How to Spend $50k in a day!

By Lauren  - Gold Coast Mum
As a child, I used to dream about running around the aisles of a department store loading my trolley with any toy I wanted (as well as toys for my siblings and friends and to donate, coz I’m thoughtful like that ;-)

As an adult, I still find myself dreaming about winning one of the prize homes or the lotto. 
But you’ve got to be in it to win it right?!

So, my goal has always been to work hard so that I can purchase nice things (usually of the sparkly or sequin or bling-tastic variety – eg shirts, frocks, handbags, bracelets and shoes).

But since becoming a parent of 4, my desire for ‘nice things’ or luxury items has been replaced with a major WANT for essential products and services that benefit my family and I.

Y’know, like a Nanny, Chef, Maid, Personal Trainer, Cleaner. I’m not asking for much am I?

Mortgage Choice is currently running a major competition with the prize of $50,000 cash up for grabs. 

Oh how nice it would be to splash $50,000 in one day!

This is how I would spend $50,000 in one day:

Perhaps an obvious choice for a mum of 4, but seriously, how much mess can a 2yo (or two), 3yo and 5yo make!?
While I'm trying to make lunches/ change nappies, chaos is being unleashed in another room. Cleaning is one essential chore I struggle to stay on top of.
So a cleaner would be an amazing, and welcome addition, to our household.

That time the kids found the water bomb kit and threw the balloons around like confetti.

That time Mr 3 helped himself to the flour in the pantry.

That time Mr 3 (then aged 1) decided to empty the craft boxes all over the floor whilst I was busy nursing his baby twin sisters.

Oh, look who it is ;-)... Mr 3 emptying the books all over the floor.

I often pray to the laundry gods that I will one day see the bottom of the clean washing pile. But alas, it is only a very rare sight.
The rest of the time, visions such as this can be enjoyed at my house:

And this is where a maid would come in handy. He or she could wash, hang, fold and PUT AWAY the never-ending laundry piles!

Another pair of hands would certainly be welcome in our household where, if you turn your back for two minutes while dealing with one of our four children, you can be guaranteed that one of them has decided to paint their own face (or each other's).

Clearly, my hubby's back must get a work out - with 4 children to entertain and transport regularly.
So we'd invest in a balance beam and some outdoor children's equipment to give hubby's back a break ;-)

While I'm at it, I'd also splurge on flights and accommodation (and a babysitter to travel with us and mind the kids at the hotel) so hubby and I could have a well deserved getaway in Sydney to enjoy some adult time, and catch up with our dear friends and family who we don't get to catch up with very often.

Hubby and I in Sydney BC (before children).
Or a nice cruise would be a fantastic splurge too. (All-you-can-eat buffets here we come!)

Depending how much cash is leftover, I'd buy a new car for us, or at the very least, have the scratch along the side of the car professionally repaired.

(When we found out we were expecting twins, we had to sell our SUV to get a 7-seater to accommodate our growing family. 
Not long after purchasing our car second-hand, some redneck scratched the car while it was parked in a parking station. The scratch makes me cranky whenever I look at it.)

Lately, I am guilty of wearing the 'mum-bun' most days.
So it would be lovely to have my previously-luscious-locks attended to each and every day!
My thick mane can take a while to tame so the more hands on deck, the better.

So I know you're probably thinking, ooh Taylor Swift/ One Direction/ Ed Sheeran?

Well yes, I'd absolutely love to go to their concerts (& the Spice Girls if they ever reform)!

But in addition, I'd actually love to put on my own concert. Say what?
I used to be a keen singer back in the day (performed on TV in the UK aged 15).

Sooo, I'd arrange a venue, food and drinks for all attendees (and maybe a cash incentive to clap and cheer and look like you're having a great time) while you are entertained by yours truly.
Britney, here I come!
15-year-old moi!

I know I know. Boring. ;-)
I would put some of my cash away so that my family and I can continue to live happily.
With a roof over our head, food in our bellies and lots of love and hugs, we can conquer the world!

My everything!
How would you spend $50,000 in one day?

Anyone who settles a loan worth at least $150,000 with Mortgage Choice by 31 January 2016 will have the chance to win $50,000 cash.

This article is my entry into a blogging competition being run by Mortgage Choice for my own chance to win some cash. All opinions and images are my own.


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