Day 4 of 6 Days of Road Safety: Small wheel safety - prams, bikes and scooters


Small-wheeled devices including, skateboards, roller skates and scooters are a very popular.
Did you know there are approximately 1000 injuries each year?
Falls are the most common cause of injury from small wheels and injuries resulting from collisions with other people and objects.
Most falls are the result of simple loss of control. So prevent injuries by using helmets, wrist guards, knee guards, elbow guards and high visibility clothing.

We all know kids love riding bikes but not always use their helmets.
Wear a helmet and not over a cap!
Not only is it the law but it is a safety necessity.
Not all helmets are the same, it is important when fitting a helmet to measure your child’s head.
The best way to test if a helmet fits is the ‘push’ test, if a helmet can be pushed backwards or forwards, then it is too big!
Does your child’s helmet pass the ‘push’ test?

How many times have you seen footage of kids in strollers rolling away from their parents? It’s terrifying! 
Many children need hospital treatment every year for injuries related to a pram or stroller. If babies become trapped in parts of the pram or stroller they can be strangled or suffocated.
Falls from strollers and prams are all too common and your fingers or the child’s fingers or limbs can get trapped, pinched or even severed!

Top 5 Tips for today and be a #Kidsafemum

1. Never use a pram or stroller as a substitute for a cot and supervise babies at all times in the stroller.

2. Choose a pram or stroller that meets the Australian Standard AS/NZS 2088:2000, has at least one or more parking brakes with a red brake lever, has a wrist/tether strap which should be used to prevent the pram from rolling away with an easy-to-use five point harness (shoulders, waist, through the legs) that is used every time.

3. Don’t overload your pram with shopping bags, put as much or your stuff under the pram or stroller as possible.
If you are taking baby in a pram on the bus, try to keep them in the restraint.
Move the pram so the child’s back is to the front of the bus, put the brake on and hold the pram.

4. Nobody would drive a car with faulty brakes would they?
A bike is no different!
Remember bikes need to be checked and maintained regularly too. Before riding a bike run through a bike checklist:  check brakes, chains, tyres, pedals, seat, reflectors, lights, bell, hand grips, wheel nuts and the steering head. When did you last run through this simple checklist?

5. Is your child ready for that skateboard or scooter?
Practice makes perfect! Avoid poorly made products and buy a helmet and safety equipment and insist they wear solid closed in shoes.
Teach kids to use the equipment and let them practice in a safe space away from slopes, roads and cars. Remember that pedestrians have right of way.
Try and tell that to your Mr 3 zig zagging like dragster on the bike path!

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