I found 'the one'!

By Lauren - Gold Coast Mum

Over the years I have been the victim of a fair few hair disasters.

Like the time my bronde (blonde/brown) long locks were died black (when I had specifically picked out a nice dark brown), only for light patches to be left at the back resulting in me having to cover it up (with an upstyle) 
for an event I was appearing at until I could return for my hair to be fixed a week later. 

(The staff were all very apologetic).
And the time I had my straight, long brown hair cut ON AN ANGLE. And didn't know til it was pointed out to me (hey, I couldn't see my own back!).

And... the time I specified that I did NOT want the stripey foil look, but thin highlights, but was left with CHUNKY YELLOW STRIPES that started centimetres from my roots (looking like I needed an urgent trip to the hairdressers to have regrowth attended to!).

(The hair stylist who did the colour correction was unimpressed with her colleague's efforts with my locks and was able to fix it all for me, thankfully).

So, going to the hairdresser has never really been a pleasant experience for me. I don't consider myself fussy or over the top. I just expect that what we discuss will be delivered to a professional standard.

It probably hasn't helped that, until this year, I hadn't returned to any salon or stylist more than once and would often try out new salons/ stylists in my quest to find a great one.

So, you can imagine my absolute delight when I met, and have had GREAT experiences with, a fabulous Gold Coast hairdresser by the name of Tanya Neale - Hair by Tanya!

Not only is Tanya a hairstylist to the stars, welcoming a steady stream of the Coast's most recognisable faces (and voices), she's also a really cool chick.
I even bumped in to local Instagram star Gabrielle Epstein (with more than 1 million Insta followers) during one visit to the salon in Broadbeach where Tanya works from as an independent stylist.

Gold Coast Mum Lauren and Gabby Epstein

During my visits, Tanya and I have bonded over our penchant for 90's and 00's music and all things Backstreet Boys. 
Tanya's the only hair stylist I've been to for my hair needs this year. 
I have trusted her and have been so so so very happy with her work.

Feeling like I've 'Just stepped out of a salon' ;-)


VIDEO: Luscious locks

Since having kids, my mane is OUT OF CONTROL. 

It was thick before, but is now a whole lot of work to tame, and thankfully Tanya has the skills and the patience to achieve fabulous results!

If you're looking for a hairdresser to make you look and - most importantly - FEEL beautiful, then definitely get in touch with Tanya.

Tanya has more than 15 years of experience and has been my no.1 when it comes to cuts, colours and styles. 

She does fabulous upstyles and special occasion hair styles and also does eyelash extensions!

Tanya working her magic during a show. https://www.facebook.com/hairbytanya82/photos/a.1152210084790417.1073741828.1152204428124316/1299314586746632/?type=3&theater

Have you found 'the one' - someone you trust with your luscious locks?



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