Love letters on Valentine's Day and a pen GIVEAWAY

Love letters on Valentine's Day and a pen GIVEAWAY

By Lauren - Gold Coast Mum

Last year I found some love notes my husband and I had written to each other in the early months of our relationship.

We celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary this year, and have been together 17 years this April!
Man I feel old!
Next year we will have been together for HALF OF OUR LIVES!
That's insane!
(It isn't always rainbows and butterflies though. We've had trials and tribulations like most couples.)

Letters like this one I received, along with a plastic rose, for our 5-MONTH anniversary always deliver those indescribable feelings - the butterflies in your stomach and fond, fond memories.
(The night he gave it this to me we were both aged 18, smooching in the back of his car after he drove me home from picking me up from the train station after work).

Stranger gives Gold Coast mother a piece of her mind about car airconditioning

Stranger gives Gold Coast mother a piece of her mind about car airconditioning

By Lauren - Gold Coast Mum
I can't even...

A friend received this note today whilst sitting in her parked car outside a 
#goldcoast school.

Her baby was sleeping in the car and she had the air-conditioning running - as many parents do in warm weather - while waiting to do school pick-up.

A women aged in her 50s tapped on the window & hand-delivered this note.

Seems mums can't do anything right these days... 
Can you even?!?!? 

The hand-written note reads:
"Just a short note to let you know that your air con is very noisy. I do not use mine because it is unhealthy, bad for your lungs & most of all your complexion.
Do not feel obliged to turn it down, it is only my opinion about it."

"& most of all your complexion". Seriously?
Never mind the apparent 'health' issues that in-car aircon can cause. It's our COMPLEXION that we should all be prioritising.
Should babies and toddlers (& children, adults and elderly) be forced to sit in sweltering conditions to avoid such a risk to their precious complexion?
Ermmmm let's weigh up the risks shall we...

On a day like today, when the outside temperature was mid-30s, temps can reach 50 degrees+ in just a matter of minutes in an UN-airconditioned car.
I think that's more of concern, don't you?

Since when has it been OK for a stranger to share such 'advice'.
The mum who received the note, was shocked and responded with "I have a baby sleeping in the car".
Friends have since told the mum she should have told the lady to take her opinion and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

Should people keep such opinions to themselves? 
What is this world coming to?

What are your thoughts?

What random advice/unwanted opinions have you received?


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