Teenager Tom Bleasby's an instant star thanks to viral 'duet' with Jessie J

Teenager Tom Bleasby's an instant star thanks to viral 'duet' with Jessie J

By Lauren – Gold Coast Mum
She’s just about to grace our screens, here in Australia, as a new addition the judging panel for the next series of The Voice and, as expected, it appears Jessie J’s eye –and ear – for talent is right on the money.

UK teenager Tom Bleasby has become an overnight sensation and is now fielding offers from producers and record companies after recording a ‘duet’ with Jessie J via a karaoke app called Smule.

Pop star Jessie J recorded the video of herself singing Flashlight from Pitch Perfect 2, and left gaps for fans to add their vocals so they’d be able to create their own ‘duets’ with her.

Tom, 18, from Leeds in the UK posted the recording of himself singing along with Jessie J and the pitch-perfect rendition quickly went viral attracting praise far and wide. 
Jessie J even shared the video!

As a karaoke queen from way back, I just had to view the video to see what all the fuss is about. And…  I’m seriously in awe right now. 

I’m super impressed! Tom has an incredible voice and really holds his own up against pop powerhouse Jessie J.
It actually sounded like an actual planned duet!

The video has been watched more than 8 million times on Facebook and has amassed more than 600,000 views on You Tube!

Tom, who describes himself as “singer, equality lover and all-round loving guy”, says his musical influences include: Celine Dion, Michael Jackson , Whitney Houston, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Sam Smith, Beyonce.

He now has more than 22,000 Facebook fans on his page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tom-Bleasby/129024907167154

he last few days have been a whirlwind for Tom as he’s been bombarded with requests for TV and radio interviews. 
“Omg...i've had an email from one of Beyonce's producers and Perez Hilton says he loves the video. I'm in a daze.”

He appeared on UK TV - BBC Look North show - and is due to appear on US television - on the NBC Today Show - in the coming week.

The lesson here for everyone: do not underestimate the power of social media!

Congrats Tom, I’ll be following your journey and hope to be listening to an album of yours very soon!

Check the video out for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnGYbQV11GA

Check out Tom’s page here:

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Love at first sight

Love at first sight

Lauren - Gold Coast Mum

It was true love from the first moment I saw him…

Oh yeah, that was the case when I first laid eyes on my now-husband, 15 years ago, but right now I’m talking about the one and only Channing Tatum.

(It’s cool, my hubby knows about my soft spot for Channing but he’s not worried as he knows he’s my no.1).

OK, so cast your mind back to 2006. 
For me, it was an awesome year topped off by my now-hubby finally getting down on one knee and proposing.

It was also the year Step Up hit cinemas and Channing Tatum’s rise to fame really began.


I’ll admit I watched that movie countless times and may have talked hubby into recreating some of the dance scenes even though HE is the former child ballroom dancing champion and I have two left feet. 
But bless his cotton socks for putting up with me and playing along.

I had the Step Up screen saver and wallpaper on my Nokia mobile phone for a few years. And Channing continued to be a screen saver and wallpaper on my computer at work (until we had to go with the company-wide standard ones).

From 2008-2010 I was working at a national weekly celebrity magazine as News Editor and had the pleasure of regularly viewing pics of Channing as he was jogging, at the beach, and at events. All in the name of work. Praaiiise the Lord.

I recall talking fondly of Channing to my colleagues who were all poking fun at my ‘teeny bopper taste’.

(As a teen I loved Jonathan Taylor-Thomas, Zac Drayson from Home and Away, Scott and Abs from 5IVE, and soccer player Michael Owen.
I was also fond of Scott from Australian Idol a few years ago as well as Johnny Ruffo, Reece Mastin, Liam from 1D and Zac Efron.
(OK, I see a pattern here. Brunette males, ideally with big biceps who have the moves ;-)

I never really got into the Johnny Depp/ Luke Perry/ Brad Pitt/ Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chilli Peppers or Kurt Cobain thing.

I think I may or may not have said something along the lines of:
“Mark my words colleagues. This man is one to watch. He’s going to blow everyone’s socks off”. Yeah, something like that.

One of my male colleagues, who also appreciated Channing, showed his full support when I created a split screensaver of Channing shirtless along with a photo of my husband walking along the beach. Same same.

gold coast mum blog, husband, channing tatum, beach, thailand
Here's hubby (who, like Channing, also has shoulders and can dance!) when we were
on our honeymoon in Thailand.

I had a chance to come in close contact with Channing (by that I mean, be within a couple of hundred metres at a press conference), but deadlines at work kept me chained to the desk and I couldn’t go.

Fast-forward a few years, and my appreciation for Channing has only grown.
Oh yeah, and so has everyone else’s. 

He’s been on the cover of GQ, been named Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine. 

He’s appeared in The Vow, Dear John, White House Down, 21 Jump Street and more. 

Oh yeah and there’s that movie Magic Mike.

Channing and a few of his Magic Mike co-stars are set to step out in Sydney in a few weeks for the Australian premiere of Magic Mike 2 XXL. (Omg, Omg, Omg!)

And I am beside myself, trying to work out if I can drag my brood (ages 1, 1, 3 and 5) on a 12 hour road trip to Sydney so I can stake out look out for Channing to possibly see him in the flesh.

My twincesses are still bubs so I don’t want to leave them for longer than 24 hours.

But having myself and hubby take time off work so the whole family can drive from Queensland to Sydney for a few days (plus the accommodation costs for the return journey and while we’re in town) does seem a bit extreme.

My track record for meeting celebs is pretty good (even before I worked in media).
So it’s a big decision to make. 

But could totally be worth it.

What are your thoughts? 

Are you a Channing fan? 
Who’s your biggest crush? WWYD? 
What lengths have you gone to meet/see a celebrity?

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How do I tell my twins apart?

How do I tell my twins apart?

Lauren - Gold Coast Mum

My husband and I often get asked how we're able to tell the difference between our twincesses who are now 18 months.

Our twin girls were DCDA twins - separate sacs and separate placentas.
While many assume this means fraternal, there's actually a 30% chance of DCDA twins being identical if the same gender (tick) and if they look too similar to be 'siblings'/ fraternal twins 

If they are identical (which we will know for sure when we pay $130 for a DNA test when we get around to it), it will mean that one egg was fertilised and split within three days of conception. Whereas fraternal twins, I believe, are conceived when two separate eggs are fertilised.

We brought our twin girls home from hospital on day three and decided to keep their hospital tags on to avoid any mix ups.
I think we did pretty well. 
Even now, when looking back at photos from the days and months after their arrival, I can usually identify which is which pretty quickly - especially if they're in photos together, but in separate photos it's slightly more tricky.

Gold Coast Mum.com blog, twins, twincesses, newborn twin photo, twin girls,
Who's who? Would love to know your guess in the comments below.

As with many twins I know/know of, one usually has a rounder head/face and the other, usually the first born if a natural delivery, has a slightly longer/narrow head.

When they were born, Natalia (who was born first) had the most hair and a longer-shaped head. She was also 200g heavier than Victoria (who arrived feet first 13 minutes later). 
Victoria's head is slightly more round, and she has been a tiny bit smaller with slightly less hair - though they're now pretty similar in the hair department.

There was only ever one occasion were I almost breastfed one baby for a second time before realising it was her sister who was due for the feed.
(I also used a great app on my iPhone - Phoenix Diary App - where I kept a record of each bub's feeds/nappy changes and sleep - or lack thereof in the early weeks/months - which helped me keep track of who was who).

But now the girls are toddling around and exploring, hubby and I sometimes have to do a double take to see which twin we're calling/chasing as they look the same from behind with the same cute curls.

Or, if we're picking one twin up to place her in the car seat, whilst also hurrying our other children to get into the car, and we mistakenly walk around to the opposite side of the car (since around 12 months, they each have a regular side when travelling in the car).

Common conversations between my hubby and I sound like this:

Me: "Hubby, quick you chase Victoria and I'll grab Natalia".
Hubby: "That's Natalia. I think. Which one have you got?

Me (while holding Victoria): "Hubby, I've just got to go and change Nat-toria's nappy."

We try to make things a bit easier some days by dressing Natalia in pink and Victoria in purple (V is for Victoria is for Violet. Comprende?)

Thanks to the awesome Personalised Bandana Bibs we've been trying out courtesy of Funky Giraffe, it's now a whole lot easier for friends and family we might not see often, to be able to tell the girls apart.

Gold Coast Mum.com Twins, twincesses, funky giraffe personalised bibs, bandana bibs

Having the twins' names beautifully embroidered on their super funky bibs has been helpful for the ladies who look after the girls at kindy one day a week while I work from home.

Disclaimer: Gold Coast Mum was provided with some products from Funky Giraffe to road test and provide my honest feedback. All opinions are my own.

Usually I mark on the kindy sign-in sheet and communication book, which twin is in which colour/ identifying items of clothing to help the ladies tell the girls apart.

Some days my twincesses might rock same-same outfits - exactly the same outfit and shoes.
There are days when they might be same-same-but-different - when, for example, one is wearing polka dots while the other is wearing stripes, or Natalia is in pink and Victoria is in purple.

Other clues include:

Natalia: sucks her fingers - which makes an "N" shape.
Victoria: sucks her thumb - which makes a "V" shape. Yes really. Go on, try it.

Natalia: has a tiny tiny birth mark on one leg.
Victoria: has a mark on one of her toes.

OK, so back to the bibs. As well as looking super cute, they’re good quality, funky designs and great value.

Gold Coast Mum.com Twins, twincesses, funky giraffe personalised bibs, bandana bibs

Funky Giraffe, which produces bibs, bandana bibs, burp cloths, mittens, and more, 
manufactures its products in the UK where the business was created by a mum of two.

Funky Giraffe now has more than 300 different bib designs and is available in Britain, France, Spain, Italy and now Australia.

The bandana bibs have two sets of nickel free poppers/press stud things which means they fit comfortably from newborn to three years old.
There are two breathable layers so bubs/toddlers are kept dry and free of dribble rash (great timing as my twincesses are the dribble queens at the moment thanks to the arrival of some new toothy pegs).

Carefully designed folds in the fabric mean that the bibs are a perfect fit without being too tight.

The bandana bib sets are 5 for $22 or 10 for $38 – with various designs, patterns and colours to choose from.

When ordering the personalised bibs (which are $10 each) like the ones worn by my twincesses, you can customise your design on the website, add an extra line of text, play with fonts and colours, or add images (extra charges).

You can select the font and colour when making a personalised bib order.

The fabric purchased by Funky Giraffe is certified by OEKO–TEX to be safe and free from all hazardous dyes.

The water-based dyes used for their printing is better for the environment and a better option than solvent dyes – especially when it comes to bibs that babies might chew on.

The personalised touch is great for families with multiples, is a great gift idea, and also great for those with children whose names aren't common and won't be found at your local shop on the personalised toy number plates/ water bottles/place mats.
If the personalised bibs aren't your thing, then there are plenty of other designs to choose from.

For further details, check out: http://funkygiraffe.com.au/ 

Do you have twins or more? 

How do you and your family/friends tell them apart?
Do you dress your twins/ children the same or similar? Why/not?

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Photos of KIDS covered in fake blood/ like zombies - artistic or creepy?

Photos of KIDS covered in fake blood/ like zombies - artistic or creepy?

By Lauren – Gold Coast Mum


Forget cute family portraits in the park or cake smashes. 
It seems photos of your children covered in faux blood, or as zombie ballerinas, are the latest must-have photos for your family photo albums/ lounge room walls.


An American photographer is currently attracting a huge amount of attention for her “fantasy themed photographic art”. 
And judging by the huge amount of interest expressed by Australians, it won’t be long before this craze hits Australia.

Locked Illusions Photography, which claims to be “America's First Goth/Alt and fantasy themed photographic art for maternity, babies, kids, families and teens” has amassed almost 500,000 Facebook likers, many of which have expressed their admiration for the interesting works of art.

Australian fans are super keen for the Houston, Texas-based photographer to come Down Under where they’ve expressed interest in participating in similar photoshoots.

“There is a few of us in aus that want u here we should all get together and then it would be cheaper. As we can split flights,” one woman said via Facebook.
“ohhhhhh I would fly to Oz from nz to get amongst it too my girls would love it,” another female said.

Others, aren’t as impressed:
“Omg I would hate to see my kids looking like they were dead. I'm sorry I don't see the appeal. Great makeup etc but find it rather distressing,” said one lady via Facebook – with her comment also receiving more than 500 likes.




“Amazing. Very creative, but definitely not my cup of tea.”

“I’m lost for words... this frightens me! I really hate it and don’t understand why! It’s just wrong. In my opinion!”

Available for purchase on Etsy.
For those interested in booking with the photographer, she is happy to travel with airfare costs covered.

“I am very thankful but so overwhelmed I can’t get to everyone via messages so please send me an email”.

Locked Illusions Photography pricing starts at around USD$350 which includes session time, image editing, online gallery of 10-15 viewable images. Single file digital images are USD$125 and five image files available for USD$500, 15 for USD$1000.

Available for purchase on Etsy.

Check out her work at: http://www.lockedillusionsphoto.com/



Nailed it! Was it a cake fail for my twins' 1st Birthday?

Nailed it! Was it a cake fail for my twins' 1st Birthday?

Today is my 33rd Birthday! Hip Hooray!

So to celebrate, I thought it was about time I shared the story about the hilarious time I put my piping skills to the test and attempted to ice cupcakes for my twin daughters' 1st Birthday.

I know, right. How hard can it be?
In the last few years of me making cakes for my kids' birthdays (I will share these in another blog post as some of these have to be seen to be believed) there have been a few failures and some successes.

I dream big. But my intentions aren't always realised.
I have always been the 'creative director' when it comes to our children's birthday cakes. I'm there scouring Pinterest and everywhere else for ideas and inspiration.

I love the planning process and when it's time to source the ingredients and decorations, I end up spending too much money in shops I don't frequent on gadgets I don't need or know how to use.

Hubby, who is actually a trade qualified pastry chef (so really HE should be making all of our children's cakes) happily leaves the cake stuff up to me as he is a perfectionist when it comes to cakes, gets really shy and doesn't really want to be associated with my lame attempts.

Though, despite playing coy and hesitant, he can be counted on to take over if my attempts have failed miserably and he needs to save the day by whipping up a cake at a moment's notice.

Anyway, for our twincesses, I was set in my ways that we were to have two cakes so we could sing happy birthday twice, as they are two separate people. (But that didn't end up happening on the day anyway).

So, ahead of the twins' 1st Birthday party, I got to work making numerous cupcakes hoping our end result would look something like this below.

I mean, how hard could it be?

GOAL/MY INSPIRATION CAKE via Google/Pinterest:

Once my cupcakes were made and in position ready to be decorated, I unleashed my piping skills, thinking perhaps a hidden talent was about to present itself.

However, it soon became evident that I'm not too handy when it comes to icing and piping.

I present to you... exhibit A:


gold coast mum, cake fail, nailed it, birthday cake, icing cupcakes
Skills. Right there. I've never claimed to be any good with a piping bag... Lucky this was just the practice run
to hone my craft.

 It was probably around this stage - when I realised my icing efforts resembled a unicorn's bowel movements - when I started freaking out, screeching 'Oh shite oh shite' that hubby walked into the kitchen to see my skills in all their glory.

gold coast mum, cake fail, nailed it, birthday cake, icing cupcakes
Skills. Right there. I've never claimed to be any good with a piping bag... Lucky this was just the practice run
to hone my craft.

After a little chuckle, hubby promptly made a mad dash to the local supermarket to stock up on icing and butter (instead of the margarine I was using to try and make the icing... I know, I know, apparently a no go. Can we please blame baby brain x 4?).

Hubby got the job done and Miss 4 and I added the finishing touches - crowns/earrings/jewels and edible pearl things (and the awesome bling belts that my Mum sourced for us as they feature our surname!).

After getting ready for the party and wrestling our children to get dressed/in the car, we arrived at our twincess Natalia and twincess Victoria's party and had a lovely time.

And... at cake time this happened:

Twin girls 1st Birthday, gold coast twins first birthday, twin girls, princess skirts, tulle skirts, gold coast mum.com

Twin princess cupcake cake, twin girls birthday cake, princess birthday cupcakes, pink icing, princess themed cake, cake fail, nailed it

Twin princess cupcake cake, twin girls birthday cake, princess birthday cupcakes, pink icing, princess themed cake, cake fail, nailed it

Twin princess cupcake cake, twin girls birthday cake, princess birthday cupcakes, pink icing, princess themed cake, cake fail, nailed it

Hip hip hooray!

Despite my earlier shameful efforts, we managed to produce two cakes (or cupcake cakes?) for our twincesses that looked and tasted great!

Thanks to my piping extraordinaire hubby for working his magic. And Miss 4 and I for decorating and twincess-ifying the cupcakes.

Do you make/attempt to make your kids' birthday cakes? What are your success stories and failures?

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Personal best - 18 months of breastfeeding twins

Personal best - 18 months of breastfeeding twins

By Lauren – Gold Coast Mum

You know when swimmers celebrate their personal best, or PB? Well that’s what I’m doing at the moment… No, I haven’t suddenly added competitive swimming to my hobby list.
I’m celebrating a PB of a different kind.

A milestone I certainly didn’t think I’d reach… 18 months of breastfeeding my twin girls.

I’m so excited to reach this milestone as my twin breastfeeding journey got off to a rocky start and it actually surpasses the 15/16 months I breastfed my first two (who weaned as I was pregnant with the next one/two).

Breastfeeding twins, extended breastfeeding, natural term breastfeeding, tandem nursing, tandem breastfeeding, how to breastfeed twins, twin sleep routine, gold coast mum www.goldcoastmum.com

Both of my twincesses had tongue ties so their latch wasn’t great and they were feeding constantly.
They were piling on the weight though, which was a good sign.

After seeing a great community health nurse and lactation consultant, the twincess’s tongue ties were snipped at 4 weeks at the local hospital and their latch improved over time.

The girls also had colic (they cried a lot in the first three months and didn’t like the pram or car) and silent reflux which meant they fed constantly to soothe their little throats.

I spent countless hours at home on the lounge breastfeeding the twins.
And enjoyed many nights up feeding my twincesses at the same time and at opposite times.
Some mornings, when hubby would be getting up with our then-22-month-old son and then-3-year-old girl ready to start the day, I’d be sitting on the lounge breastfeeding – in the same position I was in when they all went to bed. (He would also get up to change nappies during the night and help however he could as well so don’t worry, we were BOTH sleep deprived, it wasn’t just me ;-)

Our toddlers got up to all sorts of mischief during the times I was home alone and couch-bound breastfeeding the twins. A wonderful friend posted me goody bags for our toddlers that I could keep near me on the lounge and whip out during feeds to help keep them entertained.

Breastfeeding twins, extended breastfeeding, natural term breastfeeding, tandem nursing, tandem breastfeeding, how to breastfeed twins, twin sleep routine, gold coast mum www.goldcoastmum.com

The twins would cluster feed every evening starting from around 4pm (so I’d try and make dinner at lunch time most days before the chaos).

The cluster feed times would always be the time our son would take off his nappy and do a poo on the potty/floor/toilet and require me to stop feeding, place the twins in bouncers while I cleaned up the no.2 situation before returning to the lounge with the twins to continue with the feed.

This stage – continuing to breastfeeding newborn twins whilst also juggling two energetic toddlers was pretty stressful/chaotic/hectic to tell the truth.
On a few occasions I doubted my own supply and sent hubby out to buy formula as I thought my supply couldn’t keep up with the twins’ needs. I pumped a few bottles and there were a couple of occasions where the bubs received bottles of formula – where they would only take little bits.

After having breastfed my first two children to 15/16 months I knew breastfeeding wasn’t always easy and something I needed to persevere with.
And I was cautious about falling into the ‘Top-up Trap’ (where my supply would decrease if feeds were replaced with bottle feeds which would mean I wouldn’t produce as much).
I also knew that my bottle feeding friends had it hard with keeping up with all the washing, sterilising etc, purchasing the formula and carting it around with them wherever they went.
For me, breastfeeding was the journey I wanted to take thanks to the unquestionable health benefits, and also that it is cheap/free and convenient.

But I persevered and had great support and it all worked out eventually.

Rad day at Gold Coast's Color Me Rad 5k

Rad day at Gold Coast's Color Me Rad 5k

What an awesome/busy Mother's Day weekend!

As soon as hubby arrived home from working a nightshift on Saturday morning we woke Miss 5, Mr 3 and our twincesses (18 months) at 6:15am to be up and out the door for the Color Me Rad 5k which we were all super excited to review.

We met up with my sister, drove to Wet N Wild and scored a perfect car park right near the start and finish line.

After collecting our colour packs and wrist bands, we suited up so we looked the part with our white Color Me Rad 5k t-shirts and fluro sunglasses.

Gold Coast Mum blogger Color Me Rad 5k, twins in Out N About twin pram, Wet N Wild Gold Coast, double jogger pram, www.goldcoastmum.com
We (including my sis who took this pic) had a fab time participating in the Color Me Rad 5k held at Wet N Wild
on the Gold Coast.

We lined up at the starting line to join in with the 8am group where we were doused in pink corn starch and embarked on our 5km walk/run.

The track took us around the outside of Wet N Wild, THROUGH Wet N Wild where we high-fived with the life guards who were already on duty protecting the water areas before the park's official opening time.

After walking through the park, and out the other side, we were out in the countryside. It felt like we were a million miles away from the sea, sun and sand that the Gold Coast is famous for.

We could see mountains and paddocks of beautiful green grass, hear the birds singing and enjoyed looking at the horses used in the popular Outback Spectacular Show. We even saw a donkey!

Along the way, there were different colour check points where we would run through with the kids and have a laugh as we were covered in colour.
We would put the rain cover over the pram and hubby, my sister and I would take it in turns walking around the check point to protect our favourite Out N About twin pram and of course our twincesses from being colour-bombed.

The lovely walk took us out to the Paradise Country farm areas where tourists visit to get in touch with all things Australiana (and somewhere I'm definitely keen to return to with the kids now that I know it's there!).
Gold Coast Mum blogger Color Me Rad 5k, twins in Out N About twin pram, Wet N Wild Gold Coast, Paradise Country Gold Coast, double jogger pram, www.goldcoastmum.com

We took photos with a Ned Kelly statue and made our way back along the road where other Color Me Rad 5k participants slapped high-fives with Miss 5.

There was an awesome buzz in the air as everyone was there - early on a Saturday morning - to have fun, enjoy the walk/run and get covered in colour!

After making it to the finish line, we collected our colour packs and enjoyed the festivities near the stage where everyone was dancing along to the fab tunes (hello Spice Girls!!).
Mr 3 and Miss 5 enjoyed covering themselves, each other and hubby, my sister, and I in colour. And the twins munched on some morning tea in the pram.
Gold Coast Mum blogger Color Me Rad 5k, twins, mr 3, hubby, www.goldcoastmum.com

The Color Me Rad 5k Gold Coast (Saturday May 9, 2015) was an enjoyable event at a perfect location.
Perfect parking, not too far to travel, great facilities and well organised.

We hope to see even more friends joining us next time!

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Day 4 of 6 Days of Road Safety: Small wheel safety - prams, bikes and scooters

Day 4 of 6 Days of Road Safety: Small wheel safety - prams, bikes and scooters


Small-wheeled devices including, skateboards, roller skates and scooters are a very popular.
Did you know there are approximately 1000 injuries each year?
Falls are the most common cause of injury from small wheels and injuries resulting from collisions with other people and objects.
Most falls are the result of simple loss of control. So prevent injuries by using helmets, wrist guards, knee guards, elbow guards and high visibility clothing.

We all know kids love riding bikes but not always use their helmets.
Wear a helmet and not over a cap!
Not only is it the law but it is a safety necessity.
Not all helmets are the same, it is important when fitting a helmet to measure your child’s head.
The best way to test if a helmet fits is the ‘push’ test, if a helmet can be pushed backwards or forwards, then it is too big!
Does your child’s helmet pass the ‘push’ test?

How many times have you seen footage of kids in strollers rolling away from their parents? It’s terrifying! 
Many children need hospital treatment every year for injuries related to a pram or stroller. If babies become trapped in parts of the pram or stroller they can be strangled or suffocated.
Falls from strollers and prams are all too common and your fingers or the child’s fingers or limbs can get trapped, pinched or even severed!

Top 5 Tips for today and be a #Kidsafemum

1. Never use a pram or stroller as a substitute for a cot and supervise babies at all times in the stroller.

2. Choose a pram or stroller that meets the Australian Standard AS/NZS 2088:2000, has at least one or more parking brakes with a red brake lever, has a wrist/tether strap which should be used to prevent the pram from rolling away with an easy-to-use five point harness (shoulders, waist, through the legs) that is used every time.

3. Don’t overload your pram with shopping bags, put as much or your stuff under the pram or stroller as possible.
If you are taking baby in a pram on the bus, try to keep them in the restraint.
Move the pram so the child’s back is to the front of the bus, put the brake on and hold the pram.

4. Nobody would drive a car with faulty brakes would they?
A bike is no different!
Remember bikes need to be checked and maintained regularly too. Before riding a bike run through a bike checklist:  check brakes, chains, tyres, pedals, seat, reflectors, lights, bell, hand grips, wheel nuts and the steering head. When did you last run through this simple checklist?

5. Is your child ready for that skateboard or scooter?
Practice makes perfect! Avoid poorly made products and buy a helmet and safety equipment and insist they wear solid closed in shoes.
Teach kids to use the equipment and let them practice in a safe space away from slopes, roads and cars. Remember that pedestrians have right of way.
Try and tell that to your Mr 3 zig zagging like dragster on the bike path!

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view itFor your chance to win a Britax Profile Travel System Umbrella Layback Stroller visit the Kidsafe Qld facebook page to post a comment with a pic or video under Day 4 small wheel safety.http://www.kidsafeqld.com.au/news

Winners will be announced on 11th May 2015.

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Day 3 of 6 Days of Road Safety: Pedestrian safety: stop, look, listen, think

Day 3 of 6 Days of Road Safety: Pedestrian safety: stop, look, listen, think

Walking is an important part of children‘s lives.

It is important for their health and fitness, and their ability to get around their neighbourhood and community independently.

Being a pedestrian can be a risky business, especially for children in busy cities.

Pedestrian injury is one of the leading causes of child injury death in Australia. On average 30 children under 15 years of age will die as a result of transport injuries. For each child who dies as a pedestrian, 25 children will be admitted to hospital (8200 children a year).

Roads are designed with adults in mind, but children are not ‘little adults’.

They are less well developed physically, cognitively and in terms of their traffic experience.

For example, children:
·       Are small, and can’t see over bushes or parked cars. Drivers can’t see them easily.
·       Are constantly ‘on the move’. They may have trouble stopping at curbs, and could dart out into traffic.
·       May believe (for younger children) that if they can see a driver, a driver can see them, and that cars can stop instantly.
·       Imitate inappropriate behaviour.
·       Have difficulty telling where sounds are coming from and may expect traffic from the wrong direction. This is true even for older children (aged 11 or 12).
·       Have trouble judging the speed of cars reliably.

·       Tend to focus on what is in front of them. Unless children deliberately turn their heads they may not notice vehicles to their right or left.
·       May ‘freeze’ if they find themselves in the path of a car, rather than jump out of the way.

Top 5 Tips for today and be a #Kidsafemum
1.       Get them to stop, look listen and think. Explain words like fast, slow, near and far. Talk about signs and traffic lights and the safe places to cross. Point out dangerous places and where not to cross – near curves and where things might hide children from view.

2.       Practice it yourself. Kids pick up the good and the bad behaviours of parents, they are little sponges for information so make sure you not only teach them road safety but do it yourself.
You need to role model good safety from the time they are born. They will mimic you later in life – all your bad habits will be seen by all of us peeps!
3.       Hold your child’s hand Always be with your child around roads and cars. They are too young to cope alone – even up to 12 years!

4.       Always cross at pedestrian crossings or traffic lights, wait for the lights, and look in every direction to check there are no cars coming or jumping the orange light.
To help your child understand about when and where it’s safe to cross, explain what you’re doing. Listen for revving, screeching and talk about fast cars and if they can stop.
Just because the green man is flashing it does not mean it is safe to cross.
5.       Start talking about road safety while your child is still in the stroller.
For example, ‘Uh oh, car coming. Better wait until it’s gone before we cross’. Keep talking about road safety as they grow to help them assess risk by asking them things like:
Where is the safest place to cross this road?
When is it safe to cross the road? What do we look for when crossing the road?
What sounds are we listening for when crossing the road?
Can we hear a siren, revving, screeching of brakes? Then what should we do now?
Red means stop but green means go if it is safe.

For your chance to win a Nappy Bag from Moon Mama
 visit the
Kidsafe Qld facebook page under Day 3 Pedestrian safety.http://www.kidsafeqld.com.au/news

Winners will be announced on 11th May 2015.

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Day 2 of 6 Days of Road Safety: Driveway Safety

Day 2 of 6 Days of Road Safety: Driveway Safety

We all know that any cheeky monkey under 5 is built for speed, agility and unpredictability.

Young children are naturally curious, and as they begin to move around they are unaware of where they are going - often leading them to run behind cars without warning.

Most of the fatalities and serious injuries in driveways are reversing accidents which underlines the importance of parents knowing where their children are at all times.

Every week in Queensland, three children are run over in low speed accidents – many of which are in a driveway.
Every year about 7 children aged 0-14 years are killed in Australia from low-speed runovers:
  • 60 are seriously injured due to driveway run over incidents
  • The majority of driveway run overs occur in the driveway of the child’s own home, or in a friend or relative’s driveway and, sadly, the driver is often Mum or Dad or a person known to the child.
  • In 85% of cases, the driver does not know that a child is close to the vehicle; they think they are being looked after elsewhere.
  • Kidsafe in conjunction with researcher Bron Griffin measured a blind spot distance of 15metres behind a Holden Commodore. So a toddler sitting 14 metres behind could not be seen by the driver.
Top 5 Tips for today
Here are our Top 5 Tips for today to make your driveway safe. Use these strategies IN COMBINATION to reduce the risk for run over incidents. Each step makes a Kidsafe home with you a #Kidsafemum
1.  Supervise - Know where the children are. If home alone and need to move the car either have the children all appropriately restrained in the vehicle when moving or, if another adult is around, make sure they have all the children safely secured in the house or well away from the vehicle. Physically hold them.
2. Separate - the play areas from driveways. Driveways are not play areas. Some design features that may assist in this include: high handles on garage doors, self-closing doors and fences between the driveway and front lawn - consider using pool gates as side fence gates!
3. See - A good habit is to walk around the vehicle to check no one is quietly hiding behind the vehicle. Install cameras and/or sensors. A combination of sensors AND a camera can offer better sense of what is behind the vehicle but alone will not prevent runovers.
4. Teach your children that driveways are like roads – stop, look, listen and think at every driveway they cross when walking on the footpath.
5. Remember – don’t move the car if you don’t know where the kids are!
Win a Kidsafe First Aid Kit.
To enter today’s competition tell us how you keep your driveway safe?
Email your answer as well as your name, address, email and phone to qld@kidsafeqld.com.au This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or post a comment with a pic or video on the Kidsafe Qld Facebook  under the relevant post. 
Winners will be announced on 11thMay 2015.

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