Mum fuming after toddler's head shaved at day care

By Lauren – Gold Coast Mum

To most responsible adults, items such as hair clippers/ shavers/ beard trimmers would not be something you’d consider as a suitable toy for toddlers to play with. 

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case at one child care centre…

Julie Muir received the shock of her life when she picked up her daughter from childcare this week, discovering a section of her daughter’s hair had been shaved with clippers.

Yes. You read that right. A toddler had her head shaved whilst in child care.
With clippers. A dangerous electronic device. An unhygienic device that also contained someone else’s hairs in it (ewww!).

Julie says that when she discussed the matter with staff at the childcare centre/nursery in Battersea, London, “They said accidents happen all the time !!!!”
“The director was the one who said accidents like this happen in the home !!!! She runs the place!”

Photo: Julie Muir Facebook
Photo: Julie Muir Facebook
Photo: Julie Muir Facebook
Photo: Julie Muir Facebook

Julie shared her outrage with friends via Facebook:
“Look what happened to my baby at nursery !! I collected her on Tuesday to find another child had shaved her head .... And how did they come to have shavers ?? Well one of the teachers thought it would enhance their play and brought in her own from home which had power In it !!! Apparently they risk assessed this as safe to play with under 4s !! If u look closely u will see the old dirty beard hair that's been left in from her husbands!! Words fail us as u call imagine, course of action moved nursery immediately, ofsted informed and local council, and a legal advice chat !! 
[NAME REMOVED] KIDS NURSERY !!! In Battersea London 
Share and keep sharing !!”

Toddler's head shaved at child care
Photo: Julie Muir Facebook

Julie shared her story with friends and family and it has quickly spread.
“Julie Muir: 405 shares !!!!! Wow keep it going !!!!”

Many social media users said they found it hard to comprehend how a group of people could have such a lack of common sense, and also commended Julie for confronting the staff and taking photos.

Julie replied: “Thanks guys yes but it was so hard as I'm stood in a nursery with my baby surrounded by baby's wanting to scream WTF !!!!! But couldn't as u can imagine being furious but not wanting to upset my little one !!! So pissed off !”

According to Julie, her daughter is fine, but it happened “just when her hair was growing to”.

Julie told friends: “U can imagine how annoyed i am ! I won't stop till I see some serious consequences served up !”

Her friends, and others, equally outraged, replied with:
“.... I actually can't believe that any responsible ADULT let alone pre-school teachers would give children hair clippers to play with”.

The size and weight of the shaving device would also concern many, not to mention the sharp edges.

Toddler's head shaved at child care
Photo: Julie Muir Facebook

Julie, who says she is shocked and sick by the ordeal, and paid “a fortune to send her there too”, has thankfully found a new childcare centre to send her daughter.
“Found an outstanding one she starts today for Settling in x”

Julie is also in talks with a solicitor and relevant authorities in the UK to pursue the matter.

Julie Muir's toddler's head shaved at child care
Julie and her daughter in happier times. Photo: Julie Muir Facebook.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever experienced anything as shocking?

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