Birth photography featuring bloody newborn & placenta shocks social media users. Likened to 'murder scene'.

By Lauren - Gold Coast Mum

It's official. Birth photography has reached a whole new level!

Not content with just giving birth in a hospital with a photographer in the room to capture the special moments of a baby being born, it seems giving birth IN A PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO (or could be anywhere really, set up with the backdrop and lighting equipment) is the new thing.

Photos of a woman cradling her newborn whilst covered in blood - and in one photo, with the baby still attached to the placenta that has not yet been delivered - have caused quite a stir on Facebook.

In the next photo, the proud mother smiles at the camera as she holds her newborn who is still connected, via the umbilical cord, to the placenta that has now been delivered and is presented on the floor (thus creating a 'placenta painting' on the white backdrop material).

Image: Facebook. Photographer: unknown. Attempts have been made to determine photo origin.

The photos, considered shocking by many, attracted plenty of criticism when shared by Facebook page Most Adorable Photographs, with many social media users expressing outrage that Facebook permits such images whilst many breastfeeding photos are reported or removed.

While some social media users poked fun at the photos, tagging friends/expectant mothers and suggesting the photos could be inspiration for upcoming photo shoots, most who commented expressed their disgust or outrage.

Comments included:
"Way too much kooky stuff going on these days in the whole birth/pregnancy scene."

"Distasteful. I'm all for birth photography but this is kinda gross."

"[Name tagged] that's what it looks like after labour! A murder scene is a good description. That looks pretty clean compared to my birth with [Name]!"

"I don't think it's gross because birth is messy, However I simply don't see the point. Essentially it's a standard unremarkable portrait, poorly executed both pose and light and exposure wise. Chuck in a placenta and some blood and you have instant controversy,"

"I know it's a natural part of birth but this looks like a massacre. Not sweet/tasteful/inspirational or anything positive AT ALL!"

I have so many questions! WHEN/WHERE was this taken/ WHERE did the woman actually give birth - eg there on the studio set-up or in a nearby room or birth pool before shuffling to get into position for the photoshoot? How long did she labour, how long and where did she push, how was the baby, were medical professionals present?

Amazing stuff. For a variety of reasons :-O

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  1. Yeah that's a bit full on. I'm all for people doing whatever they like but I don't necessarily think it needs to be shared.

  2. These images are from Argentinian artist Ana Alvarez-Errecalde.


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