Day 1 of 6 Days of Road Safety: Kids in hot cars

Kidsafe Queensland:

Every week the RACQ road patrol rescues over 25 young children and babies from locked cars. In as little as 7 minutes the inside temperature of a car can go from air-conditioned 24 degrees to 400c.

It only takes a split second for a child to lock themselves in the car and feel the effects of the hot son. Leaving your child unattended in is actually against the law!

We live in Queensland and have earned our reputation as the ‘Sunshine State’. A child can’t regulate their body temp like an adult, it doesn’t take long for them to dangerously overheat in a stationary locked car, even in cars with window tinting, parked in the shade and windows left open a bit! 

When your body temperature reaches 400c, your organs start to shut down which can result in serious injury and be fatal! Young children are at risk of dehydration, heatstroke, hyperthermia, and asphyxia, which can be fatal.  NEVER EVER leave children unattended in the car.

Yes there are exemptions for petrol stations but if you can’t send hubby on his own then choose a quiet time of day, best if it is a pay-at-the-pump, park under shade close to the paystation, turn off the engine, apply the brake, take your keys with you, lower the window opposite the pump and if you cannot take the kids with you then RUN!

Top 5 tips for today. Here are our top 5 tips for today to be a #Kidsafemum

  1. Always take your child /children with you – even if you only intend to leave the car for a couple of minutes.
  2. The driver should take the keys – never leave them with the child, in the ignition or place them on a seat.
  3. Never let children play with keys or access an unattended vehicle.
  4. Check the vehicle is empty before remote locking – it is easy to make a mistake and accidentally lock them in when you are at the shops putting the shopping away. Lock the car in the garage or driveway when everyone is out.
  5. Act quickly if your child gets locked in a car, call 000 as well as RACQ on 13 1111, hose down the car, add some shade and get someone to look for glass breaking equipment or a pick.

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Answer today’s question:  Have you seen a child being left in a car? What did you do?

Email your answer as well as your name, address, email and phone to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or post a comment with a pic or video on the Kidsafe Qld Facebook under Day 1 Hot Cars. 

Winners will be announced on 11th May 2015.

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