How do I tell my twins apart?

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My husband and I often get asked how we're able to tell the difference between our twincesses who are now 18 months.

Our twin girls were DCDA twins - separate sacs and separate placentas.
While many assume this means fraternal, there's actually a 30% chance of DCDA twins being identical if the same gender (tick) and if they look too similar to be 'siblings'/ fraternal twins 

If they are identical (which we will know for sure when we pay $130 for a DNA test when we get around to it), it will mean that one egg was fertilised and split within three days of conception. Whereas fraternal twins, I believe, are conceived when two separate eggs are fertilised.

We brought our twin girls home from hospital on day three and decided to keep their hospital tags on to avoid any mix ups.
I think we did pretty well. 
Even now, when looking back at photos from the days and months after their arrival, I can usually identify which is which pretty quickly - especially if they're in photos together, but in separate photos it's slightly more tricky.

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Who's who? Would love to know your guess in the comments below.

As with many twins I know/know of, one usually has a rounder head/face and the other, usually the first born if a natural delivery, has a slightly longer/narrow head.

When they were born, Natalia (who was born first) had the most hair and a longer-shaped head. She was also 200g heavier than Victoria (who arrived feet first 13 minutes later). 
Victoria's head is slightly more round, and she has been a tiny bit smaller with slightly less hair - though they're now pretty similar in the hair department.

There was only ever one occasion were I almost breastfed one baby for a second time before realising it was her sister who was due for the feed.
(I also used a great app on my iPhone - Phoenix Diary App - where I kept a record of each bub's feeds/nappy changes and sleep - or lack thereof in the early weeks/months - which helped me keep track of who was who).

But now the girls are toddling around and exploring, hubby and I sometimes have to do a double take to see which twin we're calling/chasing as they look the same from behind with the same cute curls.

Or, if we're picking one twin up to place her in the car seat, whilst also hurrying our other children to get into the car, and we mistakenly walk around to the opposite side of the car (since around 12 months, they each have a regular side when travelling in the car).

Common conversations between my hubby and I sound like this:

Me: "Hubby, quick you chase Victoria and I'll grab Natalia".
Hubby: "That's Natalia. I think. Which one have you got?

Me (while holding Victoria): "Hubby, I've just got to go and change Nat-toria's nappy."

We try to make things a bit easier some days by dressing Natalia in pink and Victoria in purple (V is for Victoria is for Violet. Comprende?)

Thanks to the awesome Personalised Bandana Bibs we've been trying out courtesy of Funky Giraffe, it's now a whole lot easier for friends and family we might not see often, to be able to tell the girls apart.

Gold Coast Twins, twincesses, funky giraffe personalised bibs, bandana bibs

Having the twins' names beautifully embroidered on their super funky bibs has been helpful for the ladies who look after the girls at kindy one day a week while I work from home.

Disclaimer: Gold Coast Mum was provided with some products from Funky Giraffe to road test and provide my honest feedback. All opinions are my own.

Usually I mark on the kindy sign-in sheet and communication book, which twin is in which colour/ identifying items of clothing to help the ladies tell the girls apart.

Some days my twincesses might rock same-same outfits - exactly the same outfit and shoes.
There are days when they might be same-same-but-different - when, for example, one is wearing polka dots while the other is wearing stripes, or Natalia is in pink and Victoria is in purple.

Other clues include:

Natalia: sucks her fingers - which makes an "N" shape.
Victoria: sucks her thumb - which makes a "V" shape. Yes really. Go on, try it.

Natalia: has a tiny tiny birth mark on one leg.
Victoria: has a mark on one of her toes.

OK, so back to the bibs. As well as looking super cute, they’re good quality, funky designs and great value.

Gold Coast Twins, twincesses, funky giraffe personalised bibs, bandana bibs

Funky Giraffe, which produces bibs, bandana bibs, burp cloths, mittens, and more, 
manufactures its products in the UK where the business was created by a mum of two.

Funky Giraffe now has more than 300 different bib designs and is available in Britain, France, Spain, Italy and now Australia.

The bandana bibs have two sets of nickel free poppers/press stud things which means they fit comfortably from newborn to three years old.
There are two breathable layers so bubs/toddlers are kept dry and free of dribble rash (great timing as my twincesses are the dribble queens at the moment thanks to the arrival of some new toothy pegs).

Carefully designed folds in the fabric mean that the bibs are a perfect fit without being too tight.

The bandana bib sets are 5 for $22 or 10 for $38 – with various designs, patterns and colours to choose from.

When ordering the personalised bibs (which are $10 each) like the ones worn by my twincesses, you can customise your design on the website, add an extra line of text, play with fonts and colours, or add images (extra charges).

You can select the font and colour when making a personalised bib order.

The fabric purchased by Funky Giraffe is certified by OEKO–TEX to be safe and free from all hazardous dyes.

The water-based dyes used for their printing is better for the environment and a better option than solvent dyes – especially when it comes to bibs that babies might chew on.

The personalised touch is great for families with multiples, is a great gift idea, and also great for those with children whose names aren't common and won't be found at your local shop on the personalised toy number plates/ water bottles/place mats.
If the personalised bibs aren't your thing, then there are plenty of other designs to choose from.

For further details, check out: 

Do you have twins or more? 

How do you and your family/friends tell them apart?
Do you dress your twins/ children the same or similar? Why/not?


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  1. I had a lot of twin friends at school growing up and to me, they all looked so different,but I know that parents would often get them muddled up. I think they must get more prominent different features as they grow up because the twin toddlers I know now look so very very similiar.

  2. Either way the girls are gorgeous

  3. Honestly, the twincesses are just so gorgeous. I was mesmerised with them when I met them :) I may have to look into getting these bibs for my new nephews. At the moment, one is still bigger than the other, but every day they are looking more and more alike.


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