Sequins & sparkles oh my!

Well hello there!

There's not one household chore I enjoy more than changing the bed linen. 

Yes, seriously.
How can you resist fresh, crisp sheets, and a new colour or pattern to enjoy for the following week?

In my case, I'm a fan of bright and bold colours and patterns (hubby just goes along with my wonderful taste). 

Got to love fresh sheets day!

We've recently been enjoying a gorgeous sparkly SEQUIN bed set. 

As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of all things sparkles, sequins and glitter, and when the opportunity popped up to road test bed linen from Just Bedding I jumped at the chance!

My bed set of choice arrived in just a matter of days and I couldn't wait to see it in all its glory!


If you've been looking for beautiful bedding online, then guess what... the search is over!
I was super impressed with my sparkly bedding!
The quality of my Logan & Mason bed set was fabulous and it was super comfy to sleep on/in.

How so, with sequins, you ask?

Like with all of our other bedding, we turn the pillows over to sleep on, and then back over to the 'fancy side' for display during the day.
(So in this case of this bed set, the sequins are only on one side, so perfect for display, and comfy to sleep on the other side).

Our biggest issue was keeping grubby fingers away from the gorgeous, crisp white linen (of course all 4 little ones wanted to touch the sequins and follow their fingers along the Chevron pattern). ;-)
Just Bedding's 30 day return and satisfaction guarantee is impressive, offering online shoppers great reassurance.

Just Bedding also has a teenskids, and baby bedding range! As well as a range of soft furnishings including pillows. Definitely worth checking out.

How often do you change your bedding?
Do you iron your sheets before setting up on your bed?

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*Lauren - Gold Coast Mum - received product for the purposes of this review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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