This photo is the talk of the town!

By Lauren – Gold Coast Mum

This photo is the talk of the town!

A Target employee is being commended for performing a kind gesture that has given the social media world the warm and fuzzies.

Dylan, a Target employee at the chain’s Runaway Bay store on the Gold Coast, was photographed by a customer as he assisted a man, who appears to be missing his right arm, by doing up his belt.

Amy, who captured the touching moment, posted on Target Australia’s Facebook page:
Today I caught this beautiful moment between one of your staff and customers at Runaway Bay Target. The cashiers Nane {name} is Dylan and he kindly helped to fit an amputees belt.. what amazing customer service!!

Other locals were quick to commend Dylan, who appears to have made a good impression with many shoppers.

 Dylan is always friendly and helpful. Always makes me smile! Dylan has the best customer service. Your outstanding customer service never goes unnoticed. Keep doing what you are doing Dylan. If only there were more people like you in the world.:-)” said another.

Other comments included:

That pull a smile on my face but almost tears in my eyes we need more ppl like this .... the guy always asks if we need help m with a smile on his face

Some folk are just naturally kind. Dylan is obviously one of them.”

Target Australia responded to calls for Dylan to be recognised for his efforts by posting:
“This feedback has been delivered to the Store and Regional managers of Runaway Bay, as well as our senior management team. We love receiving fantastic feedback like this about our team members!

Way to go Dylan!
Keep up the good work!


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