Oh yay I'm a finalist! Oops false alarm! The aftermath of the unveiling of the top 103 Voices of 2015 finalists

By Lauren – Gold Coast Mum
When it comes to blogging, the rewards come in all shapes and sizes.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety of great brands and businesses, have enjoyed some amazing experiences and have connected with some wonderful people – readers, new friends and fellow bloggers.

Today, was a particularly good day - I happened to receive a bunch of flowers from a lovely reader/follower of my blog.

I was at a charity market/rummage event where a lovely lady approached me and told me that she recognised me.

‘Oh you’re Gold Coast Mum!?’ she said with a warm smile.

 I was surprised and flattered. This lovely lady (hello and thank you if you’re reading), was beautiful inside and out and was excited to also meet my Miss 5 in the flesh.

This lady was working at a stall at the event, selling bouquets/flower arrangements that she had made and donating all of her takings to the My Gap Year Foundation.
(She said it’s more of a hobby for her and that she doesn’t have a business page or website, otherwise I would be giving her a shout out right now).

At the end of the event, while Miss 5 and I were packing up our first ever stall, the lovely reader walked by and presented Miss 5 and I with a gorgeous arrangement of flowers that she had leftover at the completion of the event.

Miss 5 and I looked at each other and smiled. We were thrilled. It made our day.

Photo: www.goldcoastmum.com Gold Coast Mum flowers, mummy blog

It was one of many nice things that have happened to me since embarking on my blogging journey in early 2013.

For many bloggers, blogging is a journey that starts out by merely sharing personal family photos and thoughts in an online journal, or a place for random rants and outbursts that may gain quite a following. For others, it is more of a business decision with a carefully-executed plan.
(For me, it’s a mix of all of the above, but mainly – a place where I don’t have to stick to the limitations of column inches and can ramble til my heart is content.)

Some of us bloggers have experienced huge growth, while others have been slow and steady.

Regardless of the numbers (whether you have 400, 4000 or 40,000 followers) we all share one thing. 


As a journalist/editor/content writer of 15 years, I have a passion for sharing information that may educate, entertain, empower or inspire.

I love being first to ‘report’ on something, usually in the form of a Facebook share days or hours before other large viral type websites get their hands on it with a click-bait headline.

I also love connecting with my readers – especially when they get in touch to tell me how something I wrote has touched them or has helped them with something (for example, to persevere with breastfeeding through difficulties) or has opened their eyes to issues that may not be in the spotlight.

Campaigns like Kidspot’s Voices of Australia, mean so much to many bloggers.
It’s a chance to reach a wider audience, have your name in lights, enjoy a variety of different experiences, and possibly be named a winner at something.

In a rare moment of peace (okay, okay, I was looking at my phone while on the loo. Please don’t judge - it’s the only R&R I get these days with a 5-year-old, 3-year-old and 1-year-old twins snapping at my heels), I happened to come across the announcement of the Voices of 2015 finalists yesterday.

I clicked on the link to see the list and nonchalantly scrolled through - thinking it was the link to the FINALISTS.

When I saw my blog name on the list, I shouted out to hubby: ‘Ooh look, I think I’ve been shortlisted for a blog awards thing’.

Hubby replied: ‘Oh cool, that’s good. Did you see where [one of our twincesses] put the car keys?!’

Photo: www.goldcoastmum.com Gold Coast Mum balloons, mummy blog
Hope floats ;-)

After a couple of seconds scrolling through the list I realised I wasn’t actually a finalist, but merely a nominee. One of around 878. 
Ha ha. Oh we laughed.
(It's OK though as I won three journalism awards back in my heyday as a young journo so am still on a high over a decade later. Though it would be nice to add something from this decade to the shelf.)

Still, it was lovely to be included on a list that includes many of my favourite blogs/writers/social media creatives.

While some bloggers who missed out on making it into the top 100 list may be disappointed, my message is:

Please don’t be disheartened or discouraged. Please keep doing what you love.

Continue to be you, providing engaging content.

Be proud of the communities and relationships you have, and will continue to build.

Be proud of your engagement.

Even with only a 10th of the readership of some other bloggers/pages I follow, I always find it satisfying to see my reader engagement figures are similar.
In many cases, it’s QUALITY not QUANTITY that should be/is the focus.
Yay for organic growth!

Blogger friends: our voices are all important and we all sing different songs.

There’s always someone out there wanting to listen/ sing along.

And remember…  Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Channing Tatum haven’t won OSCARS, but they’re still loved by many. ;-)

In all seriousness: sending huge congrats to all of the Kidspot Voices of 2015 finalists and fellow nominees!

Let’s connect: www.facebook.com/goldcoastmum



  1. Congratulations on your nomination... I am with you, organic growth and engagement from your community is the most important rewsrd...have a great week

    1. Thanks TheUrbanMum - exactly, that's the best part! :-D

  2. You know, in the last week or so, I've received three invitation to join in bloggy stuff (two interview type things and a linky co hosting) and those have me on a high.mthen a stranger contacted me about blogging- how to start out and wondering what I thought of his work- I was stoked that I'm that approachable! On top of that, one of my articles was republished at Mamamia. So not getting a kidspot top 103 (103??) was really no biggie. I don't know that I'm parenty enoughh for kidspot but that's ok! There's some great bloggers up there and some I admit I have never heard of- more to get to know!

    1. Go you! That's great! Exactly, there's such a wonderful variety out there. It's important to celebrate our own successes!
      I'm also looking forward to checking out some new blogs! :-D


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