Photos of KIDS covered in fake blood/ like zombies - artistic or creepy?

By Lauren – Gold Coast Mum


Forget cute family portraits in the park or cake smashes. 
It seems photos of your children covered in faux blood, or as zombie ballerinas, are the latest must-have photos for your family photo albums/ lounge room walls.

An American photographer is currently attracting a huge amount of attention for her “fantasy themed photographic art”. 
And judging by the huge amount of interest expressed by Australians, it won’t be long before this craze hits Australia.

Locked Illusions Photography, which claims to be “America's First Goth/Alt and fantasy themed photographic art for maternity, babies, kids, families and teens” has amassed almost 500,000 Facebook likers, many of which have expressed their admiration for the interesting works of art.

Australian fans are super keen for the Houston, Texas-based photographer to come Down Under where they’ve expressed interest in participating in similar photoshoots.

“There is a few of us in aus that want u here we should all get together and then it would be cheaper. As we can split flights,” one woman said via Facebook.
“ohhhhhh I would fly to Oz from nz to get amongst it too my girls would love it,” another female said.

Others, aren’t as impressed:
“Omg I would hate to see my kids looking like they were dead. I'm sorry I don't see the appeal. Great makeup etc but find it rather distressing,” said one lady via Facebook – with her comment also receiving more than 500 likes.

“Amazing. Very creative, but definitely not my cup of tea.”

“I’m lost for words... this frightens me! I really hate it and don’t understand why! It’s just wrong. In my opinion!”
Available for purchase on Etsy.
For those interested in booking with the photographer, she is happy to travel with airfare costs covered.

“I am very thankful but so overwhelmed I can’t get to everyone via messages so please send me an email”.

Locked Illusions Photography pricing starts at around USD$350 which includes session time, image editing, online gallery of 10-15 viewable images. Single file digital images are USD$125 and five image files available for USD$500, 15 for USD$1000.
Available for purchase on Etsy.

Check out her work at:



  1. Definitely not how I want to celebrate life, but to each his own I guess. I'm not offended, just bewildered. x

  2. It's definitely not something I like but each to their own.

  3. seriously? Why? That just creeps me out.

  4. Um, no thanks. Those pics are just horrifying, like some sort of nightmare.

  5. Personally I think it's awesome.. Scary and fun at the same time

  6. Absolutely wicked, love it


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