain the house, trying to be a good friend/ sister/ daughter/ granddaughter/ cousin/ colleague/ employee, it's bloody hard work and you NEEEEEED the occasional outing to just re-charge those batteries.
Even if it's only for 2 hours!
Every bit counts!

Out in Surfers Paradise for an annual celebration with my netball team.

Coastal Babysitters provides affordable day time and evening babysitting, as well as overnight stays, wedding packages and corporate events.

Check out Coastal Babysitters:

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