Five Tips for Securing Your Financial Future

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Being so financially secure that you can really enjoy life is a pipedream for many.
Life is pricey – you’ve got “firsts” like buying a house and a car and starting a family, and that’s before bills and fuel and insurance take their slice of your income, which makes thinking ahead that much harder.

Many assume you have to go without in order to get ahead financially, but that just isn’t true.

Here’s how you can take steps to ensure your financial future.

1. Diversify Your Portfolio

Get rich quick schemes don’t work. The only sure-fire way to acquire wealth is to work at it daily over a long period. One potential way to do this is with stocks trading, and a big part of that is to make sure you’ve a got a well-diversified portfolio – a wide variety of large and small company stocks, foreign stocks, and real estate stocks.
If you’ve never traded stocks before, there are plenty of education providers like Learn To Trade that will help you learn to trade the Forex market and avoid putting all your eggs in one easily broken basket.


2. No More Gambling

Gambling can take many forms and, if you aim to achieve financial stability, it is something that should be cut out.
From putting money in poker and slot machines to being cavalier with your stock portfolio, gambling is a great way to lose a lot of money very quickly.
Rather than run the risk of throwing that money away, consider a high-interest savings account; they’re a much more reliable way to increase your money.


3. Borrow to Invest, Not for Fun

Keeping up with the Joneses is overrated. The Joneses might have a nice car and a cool home theatre, but you know what else they’ve got? Crippling debt. You should only be using any money you borrow for wise investing.
This will allow your gains to outstretch your borrowing costs. Investment can mean a lot of things here – stocks, bonds, investment properties, or education and training to further your career.


Create a budget so that surprise family outings can still be enjoyed without sending you broke.

4. Create a Personal Budget

There are so many ways to create a personal budget. You can speak to a financial planner, you can use computer programs to calculate your expenses, or you can break out a spread sheet and do it all yourself.
The key is knowing exactly what your incoming and outgoing funds look like every month. That way, you’ll know ahead of time what you have left over for investment or emergencies.
5. Have a Goal

Much like staying fit, having a goal is a great way to keep you focused and on track. Younger investors often find it difficult to plan for 30 years in the future, so a good idea is to set more frequent, shorter term goals instead.
These could be as simple as “pay off credit card debt” or “contribute more to superannuation fund.” Keep these goals simple but precise.
Remember: you can’t win the race if there’s no finish line.

If an awesome family holiday - where you can have some fun in the sun - is a goal, then start saving.
Financial independence is a goal that millions of people all around the world are striving for.
It’s not an easy goal to achieve but, as long as you can discipline yourself, set goals for yourself that are achievable, and be proactive about the way you reach them, you’ll be free and financially secure in no time.

What’s your advice for people trying to secure their financial future? Share any tips you’ve picked up in the comments below.

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  1. I have made it my mission this year to be more abreast of my independent financial situation... it is easy to get swept up in the whirl of babies and work and take your eye off the ball. I love this post - great to keep it all on track. Thank you. x

    1. Great to hear The Urban Mum! Me too! I wish I was paying attention in my twenties when I was young and carefree (and buying too many outfits, shoes and handbags!) ;-)


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