Happy 2nd Birthday to our Twincesses!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our beautiful twincesses Natalia and Victoria! <3
The girls (who joined us 2 years ago today at 37+1, 13 mins apart, when Jordan was 22 months & Jacinta was 3), are so chilled and adorable, love giving us cuddles and smooches!
The night before I was induced to give birth to my twincesses (37+1, 13 mins apart, 6lb6 and 6lb3). 

Family of six! Mr then-22-months and Miss then-3 meeting their baby sisters only a couple of hours after they were born. 

They still happily sleep 11 hours in their cots and when they wake in the morning, babble to each other across the room.
When they’re tired, Natalia sucks her fingers/Victoria sucks her thumb.
They’re learning to say more words each day (Victoria even melted my heart a few weeks ago repeating “love you” back to me at the back door).
Miss 5 and Mr 3 love to join them IN their cots and load their cots with as many toys as possible, so when I enter the room, it’s a ‘find the baby’ scenario.
Natalia is smiley, super chilled, is thoughtful and cuddly. If someone’s hurt/crying, she’ll rush over to help pat them or give a hug, and will rush to deliver someone’s water bottle etc.
(Though she’s also the only one out of the 4 kids to do ever do a nug in the bath, lol. TMI? Whatevs) ;-)
Victoria is a smiley, cheeky monkey, loves playing peek-a-boo, and loves to follow her big bro around and, lately, enjoys tackling Natalia to the ground and pretend she’s a pony ;-)
They give amazing cuddles, are both patient and gentle.

They love ‘Row your Boat’ and ‘Twinkle Little Star’ as well as rocking out with all of us to One Direction’s “Drag Me Down” and Bieber’s “What Do You Mean”, and in the car during RnB Friday. ;-D
They love getting into their big bro & sister’s naughty treats that they probably shouldn’t have and enjoy pulling out every DVD/CD in the DVD tower cabinet thing.
As hard as some days can be with 4 so young/close in age, not a day goes by where I’m not amazed by and appreciative for my 4 precious babies! My heart could explode! <3

A house filled with noise/fun/happiness/craziness & love! 

Happy Birthday beautiful girls, we love you very much! 
A big thank you to the wonderful friends and family who joined us over the weekend to celebrate their birthday, and others for your well wishes :-D

Can't wait to share more details about my fun-filled 2x cake-making & decorating extravaganza and the party!



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