Secret garden: Great Gold Coast park - RACV Royal Pines Resort

By Lauren - Gold Coast Mum

My family and I have been visiting the fenced children's play park within the RACV Royal Pines Resort in Benowa for a few years now - and we LOVE it!

We were there visiting friends who were staying at the resort yesterday.
After sharing a pic on the Gold Coast Mum Facebook and Instagram accounts, there was a great response so I thought I'd share more details and pics here.

We regularly have friends and family members visiting the Gold Coast and they choose to stay at the Resort due to the fab location and facilities (multiple restaurants, golf, 5-star day spa, gym and more - all of which we have been fortunate enough to enjoy on multiple occasions).

(Before we moved to the Gold Coast from Sydney, and before we had kids, I visited the Resort for work events. 
When I was a magazine editor, I was flown up a couple of years in a row to attend a Women's Tennis Tournament held at the resort - and it was a great chance to also visit my family who moved up here around 10 years ago.)

During our second year of living on the Gold Coast (while we were figuring out where we wanted to live permanently), we rented a home within the Royal Pines Estate for 12 months  - which was fab as we could hear/ see the Metricon Stadium and could hear/see fireworks when special events were being held.
It was a beautiful community and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there.
The fenced park is a huge hit with my kids - all aged 6 and under 6.
And, best of all, it's somewhere I can actually relax a tiny bit and engage in conversation, knowing the kids are safe.

There's climbing equipment, slide, swings, bouncy things and, a jumping pillow!

The park area features picnic tables and plenty of space to set up a picnic rug.
The kids love running up and down the pathway surrounded by the gorgeous landscaped gardens.

For toilet breaks, you walk back into the resort. 
I always ensure we leave the restrooms looking clean and tidy for the comfort of other resort guests (eg my way of thinking is I don't want conference delegates or golfers to get annoyed by kids throwing paper towel everywhere - which can sometimes happen with my 4, so I make a point of keeping tidy).

Off one of the Resort's restaurants and terrace area (where we've also enjoyed lunch/celebrated birthdays before) is the pool area.There are slippery dips and 'beach' areas as well as plenty of deck chairs to relax and unwind.
The new aqua zone for kids looks fabulous!
New water features and water slides, and secure little zones where parents can put their feet up while little ones can play right near them under their supervision.

(I can totally picture myself there - cocktail in hand! OMG, paradise, take me therrrrrre! Who needs a holiday when a 'nearcation' is calling my name?!)

 Mr 4 enjoyed checking out the water play equipment.

Perfect place for kids to frolick!

  Mr 4 REEEALLLY wanted to spend some time enjoying the facilities.

This little zone looked perfect for toddlers and parents to enjoy.
Glass fencing help to enclose the area so little ones can't run off - though it's not completely cut off from the other areas, so there's still opportunity for little ones to 'escape' and/or for bigger kids to come back and forth between enjoying the bigger kids' area/ water slides.

The main pool and Terrace area.

There are signs at the park indicating it is for the enjoyment of guests only, however, the park can be hired for functions and the public is welcome to dine at the restaurants etc.

It's also handy to grab a coffee or drink/snacks etc from the Golfer's kiosk/cafe and take to the park as outside food isn't permitted.

To get to the park:
* Park under the resort.
* Lift up to reception area.
* Walk past reception/gym and get lift down to ground level.
* Exit lift and follow signs/ walk way outside to the children's play park. Stairs and ramp walk way available, so suitable for prams/ wheelchairs.

Location: RACV Royal Pines Resort, Benowa (off Ross St, Ashmore/ Benowa/ Ashmore Rd/ Currumburra Rd round-about. Near the new Coles and Benowa Village Shopping Centre).

PS: This post totally isn't sponsored. Just wanted to share a fab place my family, friends and I love!

(I'm looking forward to spending some time at the Resort in September for the ProBlogger 2016 Conference - where hundreds of bloggers from all over Australia (and some international guests) will congregate to immerse ourselves in all things blogging, social media and more!)

Have you been there before?
Do you have any special parks/places on the Gold Coast for families/ kids to enjoy?



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  1. This is one of the best kids parks I've ever seen! I've never seen a jumping pillow in a park before!

    1. We have another jumping pillow at a park in Southport Broadwater Parklands. They're fab, though a tad dangerous with too many on them at once! x

  2. I think this is where Problogger is isn't it? I'm going this year so looking forward to checking the place out!

  3. Yes it's a lovely spot - I agree! Will be nice to see you in Sept! Or earlier if we can, how can it be that we live in the same town but NEVER see each other! xx

  4. Looks like a great spot! I won't be at Problogger this year but have fun! x

  5. Hello.
    Sorry is this park open to the public or not? Looks great and would make a perfect place to have my daughter birthday party :)

    1. Hi Leanne, It's for guests and patrons of the resort. They offer catering packages for birthday parties. :-)

  6. According to this site, this playground is no longer available to the general public.
    Can you confirm this please?


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