Personalised pretty - my latest unique purchase

I do love a family portrait.

And, I'm a fan of personalised items from way back.
Think personalised pencil cases, drink bottles, key rings, plates, mobile phone covers, stickers and more in my school days. OK... and maybe in my 20s too!

Since marrying a man with the surname Paris, any items I had from my previous visits to the city of love have made their way to the front of the bookcase. And I've become quite a collector of all things Paris/ Eiffel Tower.
We gave Eiffel Tower key rings to each of our wedding guests back in 2007.

Anyway we're due for some new family photos, but to tide me over, I recently came across Good Things personalised family cushions and just had to get one for our family.

I was really keen to capture this moment in time, now with a school aged daughter, energetic male toddler (future rugby/soccer/golf star) and our twincess toddlers who are off and racing. 

And, to be honest, my 4 rarely stand still at the same time for long enough to be able to snap a photo of them to capture them in their order of height.So I just couldn't stop myself from buying one of these pillows with a unique illustration, individually created by an artist in South Africa.

When placing my order via the Good Things website, I specified the ages of the children, hair colour/styles and interests.
Hubby and I decided decided to go with 2000 as our 'year of establishment' rather than 2007 - the year we married - as 2000 was a super year for us when we met (on a train... details to come in a future blog post), fell in love and become an inseparable item.

When my delivery arrived, I was delighted to see the artist had captured our family perfectly.

Gold Coast Mum blog, personalised family cushion

Gold Coast Mum blog, personalised family cushion

Gold Coast Mum blog, personalised family cushion

The kids loved pointing out who's who on the cushion.
I put the cushion away for safe keeping most days to prevent the inevitable grubby toddler hand prints from ruining it, but when it's on display, it is enjoyed by all.

What do you think? Do you like personalised products? Would you give something like this as a gift eg for a new baby/ engagement/ wedding?



  1. I seriously love this. Every time you post a pic of it I feel like I need one of my own ... :)

  2. What a cute idea, and something that you can keep to look back on when your kiddies are older!


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