Journos against bloggers and influencers?

Blogger/influencer and media friends, what do we think of this?

As someone who has (and continues to) work as a journalist/ sub-editor (who is also a blogger and social media manager), I can understand the frustration that those in the older generation seem to have about basically anyone these days being able to label themselves as an 'influencer', score contra offers, attend media famils and be a travel writer without any qualifications or experience.

However, I find this be...low public post (and the one about the same guy also posted within the same group) a bit too much.
Screams bullying to me.
(See the comments and public post here).

Sure, you may not like the bloke, what he does, (or his approach - which I don't necessarily agree with either) but he seems to have an attractive Instagram account with 19k+ followers (and good genuine engagement), 1200 FB followers etc and enjoys writing.

If brands or businesses want to work with him to promote their work, despite him having not 'trained' as a journo or travel writer, then good for him.
The whingers are missing out. And seem to be a bit out of the loop when it comes to the world of social media and influencers these days.

Of course it would be lovely to tip the guides etc in this scenario, but how do we know his financial situation? If he was invited for to an all-inclusive trip away, then he's within his rights to keep that in mind (despite the general consensus that offering a tip/ carrying some loose change would be a given for most).
How would you feel to have other 'professionals' make jokes about you on a public group?

Group info: "Membership is open to print, broadcasting or web subeditors (copy editors) and anyone interested in their work."

What are your thoughts?
Is there an 'Us against Them' mentality when it comes to journos/sub-editors and bloggers/influencers?

Many might think freelancer writers may actually be further down the ladder than bloggers as there's often no guarantee their work will be published, or where.
Whereas bloggers can usually guarantee access to their readership, website visitors and social media audiences (across various channels) and can deliver measurable results for their clients.

It's an interesting world we live in today for media and bloggers (and those who try to juggle both) when the traditional media are laying off experienced journos, resorting to click-bait, and are now trying to emulate the success many bloggers and digital media organisations have achieved (after being told that digital was the way to go years ago).

What are your thoughts? See more screen grabs below.

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  1. I think Curt nailed it.

    It's awful and mean. Even if the guy was the worst on earth, the person speaking about him like that is making a run for the title.



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